2013 AdFest Seminar: Empowerment Marketing


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Empowerment marketing is expected to be the mainstream of marketing practices. It leverages new media and devices that empower people and their desire to be empowered and recognized. The notions of empowerment and specific tactics are explained. Related concepts such as engagement and collaboration are also being discussed to describe how they are interconnected with empowerment. A few real-life cases are introduced.

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2013 AdFest Seminar: Empowerment Marketing

  1. 1. EMPOWERINGCONSUMERS:Incorporating Consumer Influence in Marketing ANDY JOOHYUN LEE MAR 2013
  2. 2. This presentation is not about data or research. It’s the findings from observation. It’s about the observation on consumers, the market, and the changes found in consumer-marketer relationship.ANDY LEE 2
  3. 3. Many people already talked about empowerment. But this one is different in that... it goes a few steps further, it’s about marketing, and it’s also about building a business.ANDY LEE 3
  4. 4. Empowerment. What do we mean by that?ANDY LEE 4
  5. 5. em・pow・er • give official authority or legal power to • enable • promote the self-actualization or influence of It’s sharing power with people. This applies to anyone - marketer, brand, government, anyone with the power.ANDY LEE 5
  6. 6. To see what it should mean to us, let’s take a look back what we’ve been through: market, consumers, and marketing.ANDY LEE 6
  7. 7. First, we had consumers hard to identify (and we didn’t bother to search). No voice was heard.ANDY LEE 7
  8. 8. Then, we started to hear voices. We listened. And soon we began to talk to them. (It wasn’t easy.) So we gave gifts to make them talk.ANDY LEE 8
  9. 9. Soon we began to hear too many voices.We wanted to examine them ourselves.And we started to apply the findings to our work.ANDY LEE 9
  10. 10. And then we came to think,“Why not go beyond applying?”ANDY LEE 10
  11. 11. Why not make them talk about us? Why not make them talk for us? The era of empowermentANDY LEE 11
  12. 12. From media’s perspective: We have paper, radio, TV, OOH. More recently, email, website, social media, and mobile. Direction of evolution: Higher interactivity and stronger empowermentANDY LEE 12
  13. 13. Roughly, it looks like this. (Which one looks more interesting for marketing?) EMPOWERMENT SNS MOBILE WEB IPTV RADIO TV PAPER INTERACTIVITYANDY LEE 13
  14. 14. EMPOWERMENT SNS We are observing more interactive media, MOBILE more empowering media, and WEB more people who want to beIPTV empowered. RADIO TV PAPER INTERACTIVITYANDY LEE 14
  15. 15. Very much in politics.But also in everyday life.ANDY LEE 15
  16. 16. How does this translate to marketing? Empowerment for marketing?ANDY LEE 16
  17. 17. We talk about awareness perception attitude engagement turning consumers into our friends making salesANDY LEE 17
  18. 18. awareness is a start, but also an end (in many cases). perception is seen as a part of awareness. attitude is a product of perception, engagement is what enables further results, like turning consumers into our friends, or making sales.ANDY LEE 18
  19. 19. engagement EMPOWERMENT It is a passive interaction It is a marketer’s action. It gives the against the given stimulus power (or options) to people to (like contents). It does not alter the given content. This engage. Empowered people’s is not a natural action with actions are voluntary. They may inherent motives. People are change the given stimulus or alter the generally encouraged, process itself. By nature they are invited, or promoted to take this action. highly uncontrollable. Interpersonal interaction is not always necessary thus creates only limited impact. By definition it is a marketer- driven action and the process is c o n t r o l l a b l e . Empowerment creates effectiveANDY LEE engagement. 19
  20. 20. UNDERSTAND MOTIVES TO 1 LESSON LEVERAGE EMPOWERMENT. Urge to express themselves; desire to be noticed, recognized, and applauded by others.ANDY LEE 20
  21. 21. LEVELS OF EMPOWERMENT Cultivate collaboration. Empowering: Providing options to do things Provide tools & data for them to play with. Open your platform. Open a new playground. Connect people with others. Provide options to choose. Notify of “allies.”ANDY LEE 21
  22. 22. LEVELS OF EMPOWERMENT Cultivate collaboration. Empowering: Providing options to do things Provide tools & data for them to play with. Open your platform. Open a new playground. Connect people with others. Provide options to choose. Notify of “allies.” Openness: Yielding authority to peopleANDY LEE 22
  23. 23. NOTIFY OF THE ALLIESCASE #1. THE NEXT BIG THING The campaign tells Android users (especially Samsung Galaxy users) that they are not alone; they are not copycat users; and they are the ones who are leading the trend - giving confidence to Samsung/Android users.ANDY LEE 23
  24. 24. Give choices to people.Let them customize their options.Make people choose what they will have.Maximize the “Have it your way” approach. ANDY LEE 24
  25. 25. WHY “OPTIONS” WORK: UNDERLYING PSYCHOLOGY Interactions affect human perception. Think about MCs of an event, or Burger King’s “Have It Your Way.” People tend to support the choice they make (even a forced one).ANDY LEE 25
  26. 26. Provide a new playground. Open a platform. Supply initial rules. Let people do the rest.ANDY LEE 26
  27. 27. CONNECTING PEOPLE & PROVIDE PLATFORMCASE #2. PATIENTS LIKE METhis site lets you shareyour real-world healthexperiences in order tohelp yourself, otherpatients like you, andorganizations thatfocus on your conditions.ANDY LEE 27
  28. 28. CONNECT PEOPLE & INFO. 2 LESSON People already have answers to everything. It’s just a matter of connecting them: Right answer to right people at right time. connecting people with right information connecting people with right people connecting data with right dataANDY LEE 28
  29. 29. OPEN YOUR PLATFORM CASE #3. CURATORS OF SWEDEN: THE MOST DEMOCRATIC TWITTER ACCOUNTTo prove Sweden’t core values (open, authentic, caring, innovative) and actively position it as a progressive country, Swedenhanded over its official Twitter account to its citizens. No censorship. No limit.Ordinary Swedes are @Sweden one week at a time. Tweet by tweet, the image of Sweden is built: dynamic, innovative, anddeeply human. 26,000 followers from 120 countries in 6 weeks. Real interaction, thousands of conversations. Featured in allmajor media around the globe for an equivalent PR value in excess of $19,800,000.Cyber Grand Prix in Cannes 2012. ANDY LEE 29
  30. 30. OPEN UP. GIVE UP CONTROL. 3 LESSON Yield authority to people. (Open your fridge and let people cook with your food.) It sounds risky. But it’s the only way. People are not listening to our branded messages anymore. So open it up, and guide them to the right direction.ANDY LEE 30
  31. 31. “Sweden Twitter Experiment Goes Painfully Awry” Mashable, June 12, 2012 (http://mashable.com/2012/06/12/sweden-twitter)ANDY LEE 31
  32. 32. PROVIDE TOOLS / METHODS / DATA 4 LESSON TO PLAY WITH. Give tools for people to create their own benefits, utilitarian or psychological.ANDY LEE 32
  33. 33. PROVIDING TOOLSCASE #4. HELP, I’VE CUT MYSELF AND I WANT TO SAVE A LIFESeen by over 50 million,sales increased 20-fold,the number of marrow-donorregistrations has tripled.It shows how importantand effective it is tomake people’sparticipation easy,meaningful, andrelevant to theirlives.ANDY LEE 33
  35. 35. PROMOTE COLLABORATION, 5 LESSON ANYWAY POSSIBLE. Think of your campaign as a jigsaw puzzle. You provide pieces. People complete. All they need is a guideline. We allow and even encourage people to collaborate with our content.ANDY LEE 35
  36. 36. Social media is the perfect place to practice empowerment. People are already there, and they already have the connection to impose their influence. Plus, it is an open plaza where everyone has same power to connect, select, and play. Therefore, the task is to make those people work for our brand. And it’s collaboration and crowdsourcing - fostering collaboration with the brand, and with other people. The marketer’s job becomes “designing and guiding the path (of collaboration).”ANDY LEE 36
  37. 37. It is an active interaction toward the given stimulus. It usually alters the given content. Voluntary or not, people’s collective action is required. Interpersonal interaction is required and will create even further alteration of the content. It is often a marketer-driven but generally a people- driven action, and the process is generally uncontrollable. COLLABOR A TI O NANDY LEE 37
  38. 38. DESIGN THE PROCESS WHERE 6 LESSON PEOPLE WILL MOVE OTHER PEOPLE. The key objective should NOT end at making conversation. It is to move people to influence others on your behalf.ANDY LEE 38
  39. 39. In a digital world, it is the people that control your brand. And a marketer’s job is to lift those voices and put them in the spotlight. It is not just about throwing in a stimulus. It is about listening and responding. It’s to watch how your brand is evolving within people’s conversations and to lead them to your preferred direction. This is today’s way of branding. And any attempts to control or manipulate the conversations will only leave you, and your customers dissatisfied.ANDY LEE 39
  40. 40. Collaboration is most effective (but most difficult) since it is a voluntary, uncontrolled process. (Marketers cannot tell what will come out of it.) Despite the risk, collaboration is crucial to digital marketing as most of today’s marketing occurs in social sector and the practice significantly amplifies the people’s experience, increases involvement, and enhances attitude. When guided right, the process produces highly positive outputs for both consumers and the brand.ANDY LEE 40
  41. 41. Therefore, marketers only can guide the evolving process of the communication by actively participating in it. And the role of digital strategy is to manage the process. Likewise, the digital ideas should also be participated and grown by consumer collaboration. the strategy should be open-structured. It should invite and motivate people to play with it. So, it is not the well-crafted marketing messages that influence people but the well-thought-out marketing process: The scheme that plots where, how, and by whom you’d want your people to be influenced.ANDY LEE 41
  42. 42. People will control your brand. Listen, respond, and lead them. It’s not the message. It’s the process. Never manipulate. Promote collaboration. Guide them through others.ANDY LEE 42
  43. 43. EMPOWERED EMPLOYEECASE #6. SAMSUNG FACEBOOK CANADA “I’ve got many Samsung stuff. So can I have a free Galaxy S3? BTW, I drew a picture of a dragon for you.” “Sorry, that’ll make us broke. But thanks for the epic picture and I have drawn this one for you.” A few months later, a free & customized Galaxy S3 phone to the consumer. One empowered employee creating a huge viral hit.ANDY LEE 43
  44. 44. “E M PO W ER ”ANDY LEE 44
  46. 46. thank you @ecarus eccarus@gmail.com www.linkedin.com/in/ecarus