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B.8 diff between paired means


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B.8 diff between paired means

  1. 1. Hypothesis Tests for Difference Between Paired Means
  2. 2. Conditions • Simple random Sample • The samples are not independent (based on paired data) • The sampling distribution is approximately normally distributed
  3. 3. Conducting a Hypothesis test 1- state the hypothesis: Ho & Ha (mutually exclusive) d= difference between paired values from two data sets d= x1-x2 (where x1 and x2 are sample means for the two data sets) Null Hypothesis Alternative Hypothesis # of Tails μ = d μ = d 2 μ > d μ < d 1 μ < d μ > d 1 2- Analysis Plan * Test Method: use a matched pairs t-test to determine whether the difference between sample means for paired data is significantly different from the hypothesized difference between population means
  4. 4. 3. Analyze Sample Data - Using sample data, test statistic, and the P- value associated with the test statistic. * SE= s/ √n * TS: t= (x- D) where x= sample mean of differences and SE *P-value- probability of observing a sample statistic as extreme as the TS (where the TS is a t-score) 4- Interpret- compare the P-value to the significance level and reject null when the P-value is less than the Significance level