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How to join a Twitter Chat from Exclusive Networks Group

How to join a Twitter Chat, and a bit about our upcoming Q&A sessions around Cyber Security and APT's from our CARM offering.

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How to join a Twitter Chat from Exclusive Networks Group

  1. 1. The Exclusive Networks Group How to Join a Twitter Chat
  2. 2. Read the right slides for you! • Are you familiar with twitter? – Got to slide 8! • Are you new to twitter? – Go to next slide!
  3. 3. Join Twitter. To participate in a Twitter chat, you have to be on Twitter. • Go to and sign up. It’s free and all you need is a user name and password. Then Follow us @carmsecurity If you are not on Twitter yet
  4. 4. • Twitter messages or “tweets” are 140-characters long in total. • Click on the small blue box found on Twitter’s left-hand column Learn to tweet
  5. 5. W Write your tweet in this box, then press the blue Tweet button
  6. 6. Learn how to @reply and RT An @reply is a message you send to a specific person that everyone else on Twitter can see too. It’s like talking to one person in a crowded room so other people can eavesdrop on your conversation. RT stands for retweet, if you see a message you want to share, simply press the RT Button So type a tweet to say hello , add @carmsecurity and it will appear in our feed, and be seen by anyone that follows us.
  7. 7. Send a DM. (Direct Message) A direct message or DM is a private tweet that only the person you’re sending to can see. You can only DM someone who’s following you and can only receive DMs from people you follow.
  8. 8. Understand what a chat is. Chats are conversations on Twitter on a specific , planned topic that happen at a selected time and day or date. Twitter chats are a bit like people congregating at the same time to talk about a subject, on Twitter. Chats are based on the same 140- character tweets you use for other Twitter communications, including a specific #
  9. 9. We will be using a # for our Twitter Chats, a # allows us all to follow a specific subject , do a search for #carmsecurity #
  10. 10. A hashtag chat is a way of organising a conversation so that anyone on Twitter can follow, join, and contribute. It centres around a single hashtag Simply add to your Tweets and questions on each day. 17th June with Richard we will use #APTQ&A so to join in please add this to your tweets on that day. 27TH June with Tony we will use #carmchat How to use the # in a tweet
  11. 11. I am joining @carmsecurtity for the #APTQ&A Twitter chat on June 17th at 11am save the date! And remember to join us! Now Tweet This to get started……
  12. 12. Thankyou @carmsecurity