Fakebook: Eric Canfield T101 Media Project


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T101 Media Project
Eric Canfield

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  • Fakebook: Eric Canfield T101 Media Project

    1. 1. fakebook Eric CanfieldT101 Media Life
    2. 2. In these slides I will show some of my Facebookpictures, and show how I’ve altered them to betterportray myself inMEDIA
    3. 3. Before After Many of our pictures on Facebook do not 100% accurately portray our real life selves. We crop and alter photos to make ourselves more appealing in the media.
    4. 4. We also have pictures that make our lives appear exciting.Many of us want to believe that our lives are not boring, so we put up pictures that make it appear that we are doing exciting or exotic things.
    5. 5. Pictures that make myself appear moreAPPEALING
    6. 6. The Profile PictureMy profile picture was taken in New Mexico in 2008, which means it is almost 4 years old.It is cropped to make myself appear taller. In reality I am 5’7”.The color is enhanced to make myself appear darker.It is taken at an angle that makes me appear a lot more lean than I really am. I also look more fit. I keep this picture because of the amount of people that have complimented me on it, even my friends that see me all the time.
    7. 7. The MusicianThese pictures show me sitting on my bed playing guitar. Obviously, these are the pictures thatmy female friends love the most.They’re both cropped to make myself more prominent in the picture.The color is enhanced to make myself darker. I’m wearing clothes I don’t normally wear becausethey make me look like a more “cool” musician.The left picture is a screenshot from a video. The right picture is staged, and I’m not evenplaying.
    8. 8. Pictures that make myself appear moreEXCITING
    9. 9. The “Movie Star” This is a picture of myself andHollywood actor Josh Duhamel during filming of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen back in 2008.I was a military extra that was brought in to make the military fight scenes look more realistic. Many people think that I’msomewhere in the movie, not realizing that I’m just an extra. The color is enhanced so I don’t lookso white next to him. My gun and gear are props.I also cropped out the fact that both of us were smoking.
    10. 10. The “Ladies Man”If you’re a single, straight male, the key to makingyourself appear more attractive in the media is tosurround yourself with as many beautiful women aspossible, and take pictures! (even if you aren’tsleeping with them)
    11. 11. The “Hero”I only say “hero” because these pictures looklike something out of a Michael Bay film. Ohwait…
    12. 12. It’s fascinating how different we can portray ourselves in media. Until I took this class, I never realized how much I try to make myself look more attractive and exciting on Facebook. I guess I should try to be more normal. Define normal.