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Think like a cybercriminal or sleep with the fishes

In Barrie Desmond's latest blog post on Exclusive Networks, he explores the similarities between the characters in the Godfather to today's Cyber Criminals.

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Think like a cybercriminal or sleep with the fishes

  2. 2. I recently watched the movie The Godfather for the first time in years, and it struck me how these very traditional criminals acted so much like the cybercriminals of today. Based on Mario Puzo’s novel, it tells the story of a Mafia family, long before computers and artificial intelligence were even properly envisaged…..
  3. 3. Fans of the film will remember the Luca Brasi character (the one who ends up ‘sleeping with the fishes’), and the manner of his death. Assuming that this kind of thing actually happened in 1940s gangland New York, and that the Hollywood screenplay is reasonably authentic, what’s remarkable about it is just how closely the behaviour mirrors today’s cybercriminal strategies…
  4. 4. To read the full Blog by Barrie Desmond Chief Operating Officer Exclusive Networks Group Click Here