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Planning Your Degree Show Ben & Patrick


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Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Planning Your Degree Show Ben & Patrick

  1. 1. PREPARING FOR YOUR DEGREE SHOW Patrick Swindell + Ben Freeman
  2. 2. Camberwell 1st Year Show
  3. 3. Camberwell 2nd Year Show
  4. 4. Camberwell 3rd Year Show
  5. 5. CPFNE 1
  6. 6. CPFNE 2
  7. 7. RCA CA+D 2008
  8. 8. PROjEct PlANNING FOR AN EvENt Where will it be? What is the timeframe? Where does the budget come from and how much is it? Dealing with bureaucracy - cash flow, timings etc? At what stage will you know what work people are putting in? Sponsorship?
  9. 9. MANAGING + DESIGNAtING ROlES How to designate roles How to make decisions Avoid design by committee Coordinating sponsorship Invitations, mailing lists + press Private view
  10. 10. DESIGN Themed shows + coherency Lighting Sections Signage + labelling Quality control Printed material Professionals Mapping the space Build The vicious circle
  11. 11. PRODUctION Project manager Source materials Detail Production methods Know your limits Innovative use of materials Get things made Awful things
  12. 12. MANAGING tIME EFFEctIvElY Write a timetable Double your expectations Set realistic deadlines Stick to designated roles Trust your colleagues
  13. 13. HEAltH & SAFEtY Refer to college rules Check before you build Individual and collective responsibility
  14. 14. INStAllING tHE SHOW Checklist Contingency time and money Help on the day Sudden attacks of selfishness Maintaining a good atmosphere
  15. 15. GOOD lUcK!