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Do companies need Cyber Attack insurance, Survey Results

Do you need cyber attack insurance, we asked our community and here are the results.

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Do companies need Cyber Attack insurance, Survey Results

  1. 1. SURVEY RESULTS Should we all have Cyber Insurance
  2. 2. Questions asked • Should it be compulsory to have Cyber Attack insurance. • YES -Its become like house-theft. • NO – Nanny state, and more money for insurance companies
  3. 3. Results No 62% Yes 38%
  4. 4. Over 40,000 ships per year transit through the Gulf of Aden en route to the Persian Gulf, the Indian Ocean and other areas. Since 2007, Somali Pirates have preyed on these ships and taken several hundred captive, collecting hundreds of millions of dollars in ransom while injuring or killing hundreds of sailors. Companies would never send those ships out to sea without insurance and protection. Pirates on the High Seas V Cyber Pirates
  5. 5. Excluding the threat of physical harm, many parallels can be drawn between anti-piracy and cyber-security. Companies are alone, without the protection of law enforcement in a hostile environment where data thieves are constantly probing for weaknesses and continually adapt to new security measures.
  6. 6. A survey by Chubb Group of Insurance Companies found that 65% of public companies don’t have cyber insurance – even though they identify cyber risk as their number one concern, and are expecting an attack in the next year. Are you prepared?
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