Running events to promote or create work - Della Tinsley


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Running events to promote or create work -
Della Tinsley, Designer-Maker & Owner at East London Design Show
Part of Enterprise Week 2010

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Running events to promote or create work - Della Tinsley

  1. 1. Running events to promote or create work Enterprise Week 2010 Della Tinsley Director
  2. 2. East London Design Show (ELDS) along with its sister company Momentous Events is a design-led organization. ELDS was conceived by glassmaker and interior designer Della Tinsley and Photographer Gideon Cleary. For the past 16 years the ELDS team have created and managed a diverse range of projects, including international travelling showcases, fashion shows, trade and retail events.   With a passion for design the team has built an enviable reputation and has significant experience designing and staging successful shows and design events
  3. 3. Our business aims to • Create distinctive and individual events. • Raise the profile of, and promote Britain as a centre of excellence in design. • Provide a direct interface between the designers, the buying public and specialist trade and media contacts. • Generate contracts, sales, commissions and opportunities for the businesses exhibiting. • Generate publicity and exposure for the businesses exhibiting. • Promote new technology and materials within the industry. Specifically focusing on ethical, sustainable and renewable materials • Build links with design education providers and institutions with access to new technology particularly those who have a strong ethos around ethical, sustainable and renewable materials
  4. 4. The team brings to each project experience and resources in  • To engage people locally, nationally and internationally  • To harness their creative energy and inspire them • To provide a memorable and positive environment with participants going home feeling that have experienced something new. • Create a stimulating challenging activity that encourages people to try new things, make new friends and have a sense of civic pride. • Engage designers and Artists within the community creating placements • Commission and Support emerging Artists, performers and designers • All aspects of designing and building exhibitions and events • Extensive database of designer makers, artists, contractors and suppliers • Extensive press and media database • Detailed knowledge of the current art, design and craft world • A sense of humour and balance
  5. 5. is a major event that profiles the best of Britain’s product, interior and fashion designers at Shoreditch Town Hall, London. The 16th East London Design Show will take place in December 2009 and is an established key design event in the area. ELDS was set up by Della and her partner Gideon Cleary in 1994 to offer the nascent hotbed of design talent in east London an opportunity to reach consumers directly. The event has since gone from strength to strength, with over 120 designers taking part last year.
  6. 6. An exhibition of over eighty of the country’s most exciting contemporary jewellery designers . The hub of London Jewellery Week (6-12 June) with a showcase at Victoria House, Bloomsbury. Open to the public and trade, Treasure celebrates innovation in jewellery design, showcasing pieces made using cutting-edge technology and unusual materials, alongside those who engage in ethical and sustainable work practices. For many, jewellery is more than the creation of individual pieces ready-to-wear and Treasure is keen to evolve the debate around the boundaries between jewellery, sculpture, art and design
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  11. 11. Our Vision • To maintain affordable, accessible, friendly shows and events for designers and visitors. • The show to find tomorrow talent today alongside superb design from established and respected designer makers • Interactive and family friendly…………. • A refreshing alternative experience to the humdrum conformity of the high street.
  12. 12. When we select designers we make sure: • The timing is right for your business • The product will appeal to the ELDS audience • ELDS is the right place to showcase your personality and the personality of your business • In the run up to the show we help exhibitors plan effectively to make the most of the show
  13. 13. Why you should create events • To generate sales • To expand into new markets • To launch a new product • To meet new and existing clients • To achieve brand awareness and positioning
  14. 14. Why you should create events • It offers you an opportunity to create your own retail environment for the duration of the show • It is a great chance to see your competitors in action • A great opportunity if you have a new product to test the market and get valuable feedback • Are the colours/size/materials right ? • Is the price right ?
  15. 15. Your USP . . Unique selling point ! • It is what makes the services and products from you special and unique • It is usually your biggest selling feature • It will make you stand out from the competition • It may persuade a customer to buy from you rather than someone else
  16. 16. Main Audiences •Design Conscious public •Partners & Sponsors •Exhibitors Clients •Press & Media •Collectors •Trade buyers
  17. 17. • Be focused on what your goals are for a show and you will have a better chance of achieving it. • Prioritise: what is the most important thing you can do? • Prepare • Plan the stand • Promote
  18. 18. Thankyou This year ELDS is supported by QuickTime™ and a decompressor are needed to see this picture.