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PMA@CES 2014 Session: The Power of Collaboration


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Collaborative tools and cloud services have become much more common. However, collaboration in photo services plays only a minor role in driving photo-merchandising revenue. This session will provide critical data that reveal that the social aspect of photo merchandising is the key to success.

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PMA@CES 2014 Session: The Power of Collaboration

  1. 1. PMA@CES(2014 Retail'Strategy' The(Power(of(Collabora7on
  2. 2. PMA@CES(2014 Who'is'ECCE'TERRAM'?
  3. 3. Innova9on PMA@CES(2014
  4. 4. PMA@CES(2014 The'State'of'the'Industry
  5. 5. In'the'Beginning PMA@CES(2014 “We were starting out to make photography an everyday affair, to make the camera as convenient as the pencil.” - George Eastman
  6. 6. A Time of Revolution PMA@CES(2014
  7. 7. The Revolution in Imaging PMA@CES(2014
  8. 8. The Revolution in Devices PMA@CES(2014 Source. NBC News
  9. 9. The Revolution in Channels Online Desktop Quick Ordering Creativity Focus Group (“Preserve my (“Tell a Story”) memories”) PMA@CES(2014 Mobile Social Kiosk Convenience (Quick and easy for gifts and greetings) Convenience (Quick and easy for gifts or archiving) Convenience (during Shopping) Time spent by Consumer 5-15min 2-3 hours (over weeks) 2-3min 2-3min 10 min Order Volume Medium High Growing Growing Medium Order Revenue Medium High Growing Growing Low Customer Loyalty Low High Medium Low to High High
  10. 10. The'Revolu9on'in'Sharing PMA@CES(2014 Facebook: 219 Billion photos Flickr: 6 Billion photos Instagram: 1 Billion Photos Library of Congress: 13.4 Million photos
  11. 11. The Revolution is Social PMA@CES(2014 Source: The Conversation Prism (
  12. 12. PMA@CES(2014 What'can'Retailers'do?
  13. 13. Social Imaging - your advantage Buy personalized Products Invite Friends Upload Projects Use Content of Social Networks Sharing and Collaborative Projects PMA@CES(2014
  14. 14. PMA@CES(2014 Sharing'is' Social'Imaging
  15. 15. PMA@CES(2014 Create a book from Facebook Album Sharing Albums with Friends & Family not on Facebook
  16. 16. PMA@CES(2014
  17. 17. PMA@CES(2014
  18. 18. PMA@CES(2014
  19. 19. PMA@CES(2014 Storytelling'is' Social'Imaging
  20. 20. PMA@CES(2014 Invite Friends Travel, Parties, Events
  21. 21. PMA@CES(2014
  22. 22. PMA@CES(2014
  23. 23. PMA@CES(2014 Photography'is' Social'Imaging
  24. 24. PMA@CES(2014 Collect Images Travel, Raising Children, etc
  25. 25. PMA@CES(2014
  26. 26. PMA@CES(2014
  27. 27. PMA@CES(2014
  28. 28. PMA@CES(2014 "How the industry responds to these opportunities will define its success or failure over the next few years“ Infotrends Road Map 2013: Photo Merchandise Trends Or what do you think ?
  29. 29. PMA@CES(2014 Thank'you'for'listening! @ecceterram, @ecceterramus, @ecceterramnz