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Google+ and Klout 101

  1. 1. Google+ Is it worth all the fuss? Google + and Social Media “Extras” Erin Caples, M.A.
  2. 2. What is Google+O The essence of Google+ is about connections, data and people.O Google is gathering more data about us so they can give us our personalized web.O It is the new way Google looks at the web: Google looks at your identity and acts on that.“…Twitter is about perspectives, Facebook is about people, Google+ is about passions…” Guy Kawasaki, author Enchantment
  3. 3. What is Google+O Google+ is a social networking and identity service, owned and operated by Google Inc. It was launched in June 2011.O As of September 2012, it has a total of 400 million registered users of whom 100 million are active on a monthly basis.O Google+ integrates social services such as Google Profiles, and introduces new services identified as Circles and Hangouts.O Google+ is available as a website and on mobile devices.
  4. 4. Home
  5. 5. Profile TAGLINE
  6. 6. ProfileO Your avatar: Show your face, use a tight shot.O Utilize the “tagline” – this is your elevator pitchO The “Intro” section is a longer version of your pitchO Link your Google+ profile to other social media platformsO Be sure to include any pages you are a contributor to, i.e. blogs, social media, websites; as well as any sites of interest.
  7. 7. Circles
  8. 8. CirclesO Circles organize and filter who you interact with.O You can “circle” someone without their permission (different than “friending”)O Use your circles to categorize your audience and tailor your messageO Circles are flexible O People can belong to more than one of your circles i.e. friends, family, work O People in your circles cannot see the name of the cirlcle O You can remove people from circles at any time
  9. 9. Plus One and HashtagsO Like Twitter, you can use “#” hashtags to track/categorize posts and search.O You can mention a follower by using the “+” symbol before their name (much like the “@” on Facebook).O The “+1” is similar to a “like” on Facebook.O Share a comment/post by clicking the “” button next to the “+1”. Be sure to maximize your viewing by adding your own content to the share.
  10. 10. CommentingO Google+ allows for “drive by comments” (+1) or long form commenting.O Long form comments allow for in depth conversations – the quality, breadth and depth of comments, compared to other platforms, is much higher on Google +O Tips on commenting: O Create value O Stay on topic O Show come class (limit arguments) O Reply to poster with a “+1”mention O Reply to a commenter with a “+” mention
  11. 11. Searching for and creating contentO Use your profile publicly to focus on your expertise.O Use your circles to share your hobbies and interests.O You will attract more followers by having more than one layer to your profile. O Where to look for content ideas: O Alltop O Holy Kaw! O TED O Inc. O Social Media Examiner
  12. 12. Elements of Google+ StyleO Be briefO Provide a link to the content sourceO Use active voiceO Include a photo or videoO Organize with bulleted or numbered listsO Stylize your textO Add a hashtagO Post regularlyO Give credit to othersO Share 10a to 10p (Pacific time)
  13. 13. Want more followers? Achieve trustworthiness.O Show the share, comment, and add to the conversationO Make the community better aka. try to help someone everydayO Don’t attack peopleO Stay positive, stay upliftingO Trust others firstO Disclose your interestsO Gain knowledge and competence – discuss what you really know.O SHOW UP.
  14. 14. HangoutsO G+ Hangouts are a form of live video conference, now with the option to record and share. O Go to your home stream and click “start a hangout” O G+ checks to see if your camera and mic are working, then you can invite your circles to attend. O A post will appear in the streams of people who are invited O *keep in mind, even if you start the hangout, anyone can go. You can block people from hangouts. O GREAT MEANS OF SHARING HOW-TO’S, MENTORING OPPORTUNITIES, ONLINE WEBINARS O Arguably the biggest selling point of Google+
  15. 15. Pages
  16. 16. Google+ PagesO Allows businesses to create pages and develop relationships with prospects and customers on multiple levelsO When creating a page, you can choose from the following options: O Local Business or Place O Product or Brand O Company, Institution or Organization O Arts, Entertainment or Sports O Other
  17. 17. PagesO After selecting your classification fill in your basic information: O Page name (company name) O Your business’ website URL O Your category O The classification of your content O Your tagline O Company information O Recommended Links
  18. 18. Facts about Google+O Pages can’t add people to circles until the page is added first, or mentionedO Pages can be made for a variety of different entities, whereas profiles can only be made for peopleO The default privacy setting on a business page is public.O Google+ Pages automatically unfollow you if you unfollow them
  19. 19. Facts about Google+O Pages have a +1 buttonO Pages can’t +1 other pages, nor can they +1 any content on the webO Pages don’t receive notifications via email, text or in the Google Bar.O Pages don’t have the option to share to extended circlesO Google+ Pages can’t mention you unless you are connected.
  20. 20. Setting up your business pageO Set up your account in 5 easy steps: O Set up a Gmail O Set up your Profile Page O Customize your public PAGE profile O Promote your page O Optimize further with SEO
  21. 21. Benefits to Google and SearchO Improve Google’s intelligenceO Improve search resultsO Social Searching
  22. 22. Best PracticesO Share LOTS of photosO Add recommended linksO Promote Google+ on your website or blogO Share and share alikeO Mention others when you commentO Analyze traffic and leadsO Message segmentation (circles)
  23. 23. O Create your own Google Search Story!O UNIQUE, FREE way to promote your businessO Link to a sample: Link make your own:
  24. 24. Resources:O Google + for the rest of us! Guy KawasakiO Google+ for Business HubspotO Generate Leads with Google+ HubspotO Google+ Help SectionO SEOmoz – http://www.seomoz.orgO Hubspot –
  25. 25. Klout Overview
  26. 26. Klout, have you got it?O Network influence is a measurement of how effective you are at catching the attention of your audience and importantly, the attention of other users with high Klout guide- Influencers.
  27. 27. How the Klout Score is CalculatedO AVERAGE KLOUT SCORE: 40O Klouts vision is to enable everyone to discover and be recognized for how they influence the world.O Klout measures your influence based on your ability to drive action on social networks.O The Klout Score is a single number that represents the aggregation of multiple pieces of data about your social media activity.
  28. 28. Klout MeasurementsO Facebook Comments, Likes, Shares, FriendsO Twitter Retweets, Mentions, Lists, FollowersO Google+ +1’s, Comments, ResharesO LinkedIn Title, Comments, Endorsements, RecommendationsO Foursquare TipsO +K +K given by other Klout users
  29. 29. Being Active is Different than Being InfluentialO Retweets, Likes, comments and other interactions on the social Web are all signals of influence. However, just looking at the count of these actions does not tell the whole story of a persons influence.O Its important to look at how much content a person creates compared to the amount of engagement they generate.
  30. 30. Influence is the Ability to Drive ActionO Its great to have lots of connections, but what really matters is how people engage with the content you create.O Its better to have a small and engaged audience than a large network that doesnt act respond to your content.
  31. 31. Klout Dashboard
  32. 32. Questions/Comments
  33. 33. THANK YOU! For more information: 978-758-0093