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Building your portfolio as a photographer - Duncan Caratacus Clark


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Freelance fine art photographer Duncan Caratacus Clark talks about how to build your portfolio and ensure that it gets seen.

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Building your portfolio as a photographer - Duncan Caratacus Clark

  1. 1. Who are your clients / different portfolios / knowing your market Portfolio Categoization Commissioned Non-Commissioned Personal Arts Projects / Exhibitions Market Segmentation Fashion Advertising Editorial Documentary Fine Art
  2. 2. Number of Portfolio Options Quotes from Bill Cowger I'm a commercial photographer and I have 5 portfolios... one food, one architecture, one portraits, one products and one all of the above. I have 3 sets, one for me and one for each of my agents. I use Kodak photo books of about 20 pages (40 sides) at around $35 each... photo quality is excellent. Brijesh Patel "I have one, divided into 4 sections : portrait/interior/documentary/personal works. I use blurb to create them...and update them every couple of weeks. The cost and ease make it a great tool." Chris Wray I'm a Wedding, Portrait, and Commercial photographer and so have 3 portfolio books, one for each segment of my business. "I have one, divided into 4 sections : portrait/interior/documentary/personal works. I use blurb to create them...and update them every couple of weeks. The cost and ease make it a great tool." Nick Dunmur 2 - strictly commissioned only, then non commissioned eg project - edge lands, personal, dissemble books, portfolio - Cathy Robert, London delta design studio. £750 for two, slip case, embossed, books in same style gun metal linen, one purple , one red. General - Advertising & Commercial, rather do personal work. need to generate income so path of lease resistance, so time & flexibility to do so.
  3. 3. Simon Leach One main portfolio, a second as a backup, currently undergoing a strategic re-evaluation. Cheaper to print for only one. Leather book with acetate sleeves to enable inter- changeabilitly. Portfolio sections: Very strong works at front, with campaign and tear sheets / Commission at back. Sections Covered: Fashion - Presented as separate images or stories Still-life. Wishes to become know for a specific style, with he is currently working on, the style will evolve over a career, Advice: Keep testing and shooting. (Testing means: Personal work.) Another body of work currently with no portfolio is his Landscapes material = "Personal Work" – He calls it his "Head space work", will be added to his website, but not portfolio. Shot for himselfand not a commissioning tool. Keep portfolio concentrated and not diluted by too general a mixture. Keep focused. Transition to a different place. Talk the person through yes & no, ask them
  4. 4. Using social media or networks/ flickr, behance, etc
  5. 5. Email & Web Skills Presentation Preparation Managing Agreements & Spreadsheet Development Contracts Word Processing Administration Purchasing Products or Services Contacts & Purchasing Getting Right Services & Preferred Suppliers Business Planning Managing Complaints & refunds islation Awareness of external working environment Time Management Business Operations Practitioner Skillset Project Management Developing Yourself Networking & Partnership development Personal Development Keeping up with sector Specific Knowledge Seeking Help & Advice Self Appraisal & Evaluation Overs Sub-Contracting & Out-sourcing Plan year Making & Negotiating Deals Organize Sa Insurance, T g what a client wants Pension Customer Services ing & Retaining Sta! Cash Flo Marketing Plan for Product, Expenses Ma Financial Management vering a good service Service or Business Budget Mana ating, Agreeing & Brand / identity Development ing Budgets & Briefs Marketing & Communications Financial Ta nding to Complaints Positive Image presentation through E!ective Communication Keep Financ valuating Customer Presentation methods Invoice Prep Chase Payments Developing an Advertising Plan
  6. 6. Event Title: Building your portfolio as a photographer Introduction In an ever competitive industry, a professional photography portfolio is essential to impress and get the work you need. Find out how to build your portfolio and ensure that it gets seen, tailoring your work for different clients and what a good portfolio can lead to. Language of Photography A metaphor or two: Fishing - " Your portfolio is the bate. Are you Crocadile Dundee," Marine Biology -"What sort of fish are you?" (Marine biology is the scientific study of living organisms in the ocean or other marine or brackish bodies of water." - Wikipedia) "A Portfolio is a manifestation of one's awareness and perhaps the stage of one's career. An outward expression of one's passion, comprehension, intelligence, expectation, and past and present talent." The Importance of "Working On your Business, not in it!" "Dare to be you" In this age of ego and fashion it is easy to be intimidated into being a sheep. Through exploring oneself one can find a new
  7. 7. way of approaching life with a greater contentment - Get a therapist! 1. Sales and Marketing Process Overview The importance of Market Research and building trust. The buyer is God - What does the client want, help them get it. 1. 1. Who are your clients 1. 2. Knowing your market & Databasing - Storage of Knowledge. See Notes 2. Web Design & Portfolios See Notes ROI - Return on investment Different Website types 3. The portfolio and presentation meeting The Portfolio Artworks verses Images, 2D v 3D Portfolio De-construction Chronology of images. Choice of Print Size, Number of Prints Production process type, C-type, R-Type, Digital Print Cost of Production 3.1 Number of Portfolios / Different portfolios
  8. 8. Style of Portfolio - Box, Book, Metal, Wood, Archival The Meeting Purpose of Presentation - Are you selling or researching? Method of Presentation and Delivery to the client. When to present a portfolio How long to Present for. Who is the Decision makers in the purchasing organisation What is the sale for - Amass as much detail before the meeting. Managing Expectations Mirroring Body Language - Formal / In formal Dress Code for the meeting Negotiating a potential sale and a further meeting What environment to chose to show the portfolio in. Should you talk the client through the appraisal or keep silent. Legal issues - Copyright, Leaving Portfolios with Client / Collector, Delivery Notes Portfolio Example: 3. 2. Simon Leach, 3. 3. A/B Nick Dunmur 3.4 The Italian Cultural institute - Photographic Archive - Conservation 3.5 Negative Archiving - maintaining High Standards Portfolio reviews / expert opinions Rubbard AOP Other Leading photographers
  9. 9. 4. Using social media or networks/ flickr, behance, etc See Notes 5. Career Professional Development What can you do for free How to get experience Testing throughout your career