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Jeffrey Dahmer


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Published in: Education, News & Politics
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Jeffrey Dahmer

  1. 1. Jeffrey Dahmer Serial Killer and Cannibal !
  2. 2. May 21, 1960, born in West Allis, Wisconsin Mom took brother & left Dahmer with his father. Abandonment issues Zoosadist childhood Alcoholic loner in high school
  3. 3. 18 years old Victim #1: Stephen Hicks, hitchhiker Invited Hicks back to his home, where he smashed his head with a barball and then crushed the bones in Hicks’ legs with a hammer “so he couldn’t leave”
  4. 4. Dropped out of college, joined Army Dishonorably discharged after two years Lived with grandmother for six years Arrested for indecent exposure Arrested for public indecency Imprisoned for sexual molestation
  5. 5. Released from prison after 10-months Registered as a sex offender; monthly visits to probation officer PO never did a home-visit Between 1989 and 1991, claimed 15 additional victims By July 1991, one each week
  6. 6. Dahmer wanted a compliant sex slave Lure men from gay bars Drug them, rape them, kill them, dismember them, dispose of the bulk of the body, retain portions He would keep heads, genitalia, and eat portions of muscle !
  7. 7. One victim remained alive for three days after Dahmer drilled a hole in his head and poured acid into the brainpan.
  8. 8. May 27, 1991, police were called to the neighborhood when a young asian boy was seen staggering around the street, naked and bloody. “Intoxicated, naked Asian male was returned to his sober boyfriend”
  9. 9. July 22, 1991, police see Tracy Edwards staggering through the streets with handcuffs dangling from one wrist. He leads them back to Dahmer’s apartment.
  10. 10. Altar of candles and human skulls in closet; Heads and human meat in the freezer; Several hands and a penis in a stockpot
  11. 11. May 16, 1992 Convicted and sentenced to 15 consecutive life-sentences - coming to just under 1,000 years of incarceration
  12. 12. November 28, 1994 Beaten to death by Christopher Scarver with a broom handle while cleaning the bathroom. Scarver said he was the “son of God” and was acting on his “father’s orders”
  13. 13. Sexual cannibalism Aggressive cannibalism