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EceSY Communication Design Portfolio


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Freelance Graphic Designer

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EceSY Communication Design Portfolio

  1. 1. ECE SAVAS YILMAZ’s Portfolio 0537 982 84 47
  2. 2. EDUCATION: ACHIEVEMENTS: 2000 - 2004 OCAD , Ontario Collage of Arts and Design- Bachelors of Graphic Design • 2007 Ministry of Forestry and Environment Poster Competition - exhibited Average of %80 percent academic standing • 2007 14. Izmir European Jazz Fest. Poster Competition - exhibited • 2006 10. International Flying Broom Women Film Fest. Poster Competition - exhibited • 2003 - 2004 Aboveground Scholarship WORK EXPERIENCE: • November 2007 - ... CERTIFICATES: Ağustos Advertising Agency Art Director • 2004 Oxford Seminars, Toronto - TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) I’m responsible for developing concepts and strategies, graphic design and when • 2003 OCAD Computer Workshop, Toronto - Macromedia Flash required presenting our projects to customers; also, directing creative projects in • 2002 OCAD Computer Workshop, Toronto - QuarkXPress graphic department. • 2002 OCAD Computer Workshop, Toronto - Adobe Photoshop LANGUAGES: • January 2005 - September 2007 English (excellent) Üçüncügöz Communication Design Jn. Art Director Turkish (native) I was responsible for developing concepts and graphic design. Among our projects there were corporate identities, adds, catalogs, magazines, web design and etc. PROFESSIONAL PROGRAMS: Adobe Photoshop (certified) • September 2004 - May 2004 Adobe Illustrator Bite Magazine, Toronto Graphic Designer Adobe InDesign I designed selected articles in the magazine. Macromedia Freehand Quark XPress (certified) • September 2002 - Decemder 2003 Part-time Assistant Basic understanding of Macromedia Dreamviewer and Flash Kominek Camera, Toronto HOBBIES: • June 2003 - August 2003 Traveling, Tracking, Camping, Caving (member of ASPEG), SeaKayaking (member o Tetra Pak - Reprosan, Toronto Internship BODEKA), Sailing, Diving, Swimming, Yoga, Fine Arts, Environmental Issues and Animal Rights (member of HAYTAP - The Animal Rights Federation)
  3. 3. ADVERTISING AND CORPORATE CONCEPTS Customer: Balnak Logistics Brief: We were asked to create a general corporate ad informing all the services Balnak provides; also to create an idea that is adjustable to follow-up applications and campaigns. Art Director: Ece SY Copy Writer: Çiğdem Zeytin Concept: “All in Balnak” The idea of this concept is to use a red square as the main design object and tell stories with it. Square is symbolizing a cargo box; red comes from the color of the logo. It is simple, easy to use and very easy to remember; therefore, suitable for this new branding campaign.
  4. 4. ADVERTISING AND CORPORATE CONCEPTS Customer: Balnak Logistics Some of the follow-up applications - (An airport launcher banner and new years, republic day and valentines day e-mailings) Art Director: Ece SY Copy Writer: Çiğdem Zeytin
  5. 5. ADVERTISING AND CORPORATE CONCEPTS Customer: AnalTech - Solar Panels Brief: To create a newspaper ad for solar energy panels Art Director: Ece SY Copy Writer: Çiğdem Zeytin Concept: “Nature gets its energy from the sun. How about you?” Solar energy is a renewable energy. It imitates how the nature provides its energy like photosynthesis. To visualize this concept I created an image that combines solar technology and nature.
  6. 6. ADVERTISING AND CORPORATE CONCEPTS Customer: Intel Motherboards Brief: We were asked to design an ad for new Intel Mother boards. Their marketing strategy was to emphesize the brand “Intel”; saying “Intel motherboards are as good as its processors; hence, Intel processor works better with Intel motherboard. Art Director: Ece SY Copy Writer: Çiğdem Zeytin Concept: “Its Power Comes From Its Roots” Roots being the processor. Emphasizing the roots of Intel technology and the power of the brand. “Pure Breed Performance” Again emphasizing the brand name, but this time focus is on its high performance.
  7. 7. ADVERTISING AND CORPORATE CONCEPTS Customer: Weewell Baby Electronics Brief: Thermometers’ & Humidifiers’ Ad Art Director: Ece SY Copy Writer: Çiğdem Zeytin Concept: The main idea is to create funny and bizarre combinations with babies to explain what product does.
  8. 8. BRANDING CONCEPT Customer: Entertainbul - City entertainment blog site Project: Photography for branding - web banners Art Director: Ece SY Photographer: Selim Güneş
  9. 9. CORPORATE IDENTITY Customer: 1. Proof Medical Experiment on a drug that stops female fertility to protect it from any damage cause by chemotherapy. 2. Quality is also a medical experiment on a drug for dual personality disorder. 3. Efforth: Medical experiment for a drug that improves blood circulation of overweight people. 4. Forum Bornova is an open air shopping mall in Izmir 5. Pagoda is a Chinese Soup Restaurant 6. Entertainbul: Entrtainment blog site for Istanbul 7. Kara Kalem Kitabevi is an art & design books store 8. Çarşaf Evi is a store that sells sheets and linens
  10. 10. PUBLICATION Customer: Yusuf Dariyerli, photographer
  11. 11. PUBLICATION Customer: Anemon Hotels Brief: Seasonal magazine for hotels customers. The index varied from fashion to arts, from hobbies to travel, from cooking to activities and agenda.
  12. 12. PACKAGING Customer: Yazgan Wines Brief: Mainstream and mid quality wine for wide range target audience.
  13. 13. WEB DESIGN Customer: Zayta Olive Oil - Art Director: Ece SY
  14. 14. ALTERNATIVE IDEAS Customer: Zayta Olive Oil Project: Launcher e-mailing Art Director: Ece SY Copy Writer: Çiğdem Zeytin
  15. 15. ORGANIZATION CONCEPT AND DESIGN Customer: Jules Verne Organization Project: Mini Cooper Party Concept “Super Hero Costume Party” Mini Cooper owners receives a secret invitation - a little piece of paper with tiny text on it and a loop to be able to read. The invitation is for a secret gathering of heroes allover Turkey. In the invitation guest were asked to visit the party web site for further information... In the web site there are sampled heroes and cool ideas on how to prepared for the party. While our guests are driving to the organization they’ll notice the Mini logo on the dark sky projecting from the location. In the party the whole decorations and the organization follows this concept, such as acrobatic car shows... Art Director: Ece SY Copy Writer: Çiğdem Zeytin Illustrator: Hürel Çobanoğlu
  16. 16. ALTERNATIVE IDEAS Customer: Agustos Advertising Agency Project: Viral Marketing Campagn for April 1’st The purpose was to use the apple, which is a symbol for our company, in bizarre situations to get funny and surprising reaction; meanwhile building corporate image and recognition. Art Director: Ece SY Copy Writer: Çiğdem Zeytin
  17. 17. PERSONAL PROJECTS What for: Ministry of Forestry and Environment Poster Competition “FINAL OFFER” Exhibited and published.
  18. 18. PERSONAL PROJECTS What for: Dubai Monotheistic Poster Competition If everyone is God’s creation; therefore, a part of God; mathematically 1 over world’s population equals to one himself. Meaning we are no different from each other nor from god himself.
  19. 19. PERSONAL PROJECTS What for: Bak Magazine - online Concept: “White” - representing our hopes and dreams... Some we can’t see even when its right behind, some swift off our feet, some are too high to be reached and some are even worth to die for. Published.
  20. 20. UNIVERSITY PROJECT Brief: Emotionalized, is a book on emotions. I asked people around me to write a descriptive poem or a sincere story on an emotion I gave them. Some of the emotions I chose were loneliness, guilt, monotony, happiness... Later I try to express those emotions with the use of materials, illustrations and type. I limit myself to use a single type face and one flat color.
  21. 21. THANK YOU!