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ecdp email bulletin 39

  1. 1. August 2012Monthly Bulletin 39 This update includes articles on the following topics:Dear Members,At ecdp we are all enjoying the Olympics andare looking forward to the Paralympics starting ecdp newsat the end of the month. In fact, we’ve written aspecial edition of the ecdp magazine, which 1. ecdp CEO to leadyou will receive in the next few weeks. expert panel review of Access to WorkWe are very excited to have been able to 2. ecdp, MITIE and JCPinterview the world’s most famous launch Essex UniteParalympian, Oscar Pistorius, also known as 3. ecdp research for ECCthe Blade Runner, who has shared his hopes and HealthWatch Essexfor the Olympics and Paralympics. on capturing your views 4. ecdp – Working withIf you do not currently receive the magazine Skills for Care toand would like to, please contact us using the support you as andetails below. employer.On page 3 of the bulletin you can read about amajor review of Access to Work, which ourCEO, Mike Adams, has been asked to lead. local newsThis month, we have launched an employment 5. Off-road buggy day forprogramme called Essex Unite. In partnership disabled people andwith MITIE and Jobcentre plus, we are going to Essexsupport disabled people to find work 6. Celebrate theplacements in organisations relevant to their Paralympics withgoals and aspirations and couple this with Together! 2012ongoing peer guidance to give people the skills 7. Caring with Confidence:and support they need to help them get back A Free Course forinto work. You can read more about Essex CarersAugust 2012: Monthly Update 39 Page 1 of 17
  2. 2. Monthly Bulletin 39 – August 2012Unite and how to get involved on page 5.Best wishes, national newsFaye SavageLived Experience Officer 8. Government responds to ‘Hidden in Plain Sight’, the Equality and Human Rights Commission Report on Disability Related Harassment 9. Skills for Care Accolades 10. Blue Badge News:  Private Bill on Blue Badges  Personal We welcome member contributions to the Independence bulletin, our website and the ecdp Payment magazine. If you would like to write 11. Access to Elected something, or comment on any of the Office for disabled articles in this edition of the bulletin, please people get in touch with us using the details below. 12. The future of the Independent Living If you have missed a previous email Fund (ILF) bulletin, they are all available on our website: ecdp monthly email bulletin. Telephone: 01245 392 300 Email: Post: Ivan Peck House, 1 Russell Way, Chelmsford, Essex CM1 3AAAugust 2012: Monthly Update 39 Page 2 of 17
  3. 3. ecdp newsecdp CEO to lead expert panel reviewof Access to Workecdp’s CEO, Mike Adams, is to lead an expert advisory panel toadvise the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) on how toimprove Access to Work, an employment support programme fordisabled people.The panel will look at how to make the programme more efficientand at the best way to take forward Liz Sayce’s previousrecommendations on Access to Work, published in the report Gettingin, staying in, getting on.Mike Adams said: This is the most radical review of Access to Work in the programme’s history and it’s great to see that the Government has a real commitment to building on Liz Sayce’s work and delivering disability employment support fit for the 21st century.ecdp has previously worked with disabled people in Essex andbeyond to understand their lived experience of Access to Work. Thisprevious work enabled ecdp and our members to contribute their voicefully to the Sayce review, the recommendations of which will be builtupon through this work.Following Liz Sayce’s review, the Government has invested an extra£15 million in Access to Work to help another 8,000 disabled people inemployment. The panel will look at how this investment can be spentmost effectively.ecdp’s previous work demonstrated that in many cases Access toWork provides the type of personalised support vital to disabled peoplein employment. This review is a significant opportunity to updateAccess to Work and continuing improving on the current supportavailable.August 2012: Monthly Update 39 Page 3 of 17
  4. 4. ecdp newsThe announcement of the expert panel review was part of a widerannouncement made by Maria Miller MP, Minister for Disabled Peoplein July. This announcement revealed plans to enable young disabledjobseekers on work experience to access extra support throughAccess to Work scheme,Until now, the scheme has only been available to those in paid work,but the Government has announced today that it will now be extendedto those doing work experience placements as well. This will meanmore young disabled people can take full advantage of the 100,000work experience places being offered by the Government each year tohelp them get the skills they need to find work.Minister for Disabled People, Maria Miller, said: We know work experience can make all the difference for young people out there looking for work and it is just the same for a young disabled person. For the first time we are giving young disabled jobseekers the support they need to gain vital experience that will help them forge successful careers for themselves in the jobs they want.August 2012: Monthly Update 39 Page 4 of 17
  5. 5. ecdp newsecdp, MITIE and JCP launchEssex Uniteecdp is excited to be launching Essex Unite, a bespoke work experience and training programme, designed to support disabled people back in to work.The programme will be run in partnership with Jobcentre Plus and theprivate sector group MITIE and will offer unemployed disabled peoplethe opportunity to participate in meaningful work placements (andtraining) to give them the drive, experience and confidence needed toget into paid employment.The success of Essex Unite will depend on developing newpartnership opportunities with organisations which share our ambitionsto nurture talent and provide an equal chance for all.Paschal Kane, ecdp’s Director of Insight spoke about Essex Unite onBBC Essex’s Dave Monk show on Friday. You can listen to bothhalves of the interview using the embedded audioboos on the ecdpwebsite or you can listen to the full interview on iPlayer, starting justover an hour into the show: BBC Essex on iPlayer - Friday 20 July2012.August 2012: Monthly Update 39 Page 5 of 17
  6. 6. ecdp newsecdp research for ECC andHealthWatch Essex on capturingyour viewsSince March, ecdp has been working with our members and otherdisabled and older people from across Essex and with a variety oflived experience, to understand how views of health and social carecan be effectively captured.ecdp was asked to do this work by Essex County Council, to bothinform the way HealthWatch works in Essex and to ensure that yourviews and experiences are reflected in the way decisions about healthand social care in Essex are taken more generally.In total we engaged directly with 121 people for this work and indirectlyengaged with over 470 people and 21 organisations. We alsodistributed almost 1,000 separate pieces of promotional material toother stakeholders across the county.The final report of this research was presented to HealthWatch Essexin July 2012. A summary of the report, the full report, and a copy of thepresentation slides are all available below.These documents have also been shared with everyone who wasdirectly involved in this work.Thanks to everyone who took part. We will keep you updated on howthis work progresses within HealthWatch Essex over the comingmonths.August 2012: Monthly Update 39 Page 6 of 17
  7. 7. ecdp newsecdp – Working with Skills for Care tosupport you as an employerecdp is delighted to be working with Skills for Care to supportdisabled people in Essex and beyond who employ their ownstaff to access Skills for Care’s useful and time-savingresources.Skills for Care wants to ensure the people who work for disabled andolder people in providing care – often paid for by Direct Payments orPersonal Budgets – have the right skills and qualifications to do so.We know Direct Payments can be a very beneficial way of arrangingyour social care. But we also understand that it can sometimes taketime to get the right information to feel fully in control. This iswhy ecdp is working with Skills for Care to ensure their usefulinformation is made as available as possible to you. There are lots ofways you can get involved in this work.We have already hosted two focus groups and will be holding onemore, which all our members are invited to attend. The meeting willtake place at 1pm on Tuesday 4 September. The meeting will be about‘Building Your Qualification Card Kit’.We can pay for people’s travel to and from the focus group as well as£15 for your time. If you’re interested in attending this focus group orfor more information, please contact Faye Savage or 01245 214023.August 2012: Monthly Update 39 Page 7 of 17
  8. 8. local newsOff-road buggy day for disabled peoplein EssexA day of outdoor events including off-road buggying, quad biking,archery and clay pigeon shooting, is being held at Action Park inWickford on Wednesday 22 August.The off road buggying will run by Action Park and thecharity Sportability will be running the quad biking, archery andshooting.There will two buggies available on the day including a twin-seater Rage Motorsport Buggy (as seen on Top Gear) being driven byan expert driver allowing the passenger to experience the thrill of offroad buggying in a buggy that does 0-60mph in 3.5 seconds andcapable of 120mph. There will also be a buggy fully adapted withstandard push/pull hand controls for disabled drivers.The day is about promoting the various sports available to disabledpeople and giving them the opportunity to experience these in a safe,supportive environment with the aim that they will be keen to pursuethese long term.The day will run between 10.30 and 15.30 and will be free for anyoneattending.For any further enquires and to book in for the off road buggyingplease e-mail Action Park: further information and to book in for disabled quad biking, archeryand shooting please e-mail Sport Ability: 2012: Monthly Update 39 Page 8 of 17
  9. 9. local newsCelebrate the Paralympics withTogether! 2012Throughout the Paralympics, the UK Disabled People’sCouncil (UKDPC) a Disability Arts and Human Rightsfestival that will be based at London Pleasure Gardens,a new artist-led venue opposite the Excel centre (one ofthe main Games venues).The festival, Together! 2012, will be free and aims toprovide a space for disabled people, families and friends to cometogether to watch the Games broadcasts, to be entertained, and todiscuss, debate and raise awareness of our lives and culture and theissues that matter to disabled people.A brief programme is available on our website and more information isavailable on the Together! 2012 festival website Mental Way Blog - 3 North Essex Partnership Foundation Trust (NEPFT) are working with Laura, a mental health service user, to share her lived experience through ‘the mental way’ blog. ecdp has already shared the first two editions on our website, and we are pleased to share Laura’s third post, which is available on the NEPFT website.August 2012: Monthly Update 39 Page 9 of 17
  10. 10. local newsCaring with Confidence: A Free Coursefor CarersMany carers do not see themselves as carers straight away: we aremums and dads, husbands, wives, partners, brothers, sisters, friendsand neighbours.However by taking on a caring role, means that in addition to yourevery day roles, you are also a carer and information can help you findout what you need to know. This course, being run by SEPT, iscompletely free to carers aged 18 years and over.Whether you are new to caring, or whether you have been caring for anumber of years, Caring with Confidence has something to offer toevery carer. It covers topics such as finding your way around services,looking at the day-to-day essentials of looking after someone, how tocommunicate effectively with other people and how to look after yourown health and well-being.It is aimed at helping carers build on their knowledge and strengths,share useful information and identify the positive changes they canmake in their own situations. It is also an opportunity for carers to havetime away from caring, meet with others in similar situations, and gainthe confidence, information, and skills to help in the caring role andimprove the life of the person they are looking after.Each of the 6 sessions are being repeated in different venues in thesouth of the county.For information on all sessions and the booking form, please see thisform: Caring with Confidence information and booking form or contactStephen at SEPT: stephen.rabbitts@sept.nhs.ukAugust 2012: Monthly Update 39 Page 10 of 17
  11. 11. national newsGovernment responds to Hidden inPlain Sight, the Equality and HumanRights Commission Report on DisabilityRelated HarassmentThe document ‘Government Response to Hidden in Plain Sight,the Equality and Human Rights Commission Report on DisabilityRelated Harassment’ responds to the recommendations made bythe Equality and Human Rights Commission’s report intodisability-related harassment ‘Hidden in Plain Sight’.It builds on the work set out in the ‘Challenge it, Report it, Stop it– the Governments plan to tackle hate crime’, and set outs thebreadth of work being undertaken across government to tackledisability-related harassment and hate crime.The cross government response to Hidden in Plain Sight wascompiled by the Home Office and the Ministry for Justice who areresponsible for issues that relate to the criminal justice system andhate crime; and the Office for Disability Issues who workcollaboratively across government to make sure that the requirementsof disabled people are reflected in their work.The Home Office and Ministry for Justice collated responses to thoserecommendations relevant to the Criminal Justice System; and theOffice for Disability Issues collated the response from other relevantdepartments: the Department for Education, the Department of Health;Department for Communities and Local Government, and theDepartment for Transport.The EHRC have posted the following statement regarding theGovernment’s response: The Equality and Human Rights Commission welcomes the response from the Government to our Hidden in Plain Sight Report. We are pleased that the Government has agreed with the majority of our recommendations.August 2012: Monthly Update 39 Page 11 of 17
  12. 12. national news We are currently reviewing its detailed response, alongside the responses of nearly 50 other national organisations and bodies. We will be reporting on them in our Manifesto for Change report which will come out this autumn.Mike Smith, Commissioner for the Equality and Human RightsCommission said: We have spent a lot of time during the past year working to get others to take ownership for addressing the difficult issues and challenges raised in our Inquiry. What is most important is that we have already started the process of change.As well as the reports available via the links above, ecdp membersmay be interested in previous articles about disability hate crime fromour website: ecdp’s Disability Hate Crime Report EHRC’s Hidden in Plain Sight Report ecdp’s Disability Hate Crime Bulletin ecdp’s article on disability hate cirme and underreporting ecdp Audioboo: Thoughts on the EHRC’s 7 core recommendations Could you be an ecdp Trustee? Could you help set the strategic direction at ecdp – a leading Disabled People’s User Led Organisation (DPULO) – which serves, and represents, the interests of disabled people in Essex and beyond? We are a charity and company limited by guarantee and are looking for people to join our existing Board of Trustees/Directors. To find out more, please contact the Companies and Charity Secretary, Margaret Watchorn ( ) orAugust 2012: Monthly Update 39 telephone 07546 597044. Page 12 of 17
  13. 13. national newsSkills for Care AccoladesSkills for Care award Accolades to individuals or organisations whohave improved the lives of people who use social care servicesthrough workforce development and a commitment to innovation.Since the first Accolades ceremony was held in 2003, the popularity ofthe competition has grown to become one of the most prestigious andenjoyable events of the social care calendar.Nominations for this years Accolades are now open and will close onThursday 6 September 2012.The awards ceremony will take place on Thursday 14 March 2013 atPark Plaza Victoria, London.The categories are:1. Best employer of under 250 staff2. Best employer of over 250 staff3. Best individual employer who employs their own staff4. Best provider of learning and development5. Best employer support for social care Apprenticeships6. Best employer support for newly qualified social workers7. Best recruitment initiatives8. Most effective new approach to service deliveryFor more information or to make a nomination, see the Skills for Carewebsite: Accolades 2012/13.August 2012: Monthly Update 39 Page 13 of 17
  14. 14. national newsBlue badge newsPrivate Bill on Blue BadgesSimon Kirby, Member of Parliament for Brighton Kemptownand Peacehaven, has announced he will introduce a PrivateMembers’ Bill to amend the Blue Badge legislation.Simon’s ‘Disabled Persons’ Parking Badges Bill’, has beenpresented in the chamber of the House of Commons and hasalready attracted cross party support, with the list of supportersincluding Labour MP David Blunkett and Lib Dem MP Stephen Lloyd.The aim of the Bill is to protect people who genuinely need a bluebadge by clamping down on the misuse of badges by those individualsabusing the current scheme. The National Fraud Authority estimates itto be costing local authorities up to £46 million per annum. The Billwould introduce a number of measures to tackle this problem.Simon said: I know that many disabled people are frustrated when they cannot park because someone is misusing a badge. The changes contained within the Bill will improve the credibility of the scheme and result in the greater availability of parking spaces, protecting the scheme for genuine badge holders who have the most need. I look forward to presenting this bill, which will benefit many genuine blue badge holders up and down the country.Personal Independence Payment and eligibility for a Blue BadgeThe Government has published a consultation relating to PersonalIndependence Payment and eligibility for a Blue Badge. The relevantdocuments can be found on the Department for Transport website. Aneasy read version of the consultation is also available. Theconsultation closes on Tuesday 2 October.August 2012: Monthly Update 39 Page 14 of 17
  15. 15. national newsOne of Coalition Government’s welfare reforms will involve replacingDisability Living Allowance with Personal Independence Payment andwill affect eligibility for a disabled person’s parking permit or BlueBadge. They are therefore consulting on the options for dealing withthe impact of the changes.Currently about a third of all Blue Badges are issued to people whoreceive the higher rate of the mobility component of Disability LivingAllowance.August 2012: Monthly Update 39 Page 15 of 17
  16. 16. national newsAccess to Elected Office for disabledpeopleThe Government launched the Access to Elected OfficeStrategy on 9 July to provide additional support for disabledpeople seeking elected office. The Strategy has beendesigned to level the playing field for potential disabledcandidates and tackle the currently low levels of disabledpeople in political life.As part of this Strategy, the Government has: Set up a new fund to help disabled people who plan to stand for elections with the extra disability-related costs. For more details visit the Access to Elected Office website for more details. Provided new training and development opportunities for people who are interested in a political career, including launching an introductory online training course and paid internships on the Speaker’s Parliamentary Placement scheme. For more information on the training, please visit Access to Elected Office - training. For more details on the Parliamentary Placement Scheme, which is open for applications until 30 July 2012, visit the Social Mobility Foundation website. Produced new online guidance on reasonable adjustments to help political parties meet their legal obligations under the Equality Act 2010. To access the guidance, visit the Home Office website.Visit the Home Office website for more information about the Strategy,or see the leaflet on the ecdp website. You can also contact the teamat 2012: Monthly Update 39 Page 16 of 17
  17. 17. national newsThe Future of the Independent LivingFund (ILF)The Government is currently conducting a consultation, seekingviews on the impact that closing the Independent Living Fund (ILF)in 2015 would have on users, local authorities and the wider careand support systems across the UK.The Government would like your views on how closure could bemanaged in a way which would minimise disruption to the care andsupport needs of existing ILF users.The Department of Work and Pensions is keen to hear from ILF users,their carers, families, local authorities and other interested parties inthe wider care and support system.You can respond in a number of ways, including online, via the DWPwebsite.The ILF was effectively closed in 2010, when it stopped taking newapplicants. Following this, ecdp worked with members to understandthe impact the changes to ILF (and DLA) might have on disabledpeople. You can read the results of this survey on the ecdp website:ecdp DLA/ILF survey.August 2012: Monthly Update 39 Page 17 of 17