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Issue 1


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The Life Of Mark Zuckerberg
11 Small Money Tips To Save For education
by : Raouf Shabayek
Starting A Small Business
How To Write Your Business Plan
Quotes Of Hope

Import&Export Companies
Shipping Lines
Business Tools Companies

Published in: Business
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Issue 1

  1. 1. a$“ 5 F~v"‘*, .;i, , HOVJFJ §/ /~ The Life 0 Mark Zuckerberg ’i if « Z StartingAsmall business : EMWI’ Mi il’Eli. 'I_‘lE . I j’ , viiiiit iiiisimiss A. -i . . fifi . . , ,_, +.. -=jr, .;_i‘: .yjI I I“ (r S I : K ‘ ' _ . l "I 1-“I‘? "“»l- 9" I l'I’~ as y . at a’ .1,‘ .1. . ,.: Lé‘I£»I . Il; ' 7. . ‘_ ' . I ‘ J’ _. .g I = E’ ' . x 2 ‘. 1 i av , _, , , , ii. '4' I2‘ :2 I ‘ , ’ ‘ . i- ‘,2 _1.‘ ‘ad ‘Q, ~ : _ . I. ‘II. C 312‘ ‘mg’ 3* Nfi I E‘ l / ' Jr’ J ADS. - Import and Export. ' Shipping “"‘*5- 11 smart money tips to save ' L°giSfi°S' for education 8: life - Exhibtions Companies. - Business Tools. ISSUE www. echcInce-mcIgcizine. com Junuarfy, 2014
  2. 2. fl Cli/ ANCE BUSINESS MAGAZINE 3 monthly ads + 3 months upload your company profile 240 $ I20 $ 6 Top House Compound, apartment WWVlt9Cha"e9'; l1a93Zl"eC°m 3, Nasr St, Smoha (in front of Green tel : +2 (o3)4257438 Plaza Mall), Alexandria, Egypt. +2 01115336337
  3. 3. E CHANCE BUSSINES MAGAZINE IDEA st PLAN vb Acfio Q Pro_iectManager Marketing , Esraa Adel Marketing Ahmed E1—Mallah Art director , MaiAhmed Our Magazine provides business, technology Gmphlcpeslgncli and e—commerce news, as well as investing, marketing, research, companies news and ’ Lamis Waheb informations, GraphicDesigner we are an E—business magazine that will be effective bridge between you and your customers. We are an E—guide that can help you make right choices . Distributing E-Commerce magazine monthly to a large number of companies. / Maisa A-Rahma“ writer & Editor , Rehab Mohamed Web Designer I Mohamed El-Gammal Writer Contact US Tel ; +2 (03)4257438 Mob : +2 01115336337 Fax ; +2 (o3)9576715 sales@echance-magazine. com
  4. 4. echance magazine .3 ’, ‘ Success Stories , . . ~_C, ‘»’ D , ifi _ ‘g I J . , R T T Import 8: Export companies 7 Tips of * V y 1 9 Shipping lines , (' / ,«; /;l’l / A by " i " 1 Quotes 3 logistics 2 7 Roof Shabayek Articles 2 9 Exhibtions Companies 1 Articls 5 Business Tools
  5. 5. ° Monthly ads including designs. ° Placing a link of your website or your Facebook page on our website for a whole Year for when you publish your ads in our magazine for one month. - Distributing E-Commerce magazine monthly to a large number of companies. ° Uploading your company profile pdf on our website. - Banner ads on our web site . You find us on; . I _ Echancemagazine mob: +201115336337 Te1;+2 (a3)425743g sales@echance—magazine. com 1:ax; +2 (93)9575715 6 Top House Compound, apartment 3, Nasr St, Smoha (in front of Green Plaza Mall), Alexandria, Egypt.
  6. 6. (D <1) ': O 4- (D (D U) G. ) O U 3 U3 echance magazine Mark Elliot Zuckerberg Mark Elliot Zuckerberg (May 1984,14) who is known as a co—founder of Facebook is one of the wealthiest, the most famous, the most influ- ential and the most successful figures in business. Facebook has caused a radical change in the history of human communication. Millions of users from all over the world have come closer thanks to Facebook. Despite the fact that there are many websites that have been helping build bridges of communication amongst people, Facebook is by allmeans a revolutionary step in 5 echance—magazine. com ‘I I -I _ _ l . «|' "”" A Success Story Photos 114 Timeline About social communication. Moreover, it has not only played a role on the social level, but on the political level as well. For instance, many young Arabs used it during the Arab revolu- tions as a means through which they prac- ticed political activism. Zuckerberg's interest in technology started at an early stage. His father taught him Atari BASIC Programming when mark was about 12, which he later used to create a messenger called ”ZuckNet". The device, which is used to transfer messages, was used at home and at the dental office where Mark's father worked. Zuckerberg showed early skills at program- ming and creating games. Creating Facebook marks a great success story; however, Zuckerberg faced many hardships on his way to this success. Hacking the database in Harvard in 2003, Mark Zuckerbergcreated a site called FaceMash; through this website students could uploaded their profile pictures. It started as he created a program that randomly selected two pictures of two random female students
  7. 7. Change cover Update Info Activity Log Timeline 425 More V and the voting on "Who is hotter? " was allowed on the website. The website was visited by a large number of Harvard students, butZucker— berg did not receive a prize for creating the web- site, instead, he was punished and accused of hacking Harvard's database. The FaceMash story was mentioned by some sources and was denied by some other sources; Harvard has not commented on it so far. Nonetheless, it is claimed that this incident inspired the creation of Facebook, but other sources state that the real inspiration of Facebook was the idea suggested by Divya Narendra who is a party of the ConnetU case. |n 2004, a lawsuit was filed against Zuckerberg accusing him ofdeceiving a group of Harvard students about a social network called Harvard- Connection. com (later called ConnectU). Another lawsuit by Eduardo Saverin was filed against Facebook and Zuckerberg. In 2010, a criminal investigation against Zuckerberg and some Facebook co—founders was launched by Pakistani Deputy Attorney General Muhammad Azhar Sidiqque due to hosting a contest on Facebook. Paul Ceglia, moreover, filed a sue claiming %84 ownership of Facebook. Facebook itself has received criticism regarding many issues. They include users‘ privacy concerns, negative psychological effects, hate groups, etc. Despite all these hardships, Zuckerberg managed to run Facebook, to create a legend and to become the youngest billionaire in the world. By Maisa M Rahman _ 5;
  8. 8. Import and Export echance magazine Import and Export 7 - www. echance-magazinecom
  9. 9. Milli The company Was established in the year 1983 as a food processor company mainly for exporting the following products: Dehydrated vegetables, fruits Herbs, spices Herbal, oils Seeds, Fresh vegetables & fruits and Frozen vegetables & fruits. We export our products to: Germany, Holland, England, Italy, USA, Japan, Russia, _ . _ _ . Ukraine, Indonesia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and ‘‘‘§. ’'‘'_ . T Iraq. ‘‘I-_: ‘ I. :- 1|. Tel: +20 1222142398 E Mail: agromisr@Iink. net agromisrmorsy@gmai| .com 2 Masjed Alkabary st. , Alkabaray, Alexandria, Egypt.
  10. 10. BABREZK‘ FOR FOOD & AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS Villa 155 Road 6-1st District - 4th Area Sth Settlement New Cairo , Cairo, Egypt Tel: +2 (02) 26181079 (office) Fax: +2 (02) 26181079 Mr. Hani Alarabi Executive Manager skype : babrezk_mh Mobile: +201210000892 . -Mail: lnfo@babrezkgroup. com
  11. 11. l _l V V V for sports wear ibrahim beshir st. - Derballa Elgdeda sedi beshr in O 9 Q mob :01223992681 fig‘ cg, ". Q‘Q. wgQ§ e ""“~Iua. ",§"0conetoeeoeaoenevnoaeaowoeuococe«loco fiflflflflfilfildflfi-QSGQCCCODCfl5G§‘DQC. ..$lI%:
  12. 12. flfl l}llll(Gllll @@, um Iinxiang High Garlics Co. , Ltd, located in the garlic capital of China, is an export-oriented company, engaged in purchasing, storing, processing and marketing of agricultural products.
  13. 13. . . - vi - '3 : . s 4 I I8 9 I’! . ~ V ‘A 0 « A . 6 "_'f‘ ‘f " ‘ ‘P. ALIMECO S. A, is an international commodities “- ‘ ‘('0 trader, specializing in basic agricultural products, ~ T ' agf '. grain, rice, food and feedstuffs, oilseeds and . ., r ‘ 4‘ i by—products. The company's head office is in ‘, -, ' ‘"0. Athens, Greece. Alimeco has established a solid . ' . . w‘ T‘-‘ * ’ network in the Balkans - notably Bulgaria and ‘ r ’_0 ( Romania -, creating a much larger operation area m ‘y - -‘ . ‘O O ‘J '17" ‘WI r "C ». ., ..~r: ~,; ..s. . . ~-I 4 . 1 A D HI and having access to a much bigger commodity ' ‘V . . 5- . market which is competitive conditions We are P I”, ‘. .o _‘~ interested in expanding our business to the T £ ’ . - , " East-Mediterranean Arab countries. ‘ ""' ‘ Vi, ‘ I’ av, r . i. "u. _c #1-I ALIMECO S. A. NTERNAT DONAL TR2D€ -REPRESENTATIONS 34 Efroniou Street, Athens P. C. 16121, Greece Tel. +30 2107242316 Fax. +30 2103803797 Mob. +3O 6932562936 Web. www. alimeco. gr
  14. 14. .4 F| 'U| iS Working with OK Fruits G O. K Frozen gives you many O. K benefits and advantages that you will not find anywhere else. we would like to provide you with these benefits in order to give our present customers confidence and to attract new ones. Best prices are guaranteed. Our products‘ meet the needs of our custgrners. " www nlr -Fri ill’: nnrn Head Office Ukrainian Oflice MTTZTV Kipper 35 El-lsawy st. Office 1 Miami. Alexandria, Egypt General Manager GM@ok-fruits_com postal code :21516 General Manager MOb.2 +2-010-222-06606 Tel: +2-03-548-0482 Tet . ,.38_o63_114_1560 Mr. Zlv Kipper
  15. 15. Egypt Trade Gate Import & Export 6Top house Buildings flat (3) in WWW. etQeXP0Tt-C001 Front of green plaza Elnaser st. tel : +2 (03)9576715 Smoha , Alexandria , Egypt +2 01153340833
  16. 16. Glass SEGA inspired For Life Kilo 19 Alex-Cairo Desert Road Oillybia Gas Station St. Merghern - Alexandria - Egypt Te| .: +2 (03) 9613444 Fax: +2 (03) 9612424 . i,, rI. f - — m
  17. 17. 1 Ahmed Shawky st,2"d floor, roushdy a| exandria, egypt ; = 2 035413862 mob : +2 01001566868 fax : +2035846942 ranges@medestfruits. com apples@medestfruits. com www. medsetfruits. com . / MEIIEST import & Export of Agricultural Products
  18. 18. echance magazine KEYS? §UlC0@lE§§ To By: Maisa A. Rahman ''I want to be a successful person! " is an idea that most of us have. However, some of us feel confused when it comes to achieving the success they want. is there a recipe for success? Yes! Everyone has his or her own way to be successful in life, but there are some basic elements of success. A successful person is Now that you have dreams, set goals that enable someone who has a you to achieve your dreams. For example, ifyour dream. Dream! Dream of dream is being a famous writer, you should set anything you want and your goals in the writing career. never think it is too hard to reach; nothing is impossible for a Now that you set your goals, you should have a Successful person plan to achieve them. There should always be short-term plans and long-term plans. Short—term plans are the way to reach | ong—term ones, so never underestimate achieving small goals; they will lead you to bigger ones. Now that you know your dreams, your goals, and your plan, you need to be patient enough to reach them. Nothing is achieved or changed overnight; you should be ready to invest in the years of your life to finally reach your dreams. Meanwhile, be happy! Some people are always stressed out on theirjourney to reach their goals; this is lethal! This takes from your energy and optimism; you should always enjoy thejourney, every part and every step of it. Another false concept about happiness is believing that you will only be happy when you www. echance—magazine. com
  19. 19. finally reach your dream; this is not true! You should be happy during the journey too because if you are not, you won't probably be happy when you are finally there. Ifyou were supposed to choose a partner in your T journey, would you choose someone you don't trust, believe in or love? I don't think so; this is you! You are your partner during the journey to success, so enjoy the company. Love yourself. Believe in yourself. Trust yourself. All great successful figures in history knew the i E taste of failure like everyone else. What made them i _ ~ different than others is that they insisted on trying 0 instead ofquitting. Finally, there are no super humans. There are only humans who keep on trying to be super. by
  20. 20. echance magazine Shipping lines . l I Shipping lines www. echance—magazine. com
  21. 21. -. ’-"’ ‘ _ r“ . .._'_l___ _r“‘~. __s . ... .**- . _T . .liT1~. rTi] ‘R’ F‘ . , T t I _ I T71.. . 1 «-5-»: - TE "3 ‘ . . , la’ ’ ? ‘ i . ' f l ‘P *- “’ ’‘/ ;'‘«_. ~l _" T’-. A . l . "1"" ll "““""""'" u ‘ s T J“; 0’ I . -‘.4: H. .. ' x‘ _" I T; T ~. ‘TT‘ T ’ TTTipc' '~ -~~«-t-'£--‘*“‘-"~. "-. “‘3€‘»: 'll. -. ... ... _ i z‘~ . r~ _"‘. "~ -« I I’ L 41 W 3- T: I ,2 U
  22. 22. echance magazine (! U0'l‘ES WHOPE Quotes ”Only in the darkness can you see the stars. ” I] Martin Luther King Jr. “The birds of hope are everywhere, listen to them sing. " Terri Guillemets “Hope is like a road in the country; there was never a road, but when many people walk on it, the road comes into existence. " -Lin Yutang Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning. Albert Einstein “If you have made mistakes, there is always another chance for you. You may have a fresh start any moment you choose, for this thing we call “failure" is not the falling down, but the staying down. " -Mary Pickford “I believe that imagination is stronger than knowledge. That myth is more potent than history. That dreams are more powerful than facts. That hope always triumphs over experience. That laughter is the only cure for grief. And I believe that love is stronger than dealm" ll Robert Fulghum www. echance—magazine. com
  23. 23. "Hope itself is a species of happiness, and, perhaps, the chief happiness which this world affords; but, like all other pleasures immoderately enjoyed, the excesses of hope must be expiated by ain. " P -Samuel Johnson I find hope in the darkest of days, and focus in the brightest. I do not judge the universe. Dalai Lama Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul - and sings the tunes without the words - and never stops at all. Emily Dickinson Lord save us all from a hope tree that has lost the faculty of putting out blossoms. Mark Twain "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present. " l] Bil Keane “You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us. And the world will live as one. " El John Lennon
  24. 24. echance magazine logistics Customs Clearance companies Freight forwarder companies Transporting companies www. echance—magazine. com
  25. 25. ll illlwllllii lllllllll lllllllllllllll ; ;". lll| I|| ||| lll| llllWll' lllllllll Illllllllllll| l|Illl| llllL.2.l mmm '-. .-: »llll' , llllllllllllllllll ll I II I I Ill Ill 25 Mohamed Osman st, Off Nabl Daniel - raml . , 4 station - aloxandtia - ogypt tel : 01142222312 01001392223
  26. 26. elkawther logistics fbr shipping services - Ocean Freight - Air Freight — Customs Clearing - Export & Import - Inland Transportation - packing :21 etaada w. osg. u.»: gt , mavtslnia , ate/ . , figt/ ljpt let ; l :2o: z. 4?<; -r'—e29.e {ax . l :21;-: ~: 42.o.5r/24:2 ahuirvmw ; MK’ AHMED ei, r;l-ArMY CELL ; +202 012 7144-0 800 C—»M. /lL, ; info. leav/ %.herl: u.s.52@gw. aLL. cow.
  27. 27. @ %". ll'lll'll’«. I I Illllltllllvll . ‘.i| nu~ , We see our clients as our business partners. Our mission is creating sustainable competitive advantage in supply-chain process of our clients through implementing tailored logistics program with flawless execution" and dependability. Ql/ f Cr3::1g: a.n. ies i( . l liiternationa i‘: irgo Movers ligyptiaii lCquipi. .ci. t Supply Majestic 'l ruckiiig c-. work lr. :i1n Tel: +2 03 3901459 +2 03 3907588 Head Office: Fax: +2 03 3938743 17 Ibrahim Abd El Sayed St. (El“Batalsa)’ E-mail: icm. info@icmegypt. com Alexandria, Egypt
  28. 28. Raouf Shabayek Articls 9 According to a poll i organized by Sallie Mae, = Americans say their top 1 money goals for 2011 are ' to cut general costs and I expenses (20%), pay down credit cards (16%), ' and take a vacation or a make a major purchase echance magazine For any family sending a student to college next fall, one ofthe smartest moves is to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA, ), and to make it easier, Sallie Mae offers 11 smart money resolutions to save money for your education and for life: Set up a monthly contribution to a child's 529 college savings plan. Money doesn't grow on trees, but saving with tax advantages and even potential state tax deductions can help it grow. Make gifts throughout the year, for holiday, birthday and graduation, more meaningful by contributing to a 529 college savings plan. A toy can get broken or forgotten in minutes, but the gift of education can last a lifetime, and Sallie Mae's Ugift program makes it easy. Consider the full cost of college as you choose where to attend and have a plan to pay for your full degree — notjust one year at a time. Fill out the FAFSA. It's your ticket to federal and state financial aid. Check out our how—to videos for tips to make it easy. Research and apply for scholarships for college. Use Sallie Mae's free search tool to explore $16 billion worth of scholarships. Borrow only what you can afford to repay after graduation. ; _ A good rule ofthumb is to make sure your www. echance—magazine. com
  29. 29. monthly loan payments after graduation stay refinancing points or under 20 percent of your expected monthly gross interest on student loans, salary. and special credits for Pay extra on your credit cards and other loans energy-efficient whenever you can. If you have student loans, make windows, to name a few. payments while in school so you don't pay interest Make your money on interest. For example, Sallie Mae's Smart Option work for you. Student Loan offers shorter repayment terms and For example, get college in—schoo| payment options to help you save savings on your eligible money. purchases through Sallie Max your match for retirement. Don't miss your Mae's Upromise program employer's matching contribution; start early to and transfer them into a save for retirement. 529 college savings plan Put your monthly bills on automatic debit. or pay down your Not only can you build a strong credit score by student loan. Be sure to paying on time each month, but some lenders check out high—yie| d offer a benefit for enrolling to make payments by savings accounts to . automatic debit. If you're repaying student loans, increase your interest check with your lender to see if there is an earnings. alternate payment option that might better meets your financial situation at the moment and adjust as you go along. Claim the tax credits and deductions you deserve. For example, explore expanded credits for higher education expenses, or, depending on your state of l residency and which 529 college savings plan, This amcle was “Pied , , based on the approval of explore tax credits or deductions on your state the autho, in order to income tax for contributions to 529 college savings preserve copyrights. 5 plans. Be sure to also explore deductions for home . 1 " .1" x55 _ — — —; — — — — ——
  30. 30. echance magazine an .9 C to Q. E o O (D r: .9 -O-4 :9 . c x UJ ‘ Exhibtions Companies www. echance—magazine. com
  31. 31. ». «ewe:
  32. 32. echance magazine Starting A small business : ll 0W 'l‘0 Wl{l'l‘li Yflllll BUSINESS l_f*j ' : 3 By : Mohamed Gamal If you want to quit yourjob and start your own small business, there is no doubt it won't be an easy mission; you will face a lot of challenges related to finances, management, logistics and staffing, but the first challenge you will face is how to write your business plan. Your business plan is basically your map to the success ofthat business. If it's written in the wrong way, you won't reach your destination, so it's really important that you take all the time and mental effort to write a successful plan that will lead to a successful business. Any business plan consists of basic sections: executive summary, market analysis, marketing plan, management and financial summary. Here I will describe each section briefly and show you how to write it. This is probably the most important section in the plan; your plan will be read probably by bank representatives or investors that will decide whether or not to give you money to start your project, and for them this section could be the only part they read from the entire plan, so you have to summarize your entire plan here. First, write your project name, where it is located and the nature of your business. Then, write your mission statement and the statement of objectives which are the measurable specific goals and objectives you want your business to www. echance—magazine. com
  33. 33. reach After that, write briefly about your finances, marketing analysis and management. Note that this section is the last section to be written although it's the first one in your plan. 2- Market Analysis: Here you will write a specific description about the market that your product or service will compete in. Also, you will write specific details about your targeted customers; what needs will you fulfill for them; and why your product will fulfill these needs better than your competitors. 3- Marketing Plan: In this section you will describe your entire marketing plan: how you will
  34. 34. combine traditional marketing and E—marketing and what methods or (tricks) you will use. Tip: use colored tables and charts in your description; ease the reading and increase graphics as much as possible. 4- Management Summary : A description of your company's legal structure: a corporation, partnership or a sole proprietorship. Also, a description of your top management: their skills, experiences and the values you think they will add to the company. Tip: use a flow chart to describe the structure of the company; it is much easier to understand. 5- Finances: A description of your start-up costs, how you are going to use them, and how much income you are expecting and when. This section is important for investors or banks that will invest in your project. These are the basics of any business plan, and there are a lot of good websites that will help you writing your plan, such as: en| oop. com. Personally I recommend using software for business plans like ”Business plan pro”; it will help at every step in the way including creating tables and charts. Finally remember that "if you fail to plan, you're planning to fail. ’’ Written by: mohamed gamal el-clin mohamed. gamal3012@gmai| .com Edited by: Maisa A. Rahman
  35. 35. Z CHANCE BUSINESS MAGAZINE 30;. ‘ . .. . p » ‘(_ 3): ‘. V. ‘ M'o ‘- ' «- vv v 3". no N: 9. ‘J 4 V . V; ‘ ‘vspzl 3" 9.‘ $0 ) ‘ . . Jfixs’ . 5.. .» £012 w. w MA 1,‘ 9% “ fl 0 ' ‘ 2. -ts ' ' J - "'«. ., . ~.. >.. M '3/0. '0“ mob: +2 01115336337 Tel: +2 (o3)4257438 sales@echance—magazine. com Fax: +2 (03)9576715 6 Top House Compound, apartment 3, Nasr St, Smoha (in front of Green Plaza Mall), Alexandria, Egypt.
  36. 36. echance magazine E 8 I- en en a: E en 3 (D Business Tools www. echance—magazine. com
  37. 37. CBS is an advisory service provider specialized in Creative Profit Channels (CPC) ®. It is established with a consistent expansion plan, targeting to have 10 operating alliances worldwide by the end of 2020. ‘y. ._ strategic planning performance mangement Blue Ocean Strategy
  38. 38. we < ~o» Nagdy , Elba 3. co. 6 7 . A36» .3 his 3 ts‘-. -'~ C. |‘£1Fil. -'-. .‘d Accountantsaadvisors ¢, J‘. .‘. ‘.. ... . , ,; ,,,3,2i_? ¢,1.. l_. .. F»: -liows of Egyptian Society _ _ , g. ;.; ... -i. «.. ..3l 1., ... .s .21- , . of Accountants and Auditors 1.. -,u _. ;. .t. .u , ... u 1,). ..» L~_. _,. gi4., _ 1» Egypt branch : 18 zaki rajab st. - gJ—-‘u 18 : 1-39»-ll J-ma le.2.+s-. = 53-5 Smouha -Alexandria- Egypt 2u. us_. .-yr _ 13,3.» — ~+—. -J VJ)‘ tel: 203 - 4245964 203 - 4245964 : 0.495 Soudl Arabia branch : Riyadh, ,_,2.__. ,tl; It. _.s_, .._. .ll L_. ,_, ... li 1_s1.. ..Jl 5,: King Abdulaziz Road intersection Q; _, .sl1Ji C. }. ,,_}. _ll 1.3.: eLL. ii 5., ,1. ¢_Li53 with the Northern Ring , _,_iL. .:. li tel : 0966 - 565533203 0966-565533203 : 033333 Email : Info@aIkhabeer-ne. com
  39. 39. lqsl CHANCE SOLUTIONS 1+ is an €"bUSl'LS magazi , , 4 that illiae the bi sjfandim eff tti. v'e bridge bee . ' n '‘’ur ‘A I. '- 4' K _‘a ‘ti / M ‘, '»‘ )4’ : P‘ l 1 sh" : .. :-it “t “ '! //t‘-‘ 17/
  40. 40. 9ln. £'. *.§, data .0.. a www. creatorseg. com '1 . etsittl asltsmti l L p. ’ J. . 4 Afll-. yn. qLt»‘; l‘ . u_-. n‘tl‘ ‘a’.1| ii 3 1:132:01 2”"-3’-liiol1': t:. t_-. . X5l, I’I. "I_»_: l'. )i‘. ‘“‘« . ‘_lL“‘“
  41. 41. tdafat. com istdafat K . _, K - / AboutUs Founded in 2013, istdafat is one of Egypt's leading companies in our field. We offer business hostinget design, programming, mobile apps and e—marketing services. We have a lot of customers and an outstanding record for delivering high quality solutions, across a wide range of industries. Zahran mall, Seror square faceboolccom/ istdafat Damletta. Egypt Call Us Support: Business Solutions www. lstdafat. com support@istdaiat. com
  42. 42. 1 1 g and . , pr. .1: _1 L . ..' , 3.» 4 H! ’ ‘I. "'1 ' V‘‘‘ ‘’ ~. -«3Lr~'° J: ~:-">3 Gs-its 9.--wlm ; ,g535LaJI 4g, ta. LI 4.91.3541 5.5; 4.o. a>Lu. Ll c1lS, :.J1 c1b_L. .9 951,4 O"l~O nr.4 _ 5-. P.c‘ . l pr. l_l _ - ‘Iii V_ ’ ’ ’ ‘f -or V. ‘ ~. —5'; -’—U. ~.~*>s G955 = .-1‘-W1 02995151‘ 4em4-U eaoedi tit»; &. usL«. .Ll oLs, t.J1 out. ..» 11.51 ,3 ? .V’‘‘' €13.04 ‘, ‘q1“‘| V.“‘. 1 . _. ._. k:: 'g‘-€. _* ‘. .,—. -. --. : : '~'; !‘, *.‘, -' 7:: ,’_ :9?! -1 -. ;“~; _ 7' I‘. .‘c. .‘. ‘”‘l “L ‘ ‘ 9.531 . ..1 ‘O ‘Jr
  43. 43. X do $: JLi. l.°IIIlJQél Lil gm ' 9| V 1. . ,, - 4. . “-. « NI 1 1,‘ 1,‘ 1 1/ s 1 ~ l— 1 4 , _ ’ s K ' .1 ‘ - 1 amazon #7 J .2 www. eshteree| . /Eegti 4 a, rrta. :«:0r1
  44. 44. .com simple & secure Enjoy online shopping experience Use the only simple and secure payment method in Egypt 5.0 ULol. g Eubalq ": jlbj. 'i. .1.1.1Lo/ l_i. _.1.b" fo:1a'Zi. .w| Mu§y. com — an OUR TOP MERCHANTS .3.. .l§l§. D.l§. Us
  45. 45. 0 Experience Studios is fu| l—service studio ¢ specialized in the development and Experience production of digital animated properties for ’’theatrical’’ , " television ” , " home ” entertainment and interactive distribution for the global entertainment industry. Products and services include 3D animation content used in features films, movie visual effects, TV series, 3D TV series (Stereoscopic), TV commercials, Game Design, Educational systems and general advertising needs including creating TV channel identities Q 99 ll -41111111 Q )d 0‘? IX | nfo@exp—studios. com Tel : +2 01008848077 www. Exp—studios. com
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