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Case Study Example - Shameless


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Case Study Example - Shameless

  1. 1. Shameless Miss Cerrone Unit 4, Task 2 Analysis of a media product
  2. 2. Shameless is a comedy drama set on a fictional council (Chatsworth) estate in Stretford, Manchester. It tells the lives of the Gallagher family, their friends, neighbours and enemies. It was first broadcast In January 2004 on Channel 4 at 10pm. It has since gone on to broadcast a further seven series with another commissioned for 2011. Shameless The show
  3. 3. The show follows the rollercoaster lives of the dysfunctional Gallagher family and the friends and neighbours who come into contact with them in their community. The families lives are chaotic mainly due to their irresponsible, drunken father Frank and unreliable, dissatisfied mother Monica. With their parents unable or unwilling to look after them the Gallagher clan find themselves looking out for each other through life's ups and downs. Shameless The plot
  4. 4. Shameless The characters The Gallaghers Frank Gallagher – the reluctant father Monica Gallagher – the unreliable mother Carl Gallagher – the lotario Phillip Gallagher – the intelligent ‘Del Boy’ Debbie Gallagher – old beyond her years Ian Gallagher – the quiet one Liam Gallagher – the new ‘Debbie’ Fiona Gallagher – the big sister
  5. 5. Shameless The characters The MaguiresMimi Maguire – the bossy mother Karen Maguire – the reformed wildcat Kelly Maguire – the tart with a heart Mickey Maguire – the clown Jamie Maguire – just like his father Shane Maguire – the crazy one Paddy Maguire – the gangster boss
  6. 6. Shameless is produced by Company Pictures, an independent British television production company. As well as Shameless it has created; Wild at Heart, Skins, and Talk To Me. It tends to work with the same group of writers and directors including Paul Abbott, Bryan Elsley and Danny Brocklehurst. Paul Abbott created the initial ideas for Shameless and is now an executive producer on the show as well as still writing some episodes. Shameless The makers
  7. 7. Shameless can be classed as a comedy drama as it mixes key conventions from both genres. It has the classic conventions of a drama series; recurring characters, multiple plot lines, realistic dialogues and settings and key themes running through the programme. It mixes these with moments of high comedy and humour and also by exaggerating normal social situations or expectations. Shameless The genre
  8. 8. Shameless The audience Class I believe that the audience of Shameless fit into the C1-E demographic. I think those in the A & B categories would not fully understand the humour and themes of the show and the lifestyle of the characters. Age I believe that the audience of Shameless fit into the 17-50 age group. I think the language and sexual content of some the show means it is not suitable for younger viewers. Although some of the characters depicted in the show been younger than this. Gender I believe that the audience of Shameless are both genders because the representations of both sexes is so strong in the show. Ethnicity I believe that the audience of Shameless fit into various ethnic categories. The show depicts characters who are white, black, mixed race, Asian and Irish. It is a realistic representation of the multi-cultural country we live in. Lifestyle I believe that most of the audience of Shameless have at some point come from a working class background and have experienced some of the themes presented in the show.
  9. 9. This is the clip that I will analyse for my Case Study. Shameless Textual Analysis
  10. 10. The narrative in the clip is about a DSS officer coming to check who actually lives in the Gallagher household so that they can make sure there are no fraudulent claims being made. Sheila answers the mans questions without thinking and gives away the fact that two of the children they are claiming for do not actually live there anymore. Frank then tries to talk his way out it but the DSS officer walks into the house and its clear he’s going nowhere. The meaning created in the clip is to set the audience up for another episode of Frank trying to lie, cheat and scam his way out of trouble or responsibility. It also reinforces the characterisation of Frank as a no-good layabout who does not want to work but would rather claim benefits and even ones he is not entitled to. This attracts the target audience because it might be a situation some of them have found themselves in (trying to scrape by in life), it also reinforces the themes in the show as the audience know that Frank will inevitably come up with some crazy or weird scheme in order to get himself out of trouble again and this will create humour – one of the main reasons the audience watch the show. Shameless What is the narrative/plot ofthe clip? What meaning is created by the narrative/plot in the clip? How/Why does this attract the target audience?
  11. 11. The setting of the clip is Frank and Sheila’s house on the council estate in Chatsworth (a fictional place), Manchester. Shameless What is the setting ofthe clip? What meaning is created bythe setting of the clip? How/why does this attract the target audience?