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Interactive panel discussions involving 3 – 4 delegations


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Advanced EC seminar on decentralisation and local governance
European Commission EuropeAid
2-5 July 2012, Brussels
The seminar reviewed the country context and the evolving international development framework and considered how to manage the political dimensions of decentralisation. It also looked at using decentralisation as a trigger to foster better development outcomes and governance and what all this means for future EU engagement in decentralisation and local governance. Jean Bossuyt, ECDPM, was the lead facilitator of this meeting. Alisa Herrero, ECDPM, was also one of the experts facilitating this seminar.

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Interactive panel discussions involving 3 – 4 delegations

  1. 1. Session 3.1 Decentralisation and improved public service delivery Interactive Panel:CAR, Lesotho, Morocco and the Philippines
  2. 2. Question 1•  How decentralised is public service delivery in your country?•  What were the political motivations behind the choice for a particular system of public service delivery with specific decentralisation features? (How do politicians look at public service delivery, e.g. as a vehicle to be re-elected by showing that they deliver services)?•  How do citizens see public service delivery? How much societal push for better services at local level?
  3. 3. Question 2•  What has been the overall response strategy of the EU with regard to public service delivery?•  What “entry points” did you use to work on issues such as improving equity, access and quality of services?•  Did you also work on the “demand-side” for better services and domestic accountability?•  Can you describe some of your concrete implementation experiences?