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Literacy on the Go


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This was created for a presentation at the ISLMA mini-conference on April 28, 2012. It describes the rollout of an audiobook program on iPod shuffles in an elementary school library.

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Literacy on the Go

  1. 1. Literacy on the GoAudiobooks in the LibraryErin Carr, Learning Center Director, Adler Park School (PreK-5), Libertyville, IL
  2. 2. What is it? Program to introduce audiobooks to our collection MP3s on circulating iPod shuffles Open to 4th and 5th grade students with parent permission
  3. 3. StepsSecure fundingPurchase equipmentManage contentStudent impactAnalyze and refine processPlans for future
  4. 4. Secure Funding$250 mini-grant to startBudgetFines and replacement costsSelling earbuds
  5. 5. Purchase EquipmentiPod shuffles through Apple Store ($49 each) purchased 3 to start, expanded to 20Student provides own earbuds available for purchase from me for $5Wall chargers from Amazon.comCases from The Container StoreMP3 Audiobooks from
  6. 6. Manage Content -MP3sPlatinum subscription to created separate Gmail account just for audiobooks $229.50 a year 24 credits all at once Most audiobooks are one credit Many Bluestems and Caudills available 30% off additional audiobook purchases
  7. 7. Manage Content -On Computer Ran into quota issue with my own login Tech staff created separate login Organized with free iTunes account Catalogued iPod shuffles and audiobooks separately Created list of audiobooks in catalog Destiny Quest Resource List
  8. 8. Manage Content -Equipment iPod shuffle in clear acrylic case it came with Small colored tub with iPod shuffle, cord and wall charger Barcode for iPod shuffle on lid and side covered with barcode protective label Barcode for content on other side not covered with protector easier to remove as content changes
  9. 9. Manage Content -Circulation Audiobook and iPod shuffle both checked out only counts as one item done so audiobook shows as out in catalog circulate for two weeks no renewals at the beginning $1 per day fine (only fine in library) asked students why
  10. 10. Manage Content -Circulation Students placed holds for titles of interest Worked through holds list No more holds = new content
  11. 11. Student ImpactAll 4th and 5th grade student invited during library timeGiven permission slip, no due date Also posted on websitePermission slip included replacement cost of $49Signed by parent and filed Added a note to student’s record in Destiny Quest
  12. 12. Student ImpactProvided improved access to more sophisticated titles Auditory learners Struggling readers Some teachers required reading book along with audiobook at school Able to support special education servicesIncreased circulation of less popular titlesAdded excitement and renewed interest to Caudill andBluestem lists
  13. 13. Analyze and Refine ProcessNeed better system for finesDouble check boxes when returned
  14. 14. Plans for Future More content and equipment Open to third graders halfway through school year
  15. 15. Questions?Please let me know how it goes!