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Your Family Group

  1. 1. What is a Family Group Conference? What happens at your Family Group ConferenceA Family Group Conference (FGC) is a meeting where you and the We arrange the meeting with you, at a time and place that best suits “The Meeting waspeople you choose to invite, like your family, friends, neighbours you and your guests. carried out in a free and easyand key professionals working with you, meet to discuss how they atmosphere. No pressure wascan support you in planning for your care and recovery. We organise refreshments together and make sure that the environment made on anyone” is relaxed and welcoming. This could be in your home or a local meeting Service UserIt is not about people making decisions for you. place.You decide who you would like to invite and what you would like “We learnt aboutto talk about. We can then help you to achieve this in a way that is The first half of the meeting is for everyone. It gives your family and the resourses available torelaxed and comfortable for everyone. professionals time to talk about the issues that you have identified. help our daughter and I hope the professionals learnt somethingA Family Group Conference is a way of enabling you and your The second half of the meeting is private time for you and your family to from us”support network to lead your decision making for your support and put together your plan. We can support you with this if you want us to. Parentscare. How a Family Group Conference Works “All members of my family found this to be a help-We meet with you and get to know the issues you would like ful, positive event. The conferencesupport with, to help your recovery. We can help you with this and it made us closer and clarified issuescan be anything that is important to you! that I couldn’t explain" Service UserWe find out from you who you would like to be involved. This mayinclude family members; children, a friend, neighbour, your supportworker, nurse, therapist or advocate. Anyone who you feel would behelpful and supportive to you.We then meet with these people individually and invite them to your After your Family Group Conference For further information and advice regarding a FGC pleasemeeting. With your permission, we share with them the issues thatyou would like their help with and the things you have been thinking contact the Mental Health Family Group Conference Service When the plan is complete and agreed by you and your Careand talking about. Co-ordinator we send it out to everyone involved. for adults team: 3 Pitfields Telephone: 01245 315020 Baddow RoadThis is also an opportunity for them to have a bit of support If it would be helpful to you, we can arrange a follow up review of your 01245 315019themselves. Chelmsford plan at a later date to look at what has been achieved; what has helped Essex and what might need changing. We will arrange this with you and your Email: CM2 9QY support network.
  2. 2. Its your meeting Telephone: 01245 315020 or Email: mhfgc@nepft.nhs.ukAt a Family Group Conference the main people involved are you,your family and your friends. People you know well.Together with your family, friends and professionals the FGC puts Your Family Group Conferenceyou in charge of making decisions about your care and treatment. Patient Information LeafletWhat you have to say can make a difference. A service that enables you and your family to take the lead in planning for your care and treatment “It placed our family in a comfortable setting and guided us through expressing our If you need this information in another language please email a request concerns, questions and grievances to in a constructive manner” Carer Jeśli chcą Państwo otrzymać tę informację w języku polskim, prosimy o wysłanie zgłoszenia na (Polish) This leaflet is also available in: “The FGC helped the service user and his family to discuss things which sometimes Different Large Print Email Online they had felt unable to. The plan was Languages produced with the involvement and For more information visit agreement of the whole family” Professional Last updated: January 2011 Reference No: 1101102 ©North Essex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust 2011 All rights reserved. Not to be re produced in whole or in part without the permission of the copy- right owner.