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u-Healthcare Solution & Service in Korea 2009


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u-Healthcare Solution & Service in Korea
2009. 6. 18. Insung Information Co., Ltd.
u-Health Division by M. BongJo Kwak
during Numeriglobe 2009

  • Korea U-Health Service Example
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u-Healthcare Solution & Service in Korea 2009

  1. 1. u-Healthcare u Healthcare Solution & Service in Korea 2009. 6. 18. Insung Information Co., Ltd. u Health u-Health Division
  2. 2. 1. Hicare Service is? 2. Introducing Service 2-1. 2 1 Mobile Healthcare Service 2-2. Home Healthcare Service 2-3. Medical Fitness Service 2-4. Home Nursing Service 2-5. Telemedicine S 2 l d Service 2-6. Machinery and Tools Introduction
  3. 3. 1. Hicare Service is- What is the Effective personal health care management ? p g It should begin to check personal life status Diagnosis of Health risk factors The Hicare service analyzes out p y personal health status such as patient’s heredity, clinical history, life p y, y, habit and environment and defines risk factors harming individual health Controlling Health risk factor The Hicare service can manage the Health risk factors and improve personal health status by doctor’s monitoringg 1st Diagnosis Life habit history Heredity customr i di id l t individual the Medical Examination Overview Analysis Risk Factor Report Extracts Defined risk factors
  4. 4. 1. Hicare Service is- -Patients can check their blood sugar, blood pressure and body fat measured thro gh medicalde ices Patients s gar press re bod meas red through medicaldevices at home or office -All data is send to medical center and is regularly gathered and accumulated to check personal health history at any time by doctor doctor. -Medical doctor can help to care any diseases promptly If any problems are defined Call Center > Internet & mobile health condition monitoring service > Internet & mobile remote medical treatment service > Medical cure connection service Internet Healthy meter 환자 Physician in charge Mobile Healthy meter Home & Office PDA,UMPC Healthy meter Medical Center Internet & mobile health condition monitoring system
  5. 5. 1. Ubiquitous Healthcare service System composition Healthy human being Ubiquitous- Ubiquitous-Healthcare Service Mobile Healthcare Home Healthcare Medical Fitness Home nursing Internet Data Doctor U-Healthcare Unification Center one s one's view Medical Center Organism information is accumulated, stored , analyzed
  6. 6. 2-1. Mobile Healthcare Service Chronic disease Management Mobile H lth M bil Healthcare System has been developed for Chronic disease specially di b ti and hypertension. S t h b d l d f Ch i di i ll diabetic d h t i With a mobile phone, a patient can easily measure one’s glucose level and blood pressure transfer the result to a doctor. All data are accumulated to check the personal history and monitored by a doctor. Personal health data* could be transmitted to medical doctor by mobile phone in real time (*Blood pressure, heart pulsation, blood glucose, body region, etc )
  7. 7. 2-1. Mobile Healthcare Service Wearable Bio Shirt -Healthy measurement machineries are included in Bio-shirts. -All data like electrocardiogram, respiration rate, pulse, body temperature and motion are transferred to the health center via telecommunication network -Doctors and nurses can keep monitoring and caring for patients. • Wearable Bio Shirt: - Important sensor: electrocardiogram, (breathing )respiration rate, motion sensing, body heat - The measured data are transferred with a mobile phone • Technical issues – Accuracy of the sensor : under the condition of attachments, the signal y , g perception will be vary – Durability of sensor : consideration of laundry or movement – Low electric power Sensing and data control Bio-Shirt developed by ETRI
  8. 8. 2-2. Home Healthcare Service -Home healthcare system changes the current inflexible medical checking system occurring only in hospital. y g g y g y p -Various health measuring equipments are installed in living room, bedroom and restroom -All data are transferred to a central server in a real time All -Health data are checked and managed by Health center. Living room and bedroom •The remote screen medical treatment through T.V •Organic information measurement (Blood pressure, heart pulsation, body region and electrocardiogram) •urine analyzer in the toilet • A movement and weight perception sensor attached in a bed •The sensor which analyzes the quality of air • Monitoring and managing through internet website Health center •Monitoring •Rise to the emergency •Accumulation management •Telemedicine system y
  9. 9. 2-3. Medical Fitness Service -Medical fitness system provides health & physical strength measurement Medical measurement. -It also provide health care programs such as exercise and diet programs. -All information is accumulated and accessible through internet and monitored by medical center. All Telemedicine system Body & Health measurement Physical strength measurement - Exercise prescription - Diet prescription - Life habit correction Healthcare service -Medical Call Center Medical -Medical consultation -Monitoring Physical strength reinforcement Data -Data analysis Data analysis -Statistics exercise prescription -Web Service
  10. 10. 2-4. Home Nursing service -Home Nursing service is developed for the patients who have difficulties to visit clinic because of the physical condition. -Nurse with potable telemedicine measures patient conditions and transfers health data to the medical center. Not only Nurse but medical center agency also treat the patient. -If network is not working. all health data become saved automatically in potable telemedicine. Home Electronic Visiting Stethoscope Internet MX 554 -Blood pressure Nurse -Blood sugar Blood -Electrocardiogram -Pulmonary function test. -SpO₂ Medical Center Server
  11. 11. 2-4. Home Nursing service in Korea
  12. 12. 2-4. Home Nursing service in Europe Past Now
  13. 13. 2-5. Telemedicine Service Telemedicine - Medical Center to Home Healthy meter it leads from the home it measures the physician in charge and the Internet of the medical treatment agency it leads and it is received a Telemedicine service and a health condition. Medical Center Home Web Cam Woofer Speaker Internet Telemedicine Program Family doctor one's view ' i Web Doc Web Cam
  14. 14. 2-5. Telemedicine Service Telemedicine - Mobile clinic Remote i l d ( ) and Hi t l d (l d) th h it l ship which it g R t island (sea) d Hinterland (land) the hospital hi hi h goes round, th t d the transportt network it leads in the medical treatment vehicle and the healthy measurement equipment where the data transfer is possible and it establishes far Telemedicine service and the diseased civil official and it transmits it is received the healthy monitoring data of the p y g patient in the upper pp grade hospital which is. The case where critical situation will occur, immediate is appropriate it disposes. Remote island & Hinterland Medical Center U-Healthcare Unification Center Hospital Ship measures a patient condition Data Doctor one's view Mobile Clinic Vehicle X-Ray Organism information it accumulates, g Imafe Scope Blood pressure store/analysis Blood sugar Electrocardiogram Capacity of the lungs Prescription, Treatment guide conveyance SpO₂ medication life habit guide set Telemedicine
  15. 15. 2-6. Machinery and Tools introduction Device Portable measurement device- WebDoc LX361 Portable measurement device- MX-554 [Application] MX-431 Electronic LX-361 Stethoscope Blood pressure Blood pressure Blood sugar Blood sugar Heart pulse Heart pulse Body fat Electrocardiogram Capacity of the lungs SpO₂ Kiosk Type Mobile Phone Blood Sugar Mobile Phone Blood Pressure Mobile Location tracking & g Management – ‘Any Check’ Management Health Management Location tracking Heart pulse Personal health data* could be Sensing for transmitted to medical doctor by Injury from a fall mobile phone in real time p (*Blood pressure, heart pulsation, blood glucose, body region, etc )
  16. 16. Thank you y Insung Information Co., Ltd. u-Health Division BongJo Kwak g 16