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Start your own creative shop or gallery - Rhonda Drakeford


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Start your own creative shop or gallery - Rhonda Drakeford
Part of Enterprise Week 2010

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Start your own creative shop or gallery - Rhonda Drakeford

  1. 1.
  2. 2. WHO ARE YOU What are you offering? Why is it different? Does anybody need/want what you offer? Where do you need to be (online, physical space)? Location? Is this the right time? (Financial climate etc) What are your skills? Who/what else do you need to make it happen?
  3. 3. GETTING STARTED Business Courses and Mentors: – Portobello Business Centre, Business Link (Help with Business Plan, Tax, Employment Law etc) Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) (Discounts for banking, phone lines, insurance etc) Rent Negotiator (Rent free period, help with shopfit) Partnership agreement (Roles etc)
  4. 4. INITIAL OUTLAY Rent Deposit / Premium Shop fit – design, furnishings, labour, decoration Packaging and stationery Website – design and build Stock PR and marketing (fees + material) Equipment (computers, printers, pdq machine etc) Utilities (phone line, electricity etc) Rates (refuse collection) Insurance
  5. 5. SELF PROMOTION Website Mailing list - customers, press Press releases Mailshots - Campaign Monitor Social networking - facebook page, twitter Events – parties, launches, press days Promotions – secret sales, discount, exclusives Packaging
  6. 6. CHRISTMAS POP-UP SHOP AT LE BON MARCHE – PARIS Darkroom is excited to announce that they will be taking up residence in Paris’s most respected department stores – Le Bon Marche for the months of November and December 2010. The unique interior at London’s most exciting new concept store will be re-created in the highly anticipated Galerie Imaginaire floor and will offer a beautifully curated range of accessories that are perfect for the winter months and as Christmas gifts. Darkroom is a new concept store on London’s Lamb’s Conduit Street that specialises in unique, one-off and hand-made accessories for men, women and the home. alongside bi-monthly art and design exhibitions. For further details and images, please contact: florence@cubecompany or MEN’S ACCESSORIES AT DARKROOM DARKROOM BOW TIES & POCKET SQUARES Darkroom has launched it’s inaugural range of own-designed men’s accessories. Beautifully hand made in London, our cotton bow ties and pocket squares come in a variety of oversize gingham and wax-printed vintage African fabrics with the emphasis placed on colour and pattern clash. Darkroom Bow Ties: £30 Darkroom Pocket Squares: £15