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ReqView Floating License Server


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This presentation explains how ReqView Floating License Server enables efficient license sharing in a large team.

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ReqView Floating License Server

  1. 1. ReqView Floating License Server
  2. 2. Floating License • Enables efficient license sharing in a team • Available in the ENTERPRISE plan • Floating License Key – Number of floating clients – maximum number of application instances that can check out a floating license at the same time – Fixed license server URL – example: © Eccam 2
  3. 3. Basic Scenario Application Clients • App 1 checks out a license • App 2 checks out a license • App 3 checks out a license • App 4 tries to check out a license => App 4 uses FREE plan … • App 2 checks in a license • App 4 checks out a license … License Server Available licenses = 3 OK – available licenses = 2 OK – available licenses = 1 OK – available licenses = 0 ERR – no available licenses Available licenses = 1 OK - available licenses = 0 © Eccam 3 If a client cannot checkout a floating license it uses the FREE plan until the license checkout succeeds.
  4. 4. FREE Plan Restrictions © Eccam 4 FREE PRO / ENTERPRISE Browse Project Yes Yes Edit Project Limited Yes - Documents 1 document / project Unlimited - Document Size 150 objects / document Unlimited - Custom Attributes 1 attribute / document Unlimited Multilevel Traceability Read Only Yes Suspect Link Flag Read Only Yes Template Columns Read Only Yes Exclusive Edit Mode No Yes Import Data No Yes Export Data No Yes Traceability Reports No Yes Support No Yes Availability of plans and features might change in the future. For the current comparison of licensing plans see
  5. 5. Advanced Scenarios • Borrow License – User borrows a license for the chosen number of days – User runs the application offline during that period – User returns the license / Checkout expires • Cancel License Checkout – Administrator can cancel a license checkout • If a user leaves his computer with the application running, holding on to the floating license • If a user borrows a floating license and cannot return it when he does not need it © Eccam 5
  6. 6. ReqView License Server • Deployed as Windows or Linux Docker service (on customer premises) • Started with TLS/SSL certificate • Manages ReqView floating licenses – Import of floating license at service startup – Check-in / checkout of a license by ReqView app – Administration web page – Get license status © Eccam 6 Check Documentation
  7. 7. Administration Web Page © Eccam 7 License Info Active License Checkouts
  8. 8. Typical Deployment © Eccam 8