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Hypnosis Slides

Slides for Hypnosis Unit

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Hypnosis Slides

  1. 1. HYPNOSIS m19
  2. 2. Essential Questions Can Anyone Experience Hypnosis? Can Hypnosis Enhance Recall of Forgotten Events? Can Hypnosis Force People to Act Against Their Will? Can Hypnosis Be Therapeutic? Can Hypnosis Alleviate Pain?
  3. 3. Can anyone experience hypnosis? Yes. Power in openness to suggestion. Everyone is suggestible to some degree. 20% of people can be hypnotized to the point where they do not smell a strong odor. Typically, they have rich fantasy lives.
  4. 4. Can hypnosis enhance recall of forgotten memories? No. Demonstrations of “age regression.” Over-perform. “Hypnotically refreshed” memories an non-admissible. Memory does not record everything! If you can’t remember it awake, you can’t remember it asleep.
  5. 5. Can hypnosis force people to act against their will? No. An authoritative person in a legitimate context can induce people – hypnotized or not – to perform some unlikely events. The overt behaviors of hypnotic subjects are well within normal limits.
  6. 6. Can hypnosis be therapeutic? Yes and no. Hypnosis and positive suggestions, like placebos, change people’s expectations. “Post-Hypnotic Suggestion” Hypnosis cannot treat will-power issues.
  7. 7. Can hypnosis alleviate pain? Yes Nearly 10% can become so hypnotized as to undergo surgery without anesthesia. 50% can experience post-hypnotic pain reduction. Dissociation – a split consciousness, which allows some thoughts and behaviors to occur simultaneously with others. Or selective attention.
  8. 8. Two theories on hypnosis