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DevOps is about people, beyond automation


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Session delivered at Microsoft Ignite 2018 ( .
This session focuses on the human aspects of a DevOps implementation, and how the background and motivations of the people involved affects the technical decisions taken by the team. Learn how things such as ego, cognitive bias, and prejudice directly affect a DevOps team, and how some blockers to a DevOps strategy are not technological but human.

Published in: Technology
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DevOps is about people, beyond automation

  1. 1.
  2. 2. favorite OS favorite tool
  3. 3. Take the responsibility of improve
  4. 4. Ego “This is for end-users” “Your approach/tool is wrong” “When you have hundreds of servers….”
  5. 5. Comfort zone/status quo
  6. 6. Leadership Listen to all the involved parties; we can always have an unexpected gain It doesn't matter how much you believe to know about technology or business
  7. 7. Cognitive bias
  8. 8. So, how do we deal with technology?
  9. 9. • • • • • •
  10. 10. • • • • • • • • • •
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