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Jog for the Journey Results


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Analysis of feedback from Jog for the Journey, European Children Adoption Services first annual 5k fundraiser.

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Jog for the Journey Results

  1. 1. Feedback and Results
  2. 2. Jog for the Journey SummaryEvent Details• Who: European Children Adoption Services• What: 5k walk/run fundraiser• When: October 13th, 2012, Registration at 9 am, 5k at 10 am• Where: Lake Harriet, Minneapolis, MN• Why: Unite more orphan children with Minnesota families through our adoption programs• Organized by: Elizabeth Bandy, Director of Marketing
  3. 3. Jog for the Journey Budget Money Raised $9,774.39 Expenses - $2,615.47 Net Profit $7,158.92 Return on Investment (ROI)Revenue $7,158.92 = 274% ROIExpenses $2,615.47
  4. 4. Jog for the Journey SponsorPlatinum Sponsor: Larabar• Donated $3,000• 250 Larabars
  5. 5. Jog for the Journey Food DonorsDunn Bros Freight House: coffee, hot water, bagels, cream cheeseStangl and Dahlin family: fruit (apples and bananas)
  6. 6. Jog for the Journey Giveaway Two 3 hrTwo Nickelodeon Snowtubing tixUniverse tix to Wild MountainTwo Comedy Two Heart of The BeastSportz tickets Puppet Theater tickets Plus poster and t-shirtMall Of America Two Moose Mountaincoupon book Adventure Golf tix
  7. 7. Jog for the Journey GiveawayOrdered discounted race t-shirts from Underground Printing($10 per adult shirt and $9 per youth)
  8. 8. Jog for the Journey Marketing250 Flyers printed and distributed18 Social media posts8 email blasts1 mailing
  9. 9. Jog for the Journey S oci al Medi a P osts250 235 Chart displays 220 209 208 ‘Reach’ on200 193 Facebook, whi 181 188 173 165 ch refers to 157 157 the number150 130 132 129 of new or ‘unique’ 95 99 Facebook100 users that viewed each50 post. 16 0 Status Updates Cat… 9/28 6/13 7/13 7/17 8/27 9/7 9/17 9/21 9/25 9/30 10/1 10/3 10/9 10/11 10/12 10/15 10/18 Photos
  10. 10. Jog for the Journey Survey ResultsWe sent an email to our Jog for the Journey participants on10/18 and again on 10/25. We received responses from 22of the 102 participants. Their responses are charted in thefollowing slides.
  11. 11. Jog for the Journey Survey Results How did you hear about Jog for the Journey? Other 42.90% Flyers 9.50% Word of Mouth 42.90%ECAS Social Media 9.50% ECAS Website 9.50%
  12. 12. Jog for the Journey Survey Results Overall, how would you rate Jog for the Journey?Not so great. 0% It was okay. 27.30% 72.70% Loved it!
  13. 13. Jog for the Journey Survey Results What did you like about it?Food, Friends, and FunIt was a wonderful experience! I loved the location, the delicious refreshments, and theoverall positive vibe of the event! The t-shirt design was cute, and Im glad it went tosupport such a great cause.Seeing friends and being outsideFun family event supporting an excellent causeCasual and low keySense of community, active, great to connectLiked that it was casual and that my friends were there.
  14. 14. Jog for the Journey Survey Results What did you like about it?Casual - meet up with friends - Lake Harriet locationRelaxed - not so official!I thought it was very well organized.A nice small raceGood cause, good people, nice environment.The comradery it created regarding adoption.Great cause, friendly people :-)The cause of the event, great location, coffee & granola bars, and the people!
  15. 15. Jog for the Journey Survey Results What did you like about it?I liked the matching shirts so people knew who we were and what we were doing.I liked the raffle for prizes.It was well organized and put on by a great group of people :).great location!Getting together for a great causeIt was such a treat to have bagels and coffee etc. there for us!
  16. 16. Jog for the Journey Survey Results What could we do better?More prizesYou did a wonderful jobAdd simple time tracking - fun for kids to see how they didMusic would be funNo water station(s) along the routeI think it was all very great!Get more people out there!I cant think of anything to improve this event; it was spectacular.
  17. 17. Jog for the Journey Survey Results What could we do better?I dont think you have control of the weather.Nothing.I wish I could have seen more of the people responsible for such a great organization!Mark the 5k finish line. The walking path around the lake is only 2.7 milesIt wasnt actually a 5k. It was a bit short and I wanted to run a full 5k. I had my mileagetracker so I just kept running until the full distance but it would have been nice to have itmeasured out correctly.I think it went well.SUNSHINE!
  18. 18. Jog for the Journey Survey Results What could we do better?Maybe other activities to do before or after to keep people involved and maybe evenattract some outside visitors walking by.Get it off to a quicker start. We waited for a bit before running.Maybe make the end of the race a litte more obvious. Previous races around that laketake a little bit of a different route at the end to complete an entire 5k, so it was a bitconfusing where the race actually ended. Didnt see a Finish sign or anything.publicityMore adult oriented options for prizes?Maybe other activities to do before or after to keep people involved and maybe evenattract some outside visitors walking by.
  19. 19. Jog for the Journey Survey Results Would you join us again next year?Maybe 18.20% 0% No 81.80% Yes
  20. 20. Jog for the Journey Survey Results Anything else you’d like to share so we can do better?It was wonderful and Im looking forward to this annual event!NoprI think if you continue the efforts this 5K will grow in size and support.Really fun!I think the new web site looks perfect and is a great, simple representation of whatpeople are looking for when hoping to adopt.Great job!
  21. 21. Jog for the Journey RegistrationOut of those who registered: 4% Paid & Attended 20% Paid & Did Not 76% Attend Did Not Attend or Pay
  22. 22. Jog for the Journey AttendanceOut of those who attended: 20% Adults 80% Youth
  23. 23. Jog for the Journey AttendanceOut of those who attended: 35% Male 65% Female
  24. 24. AttendanceOut of the 103 people who attended: 12% 7% 22% 59% Adult Female Adult Male Youth Female Youth Male
  25. 25. AnalysisWhat we did well:• Obtained top level sponsorship (covered all expenses)• Obtained six donated prizes• Obtained donated food• Organized well• Discounted t-shirts with good design• Sense of community• Great cause• Casual environment and great location• Friendly staff and great atmosphere
  26. 26. AnalysisWhat we will work on:• Clearly mark ‘Start’ and ‘Finish’ lines• Get more sponsors• More publicity• Announce incentives earlier• More activities before and after race• Quicker start• More prizes and themed more toward adults• Louder music• Time the race