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Making it happen: planning for your show's success - Vicky Simmons


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Making it happen: planning for your show's success, a presentation given by Vicky Simmons, a Graphic Design graduate from Camberwell, about getting yourself organised for your show.

Part of ECCA's Preparing for your Degree Show week 2009 - a programme to help Arts London students make the most of their final degree show.

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Making it happen: planning for your show's success - Vicky Simmons

  1. 1. LOVE LOVE / HATE Exhibition, Clerkwenwell House of HATE Dentention, July 2006
  2. 2. EVERYDAY Office Space, Marylebone High Street, July 2007
  3. 3. SHOP KK OUTLET, Hoxton Square, June 2008
  4. 4. PROJECT Organise meetings to establish objectives of show MANAGEMENT Set up a calendar Online communications blog / facebook groups DEMOCRACY Allow people to have their say VOTE
  6. 6. FINANCE 2 - 3 people handling money collection & budget get someone you can trust and who is really nice CURATION 3 - 5 people highly organised - neutral team led by practicality PROMOTION 3 - 5 people with as many extra people as possible usually the most neglected needs the most work why should people come to your show? ORGANISATION 1 - 2 people chair person for meetings organised, negotiator, mediator, unbaised, level headed, need to trust them spread sheets!
  8. 8. FUNDING Start now & BUDGET Earlier you start, faster you can confirm venues, press, print deadlines
  9. 9. FUND club nights RAISERS print sales
  10. 10. SPONSORSHIP Seek sponsorship in the form of product contribution What do they get in return? Alcohol sponsors
  11. 11. PROPOSAL - Brief explanation - Timing - Contributors - Press - What you need from them
  12. 12. VENUE Budget defines venue Venue defines show Start looking as soon as possible - biggest cost Film Companies
  13. 13. VENUE What’s included Venues sometimes have their own mailing lists Transport links
  14. 14. GUESTLIST research creative businesses that are based close to your show get whole year to contribute names for invite list
  15. 15. CURATION Obtain building plans and Submissions form work out amount of space you media, dimensions, have to play with sketches, photos
  16. 16. IDENTITY Treat your degree show as a brand Impliment identity throughout all media executions
  17. 17. WEBSITE E - INVITE
  18. 18. PROMOTION
  19. 19. PROMOTION make it easy for visitors to collect exhibitors details info graphics / business cards catalogue
  20. 20. BLOGS One of the most useful tools for promoting a project.
  21. 21. PRINTED Time Out The Guardian Guide PRESS Arts London Newspaper LISTINGS & BLOGS
  22. 22. DOCUMENT Collate your work into a document to use for job & EVALUATE interviews and future projects.
  23. 23. THANK YOU