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eCairn List of Tribes


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List of Tribes Mapped by eCairn and available to eCairn's standard license subscribers.

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eCairn List of Tribes

  1. 1. List of Social Tribes As of 02/24/12 www.ecairn.comeCairn Inc. 2012 – All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Business Food & DrinkAccounting Allergy Free FoodAgriculture Baking – DessertArchitecture BeerAviation Beverages – All (Except wine)Career Chocolate and CandyFirefighting/EMS CocktailFranchiseHotels CoffeeHuman Resource Food – BBQLaw – Employment Food – CheeseLaw – General Food – ChefLeadership/Management Food – OverallParty/Event Planning Food – Vegetarian/VeganProject Management Gluten FreeRestaurants Paleo/PrimalSmall Business TeaVC/Entrepreneur WineConsumer TechApple GreenGaming Eco – Beauty/FashionGeeks Eco – BuildingMicrosoft Eco – ITPersonal Technology Eco – Lifestyle & LivingWireless Eco – Mom Eco – System & Policy Eco – Non ProfitEntertainment Eco – ScienceCelebrities Organic LivingComics Sustainability (Overall)MMOMovie Gen YMovie Industry Gen Y – BeautyMusic Gen Y – BooksRole Playing Game Gen Y – Domestically CreativeTelevision Gen Y – Fashion Gen Y – FoodFamily & Home Gen Y – Interior Design Gen Y – MusicAdoption Gen Y – OverallBaby Gen Y – ReligionCat Gen Y – Single/DatingDaddies Gen Y – TravelDivorce Gen Y – WorkingDogFrugal HealthcareGardening AddictionGenealogy Adult ADD/ADHDInterior Design Alternative Medicine Boomer and Senior HealthcareInvesting Cancer – AllOrganic Lifestyle Cancer – BreastParenting Kids Cancer – LeukemiaParenting Overall Child Mental HealthPersonal Finance Childrens’ DisorderPregnancy Chronic Kidney DiseaseReal Estate Cosmetic Surgery Dental HealthToys DiabetesTwins Disability (Overall)Wedding Doctors Down Syndrome Healthcare ITeCairn Inc. 2012 – All rights reserved.
  3. 3. Healthcare System VirtualizationHeart Disease Web 2.0Hospital Wireless/MobileInfertilityLife ScienceMed Tech & Research HobbiesMental Health Adventure Travel/SportMS and RA AnimeNeuroscience Audio/StereophileNurse BeadingNutrition Bird WatchingPharmaceuticals/Drugs BooksPostpartum ChessRelationship/SexSurgeon Childrens Books Craft FirearmsHigh Tech FishingAgile GuitarAjax Java and XML SW Dev HorsesBPM HuntingBusiness Intelligence KnittingCIO & IT strategist MotorbikeCloud Computing OutdoorsCMS/KM Painting, Sketching, DrawingCRM/Call center PhotographyData PokereCommerce Pottery and CeramicsEmerging Technology QuiltingEnt. Resource Planning (ERP) RV (Recreational Vehicle)Enterprise 2.0 Scrapbooking and StampingGame Development SewingGaming TravelGeo technologies WoodworkingInformation Architecture Writing – SkillsInnovation Yoga and MeditationIT Ops/Outsourcing/BPO Young Adult BooksLinuxMachine Learning/ NLPMobile App Development LifestyleMobile Comp (laptop, tablet) AutomotiveNetworking Beauty – NailsOpen Source Beauty/CosmeticsPerl SW Dev DatingPersonal Electronics DietQA / Testing DIY FashionRich Internet Application Emo/Goth FashionSales Performance Mgt Fashion – BagSecurity Fashion – OverallSharepoint FitnessStorage HealthSustainable/Green IT JewelrySW development (Flash/Flex) Lolita FashionSW development (Microsoft) LuxurySW Development – Python Men – Fashion and SkincareSW development – Ruby on Rails MinimalistSW Dev General PerfumeSystem Admin Plus Size FashionTelecom ShoeUnified Communication Teen FashionUX/UE Vintage FashionVAR/OEM/ResellereCairn Inc. 2012 – All rights reserved.
  4. 4. Marketing LGBT LibrarianB2B Tech Marketing MilitaryBlogging Military SpouseBusiness Event Planning NonprofiteCommerce PoliticsEmailing Politics – DemocraticInternet Marketing Politics – RepublicanMaking Money Online Politics – Third PartyMarket Research Religion – ChurchSales Management SeniorsSEO/SEM SurvivalismSocial Media Marketing SustainabilityWeb Analytics Sustainable Transportation VeteransMomsMommy – AllMommy – Coupons/Reviews Sport BaseballMommy – Craft BasketballMommy – Deco (Home) BikingMommy – Eco-Conscious BMXMommy – Fashion ClimbingMommy – Fitness DanceMommy – Food FootballMommy – Frugal Football (Soccer)Mommy – Homeschooling GolfMommy – Photography GymnasticsMommy – Sewing/Quilting Hiking & TrekkingMommy – Single Moms Hockey Martial Arts – AllSociety MotorbikesAfrican American RunningBaby Boomers Sailing & BoatEconomics ScubaEducation SkateboardingEnergy SkiingFeminism TennisFrugal TriathlonGeneration X Water Sports on BoardsHistory (General)LatinoeCairn Inc. 2012 – All rights reserved.
  5. 5. BusinessAccounting: 276 sources included. 2. Dan McCarthy 3. Chris NeaseScope: Blogs that talk about accounting; 3. Inc. 4. Kara Allenincludes best practices and tips. 4. 5. One Charming Party 5. Paul Segreto1. TaxProf Blog2. Rick Telberg Project Management: 146 sources3. Kay Bell Hotels: 247 sources included. Scope: included. Scope: Blogs that talk about project Blogs from hotels as well as blogs that management from planning, organizing,4. Roth & Company, P.C. talk about hotels in general. securing and managing resources.5. TaxProf Blog 1. Guido vanden Elshout 1. Elizabeth HarrinAgriculture: 377 sources included. 2. Gadling 2. Glen B. AllemanScope: Blogs from farming/agriculture 3. HotelChatter 3. Josh Nankivelinfluencers. 4. UpTake 4. Reforming Project Management — The 5. Guillaume Thevenot magazine for the project age1. Heather Hill 5. Lindsay Scott2. WifeOfADairyman3. Verde Farm Human Resource: 226 sources4. RFOA & Friends included. Scope: Blogs that talk about Restaurants: 472 sources included. human resource management; includes Scope: Blogs that cover restaurant5. Ott, A best practices, shared experiences and managers, restaurant chain blogs, industry more. experts, bartenders, waiters, and hospitality.Architecture: 320 sources included.Scope: Blogs about architecture, urban 1. Fistful of Talent 1. The Only-Slightly-Cranky Waitressarchitecture. 2. The HR Capitalist 2. BW 3. TLNT 3. Restaurant Manager1. Studio-X NYC 4. John Sumser 4. Serious Eats2. John Hill 5. 5. Fuck My Table3. Archinect - Connecting Architects Since19974. inhabitat Law - Employment: 434 sources Small Business: 462 sources included. included. Scope: Legal blogs that talks Scope: Blogs that talk about the creation and5. ArchDaily about employment, both from an operation of small business activities. employer and employee standpoint. Includes best practices and sharedAviation: 372 sources included. Scope: experiences.Blogs about Aviation in general. 1. Iowa Law Blog 2. Physician Law Twp 1. American Express1. AOPA: Aircraft Owners and Pilots 3. Wage & Hour 2. Inc. MagazineAssociation 4. Employee Benefits Legal Blog 3. Steve Strauss2. Flight Level 390 5. California Employment Law 4. Entrepreneur3. Cockpit Conversation 5. Seth Godin4. Blogging at FL2505. Rob Mark Law - General: 835 sources included. Scope: Blogs that talk about VC/Entrepreneur: 267 sources included. law in general. Scope: Blogs that talk about the VC, startupCareer: 377 sources included. Scope: and enterpreneur world. Includes bestBlogs that talk about career management for 1. WSJ Law Blog practices and shared experiences.professionals. Includes best practices, shared 2. Iowa Law Blogexperiences and tips. 3. White Collar Defense and Compliance 1. TechCrunch 4. Kevin OKeefe 2. A VC1. Chris Perry 5. Maine Injury 3. GigaOM2. CAREEREALISM 4. VentureBeat3. JacPoindexter 5. Brad Feld4. Jason Alba Leadership/Management: 271 sources included. Scope: Blogs that talk5. Career Digital about leadership and management; includes shared experiences, bestFirefighting/EMS: 101 sources included. practices and tips.Scope: Blog written about and by firefightersand EMS on firefighting and rescue service 1. Dan McCarthy 2. Three Star Leadership Blog1. Ambulance Driver 3. Tom Peters2. Chris Kaiser 4. Seth Godin3. Rescuing Providence 5. Bob Sutton4. EMS 12-Lead5. Mark Glencorse Party/Event Planning: 86 sources included. Scope: Blogs written by andFranchise: 121 sources included. Scope: about party and event planningBlogs from franchises and experts in thefranchise business. 1. Jennifer Sbranti 2. SWEET DESIGNS – AMY ATLAS1. Joel Libava EVENTSeCairn Inc. 2012 – All rights reserved.
  6. 6. Consumer TechApple: 230 sources included. Scope: Blogs 1. Gizmodo 1. Engadgetthat talk about Apple business, rumors, 2. Kotaku 2. TechCrunchproducts and products running on the Apple 3. Dean Putney 3. BGR: The Three Biggest Letters In Techplatforms (iPad/Mac). 4. The Next Web 4. Gizmodo 5. Engadget 5. GigaOM1. The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)2. MacRumors3. 9to5mac Microsoft: 86 sources included. Wireless: 734 sources included. Scope: Scope: Blogs that talk about Microsoft Blogs that talk about trends, companies and4. TechCrunch products: Software, hardware, product/services in the wireless/mobile5. AppleInsider peripherals, licenses and etc. industry - not telecom and mostly cellphone/smartphone.Gaming: 574 sources included. Scope: 1. Ars TechnicaBlogs on gaming, both consoles and games. 2. virtualization 1. Engadget 3. Virtual PC Guy 2. BGR: The Three Biggest Letters In Tech1. Syp 4. IEBlog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs 3. This Is My Next2. Kotaku 5. Scott Hanselman 4. GigaOM3. Joystiq 5. MacRumors.com4. Eurogamer.net5. Kill Ten Rats Personal Technology: 629 sources included. Scope: Blogs that preview, review, speculate on and giveGeeks: 115 sources included. Scope: usage tips about personal electronicsBlogs from geeks, includes reviews of geek and gadgets.products.EntertainmentCelebrities: 391 sources included. Scope: 4. Tobolds Blog including bands, song reviews and more.Blogs about celebrities, gossip, news and 5. The Old Republic 1. Pitchforkbrands they use. 2. Stereogum1. Rib Eye Movie: 937 sources included. Scope: 3. Elbows Blogs that talk about the movie industry, 4. BrooklynVegan2. HuffPost Celebrity including studios, reviews, actors and 5. Aquarium drunkard3. E! Online more.4. JustJared5. Dlisted 1. The LAMB Role Playing Game: 293 sources 2. Indiewire included. Scope: Blogs about role playing.Comics: 1049 sources included. Scope: 3. Farran Nehme 1. GrognardiaBlogs that talk about comics in general. 4. Dennis Cozzalio 2. Jeffs Gameblog 5. Stacia1. Comic Book Resources 3. James Raggi2. ComicsAlliance 4. The Underdark Gazette3. Lewistrondheim Movie Industry: 492 sources 5. Beyond the Black Gate included. Scope: Blogs speaking about4. Robot6 the movie industry. Television: 118 sources included. Scope:5. Comic Blog Elite - The Toplist for ComicBlogs 1. Indiewire Blogs from influencers that talk about all 2. Farran Nehme things television, soaps, shows and more.MMO: 505 sources included. Scope: Blogs 3. Observations on film art 1. James Hibberdthat center around massive multiplayer online 4. Scanners 2. TVLine.comgaming. 5. GreenCine Daily 3. Serial Drama1. Massively 4. We Love Soaps TV2. Kill Ten Rats Music: 5248 sources included. Scope: 5. Daytime Confidential Blogs that talk about the music industry,3. LongasceCairn Inc. 2012 – All rights reserved.
  7. 7. Family & HomeAdoption: 341 sources included. Scope: Gardening: 1006 sources included. 1. Lenore SkenazyBlogs that talk about adoption. Scope: Blogs that talk about gardening; 2. Kris includes reviews, best practices and 3. Asha Dornfest1. [Birth Mother,] First Mother Forum 4. Outdoor Hour Challenges more.2. Heather Schade 5. Cool Mom Picks3. Declassified Adoptee 1. Indygardener4. Cassi-AdoptionTruth 2. Gardening Gone Wild5. Claudia C DArcy 3. Lawn Alternatives Personal Finance: 911 sources included. Scope: Blogs that focus on 4. GardenRant personal finance, best practices etc.Baby: 1043 sources included. Scope: Blogs 5. Faire Gardenthat talks about best practices for baby 1. FMFparenting, health and childcare and Genealogy: 1392 sources included. 2. Get Rich Slowlyassociated products. Scope: Blogs that talk about genealogy. 3. Flexo 1. Genea-Musings 4. Yakazie1. Paper Mama Chelsey 5. Philip Taylor PT 2. ACoffin2. Harpers Happenings 3. DearMYRTLE3. Jess Craig4. Casey Wiegand 4. FootnoteMaven Pregnancy: 285 sources included. Scope: 5. Carnival of Genealogy Blogs about women sharing their experience5. Dear Baby before during and after pregnancy.Cat: 721 sources included. Scope: Blogs Interior Design: 2083 sources 1. Bettina Forbes included. Scope: Blogs that talk about 2. Kristen Otalking about cats including tips and home decoration, style; covers 3. Navelgazing Midwife Blogexperiences. everything in the home; includes review, 4. Dou-la-la1. Cat Blogosphere advice and best practices. 5. Bellies and Babies2. Daisy the Curly Cat 1. Apartment Therapy3. Zoolatry4. Perfectly Parker 2. Grace Bonney Real Estate: 499 sources included. 3. Holly Becker Scope: Blogs that talks about the real estate5. DERBY and DUCKY 4. Joni Webb market in general or locally. 5. HouzzDaddies: 621 sources included. Scope: 1. HousingWireblogs from daddies. 2. Jonathan Miller Investing: 597 sources included. 3. Curbed National1. DadCentric Scope: Blogs that provide advices, tips 4. BloodhoundBlog.com2. LatinaMomBloggers on investing. 5. Dr. Housing Bubble Blog3. Doug French 1. The Big Picture4. Jim Lin5. Man of the House 2. ZeroHedge Toys: 183 sources included. Scope: Blogs 3. Mishs Global Economic Trend that talk about the toy market. Includes 4. Analysis reviews and more.Divorce: 100 sources included. Scope: 5. Abnormal Returnsblogs about divorce, resources, expertise and 1. Toyriffic 6. Naked capitalismfamily law regarding divorce 2. Super Duper Toy Box 3. Toyhaven1. Spartanburg Divorce Lawyer Organic Lifestyle: 225 sources 4. eclectorama2. Daniel Clement included. Scope: Blogs that talk about 5. The Toy Museum3. Mobile Alabama organic living. Includes tips, shared4. Chip Mues experiences and more.5. Pennsylvania Family Law Twins: 101 sources included. Scope: Blogs 1. written about raising twins, parenting twins 2. EWG Home and the nature of having twins in a familyDog: 985 sources included. Scope: Blogs 3. The Smart Mamatalking about dogs, tips, practices and more. 1. Multiples and More 4. Green and Clean Mom 2. Twosetsoftwins.com1. Khyras Khorner - Khome On By! 5. Enviroblog 3. Cheryl Lage2. SugarGoldenRDog 4. Mandy Emedi3. Dexters Doings Parenting Kids: 510 sources 5. Moms of Multiples Tell it Like it Is4. The Chronicle of Woos included. Scope: Blogs that talk about5. Mitch and angel Maggie parenting kids (5-12ish). Includes tips, Wedding: 759 sources included. Scope: best practices and reviews. Blogs that talk about the wedding industry,Frugal: 542 sources included. Scope: 1. The Crafty Crow including brands, reviews and tips.Bloggers who share their experience and 2. Marie LeBaronthoughts on living a frugal life. 1. Style Me Pretty 3. Allison McDonald 2. 100 Layer Cake1. FrugalHacks 4. Childhood 101 3. OnceWed2. Get Rich Slowly 5. Pink and Green Mama 4. Jen Campbell3. FMF 5. Ruffled®4. Wise Bread Parenting Overall: 265 sources5. Crystal Paine included. Scope: blogs written by parents and experts on parenting.eCairn Inc. 2012 – All rights reserved.
  8. 8. Food & DrinkAllergy Free Food: 193 sources 1. Camper English 4. SAVEURincluded. Scope: Bloggers who share food 2. The Cocktail Chronicles 5. 101 Cookbooksintolerance recipes or tips to help with food 3. Jeffmorgenallergies. 4. SLOSHED! Food – Vegetarian/Vegan: 764 5. Kaiser Penguin sources included. Scope: Blogs that talk1. Amy Green (SS&GF) about being a vegetarian or vegan, includes2. Elanas pantry3. Shirley Braden Coffee: 234 sources included. Scope: reviews and shares experiences. Blogs from coffee passionistas and4. Cybele Pascal 1. Isa Chandra coffee shop owners with reviews, tasting5. Carol Kicinski 2. SusanV and everything around coffee. 3. Vegan DadBaking - Dessert: 1320 sources 1. 4. Kittee Bernsincluded. Scope: Blogs about baking, 2. Sweet marias coffee 5. Hannah Kaminskydesserts, sweets, and candy. 3. Intelligentsia 4. CounterCultureCoffee Gluten Free: 284 sources included.1. Smittenkitchen 5. Dear Coffee, I.L.Y. Scope: Blogs who talk about living a gluten2. David Lebovitz free lifestyle. This includes recipes and tips.3. Ree Drummond4. Joy the Baker Food - BBQ: 109 sources included. 1. Karina Allrich Scope: Blogs about barbeque specialist;5. KingArthurFlour 2. Shirley Braden includes best practices, reviews and 3. Amy Green (SS&GF) more.Beer: 815 sources included. Scope: Blogs 4. Elanas pantryabout the beer industry, including reviews, 1. Larry Gaian 5. Shauna James Ahernbrands. 2. WhiteTrashBBQ 3. NibbleMeThis Paleo/Primal: 198 sources included.1. Brookston 4. Curt McAdams Scope: Blogs about the Paleo and Primal2. Appellation Beer: Beer From a Good Home 5. Danielle Dimovski diet, recipes, lifestyle, etc3. Pete Brown4. Beerpulse 1. Karina Allrich5. A Good Beer Blog Food - Cheese: 100 sources 2. Shirley Braden included. Scope: Blogs from cheese 3. Amy Green (SS&GF) passionistas; includes reviews andBeverages – All (Except Wine): 761 experience sharing. 4. Elanas pantrysources included. Scope: Blogs that talk in 5. Shauna James Aherngeneral about beverages, including products, 1. Culture Cheesebrands - everything except wine. 2. Jeanne Carpenter Tea: 270 sources included. Scope: Blogs 3. Kirstin Jackson from tea passionistas and tea shop owners1. Camper English 4. Tenaya Darlington with reviews, tasting and everything around2. Appellation Beer: Beer From a Good Home 5. CheeseandChampagne tea.3. The Cocktail Chronicles4. Jeffmorgen 1. Tea Masters5. Lew Bryson Food - Chef: 38 sources included. 2. The Half-Dipper Scope: Blogs from chefs sharing their 3. MattChas Blog view on everything around food.Chocolate and Candy: 304 sources 4. Brett Boyntonincluded. Scope: Blogs from people who are 1. Chefswidow 5. Cinnabarpassionate about chocolate and candies, 2. David Lebovitzincludes reviews and best practices. 3. Battman Wine: 1496 sources included. Scope: Blogs 4. Jean-Georges Vongerichten from wine passionistas about the industry,1. Smittenkitchen 5. The Bastard Chef including brands, reviews and best practices.2. Nicole Weston3. Joy the Baker 1. Alder Yarrow4. Jenny F. Food - Overall: 9776 sources 2. StopHR1161 included. Scope: Big list of food5. CakeSpy 3. Dr Vino passionistas sharing their experience, 4. goodgrape reviews and more.Cocktail: 458 sources included. Scope: 5. 1WineDudeBlogs from cocktail passionistas, bartenders 1. smittenkitchenthat talk about making, tasting cocktails and 2. David Lebovitzthe ingredients that go within. 3. epicuriouseCairn Inc. 2012 – All rights reserved.
  9. 9. Gen YGen Y – Beauty: 231 sources included. Gen Y – Food: 245 sources Gen Y – Religion: 189 sourcesScope: Beauty blogs written about or by the included. Scope: Blogs written by or included. Scope: Blogs written by and aboutGeneration Y culture who love beauty about Generation Y food connesiurs, Gen Y on the subject of churches.products, sharing favorites, tutorials and bakers, cooks and food writers also 1. Jennifer Blairreview of beauty projects and trends sharing favorite recipes. 2. A girl with a smile1. Melrose Jewelers 1. KathEats 3. Emmy2. Phyrra 2. Caitlin Boyle 4. Kayleigh Nikolai3. Makeupandbeautyblog 3. ChocolateCoverKatie 5. Als narratives4. Kelly K. 4. Elise5. Brittany 5. Nicole Antoinette Gen Y – Single Dating: 126 sources included. Scope: Blogs written by the Gen YGen Y – Books: 109 sources included. Gen Y – Interior Design: 210 community sharing their experience on datingScope: Blogs written by and about Gen Y sources included. Scope: Blogs written and being single.who talk about their passion for books. by Gen Y who share a passion for 1. Nicole Antoinette interior designer, decor and home1. Ronnica Z Rothe 2. Guys, Boys & Men remodel.2. Sheila DeChantal 3. Shane Pilgrim3. From L.A. to LA 1. La Dolce Vita 4. J4. Novelicious 2. BlogHer 5. Melanies Randomness5. Missy Wadkins 3. Jessica Constable 4. Effortless Style Gen Y – Travel: 237 sources included.Gen Y – Domestically Creative: 5. Maggie Morgan Scope: Blogs written by and about Gen Y352 sources included. Scope: Blogs written about Travel including tips, resources andabout crafting, cooking, decorating, Gen Y – Music: 129 sources adventures.gardening and overall general creativity. included. Scope: Blogs written by Gen Y 1. Nicole Antoinette who share a passion for music.1. Nicole Antoinette 2. J2. The little things we do 1. Hipstercrite 3. Rachael G. King3. Nora 2. Twenty-Something Travel 4. Jackie D4. AshleyD 3. My Quarter Life Crisis 5. Life with Laura5. Rachael G. King 4. Journalist on the Run 5. Lauren Vs. Reality Gen Y – Working: 127 sourcesGen Y – Fashion: 248 sources included. included. Scope: Blogs written by Gen Y onScope: Blogs written by and about Gen Y Gen Y – Overall: 6596 sources finding and being employed or self-employed.who are passionate about fashion. included. Scope: blogs written by Gen Y 1. Working Girl bloggers.1. Helena 2. Nicole Antoinette2. Broke & Beautiful 1. Nicole Antoinette 3. Eemusings3. MaryElizabeth Styka 2. Rachael G. King 4. Youngandthrifty4. Audrey Allure 3. Chelsea Talks Smack 5. Cordelia5. Lovely Undergrad 4. The little things we do 5. Fabulously BrokeGreenEco – Beauty/Fashion: 275 sources 3. ArchDaily 1. TreeHuggerincluded. Scope: Blogs from influencers that 4. BLDGBLOG 2. Gristtalk about eco-friendly, green, natural, 5. An urban sustainability 3. Inhabitatorganic, beauty and fashion. 4. My Plastic Free Life1. Ecouterre Eco – IT: 59 sources included. Scope: 5. Feelgood Style Blogs from influencers that talk about2. Feelgood Style3. Eco Chick clean IT/green computing. Eco – Mom: 401 sources included. Scope: Blogs from influencers that talk about4. Ecorazzi 1. Green Business News Mom blogging on the environment.5. Eco Salon 2. Data Center Knowledge 3. Earth2Tech 1. Deanna DukeEco – Building: 209 sources included. 4. BusinessGreen 2. Lynn Anne MillerScope: Blogs from influencers that talk about 5. Greentech Pastures 3. Groovy Green Livintopics on green construction, material and 4. Beth Terrydesign. Eco – Lifestyle & Living: 449 5. MindfulMomma sources included. Scope: Blogs that talk1. Inhabitat about green, organic, lifestyle, living,2. Jetson Green eating and gardening.eCairn Inc. 2012 – All rights reserved.
  10. 10. Eco – System Policy: 450 sources 3. Real Climate living organically, eating, off the grid, growingincluded. Scope: Blogs that talk about the 4. Climate Progress food, cross over with other projects.topic of green/sustainability in the context of 5. Tar Sands Action 1. TreeHuggerpolitics, economics, energy, and overall 2. EWG Homeenvironmental policies. Eco – Science: 58 sources 3. The Smart Mama included. Scope: Science blogs related 4. Green and Clean Mom1. Grist to sustainability, green, energy efficiency 5. Organic and Green Mom2. Real Climate and alternatives. Science blogs3. Climate Progress concerning the environment, ecology Sustainability: 1772 sources included.4. De Smog Blog and research.5. The Oil Drum Scope: Blogs written by industry influencers 1. RealClimate and the general public on sustainability,Eco – Non-Profit: 88 sources included. 2. ScienceBlogs ecological balance and resourcesScope: Non Profit blogs related to the 3. Global Warming 1. TreeHugger.comenvironment, sustainability, policy and 4. Deltoid 2. Gristbuilding a better green world. 5. DegBlog 3. RealClimate1. Grist 4. Green2. ThinkProgress Organic Living: 113 sources 5. Inhabitat included. Scope: All things related to 6. NYTimes DotEarthHealthcareAddiction: 367 sources included. Scope: cancer in general, either as a patient or Childrens’ Disorder: 538 sourcesBlogs that talk about addictions. as a healthcare professional. included. Scope: Blogs talking about 1. Being Cancer Network childrens disorders. This includes autism,1. Syd Rocks 2. Living with Cancer down syndrome, aspergers, etc.2. An Addict In Our Son’s Bedroom3. Journey of recovery 3. Steph H 1. My Name is Sara4. Loving an Addict 4. Kairol Rosenthal 2. Enjoying the Small Things5. Barbara007 5. The Adventures of BaldyLocks - 3. Our Unexpected Journey Cancer Blog 4. Life With My Special K’sAdult ADD/ADHD: 103 sources 5. Big Blueberry Eyesincluded. Scope: Blogs from adults that talk Cancer - Breast: 245 sourcesabout their experiences with ADD/ADHD. included. Scope: Blogs from influencers Chronic Kidney Disease: 101 talking about breast cancer, either as a sources included. Scope: Blogs about CKD1. Mungo Simon Peacock patient or as a healthcare professional. (a.k.a Chronic Kidney Disease).2. Jeffs ADD Mind3. Penny Williams 1. Being Cancer Network 1. Bill Peckham4. 18 Channels - my ADHD colored life... 2. Nancys Point 2. RenalFellowNetwork5. Doug!as Cootey 3. CCChronicles 3. Precious Bodily Fluids6. Bryan Hutchinson 4. ChemoBabe! 4. Dr Simon Prince 5. Living with Cancer 5. Dialysis Patient CareAlternative Medicine: 450 sourcesincluded. Scope: Blogs that talk about Cancer - Leukemia: 136 sources Cosmetic Surgery: 61 sourcesacupuncture, homeopathy and other type of included. Scope: Blogs from influencers included. Scope: Blogs by Cosmeticalternative medicine. talking about leukemia, either as a Surgeons and blogs about plastic surgery. patient or as a healthcare professional.1. Yogadork 1. Plastic Surgery 1012. Roseanne 1. Being Cancer Network 2. Plasticized.com3. Dianecesa 2. Little Air Bear 3. Celebrity Cosmetic Surgery4. Eco Yogini 3. STEELE STRONG! 4. Cosmetic-makeovers.com5. Grounding Thru The Sit Bones 4. Super Skyler 5. Suture for a Living6. Spoiled Yogi 5. Sweet Brin Brin Dental Health: 51 sources included.Boomer and Senior: 161 sources Child Mental Health: 228 sources Scope: Blogs from influencers talking aboutincluded. Scope: Blogs about healthcare for included. Scope: Blogs from influencers dental health.boomers and seniors. talking about child mental health, either as a parent or as a healthcare 1. Marty Jablow DMD1. Caring for Aging Parents professional. 2. John Flucke2. The Boomer Chronicles 3. DrBicuspid3. ChangingAging 1. Big Daddy Autism 4. LEmmott4. Time Goes By 2. Lynn Hudoba 5. DentalEZ Group5. Feisty Side of Fifty 3. TPG to Autism 4. Jill Diabetes: 363 sources included. Scope: 5. Shannon RosaCancer - All: 670 sources included. Blogs from influencers talking about diabetes,Scope: Blogs from influencers talking abouteCairn Inc. 2012 – All rights reserved.
  11. 11. from people with diabetes or expert in Hospital: 85 sources included. 4. Psychology Todaydiabetes. Scope: Blogs about hospital 5. Indie Neuroblogs1. Kerri / Diabetes management and admin. Blogs run by2. DiabetesMine Hospitals. And blogs about hospital Nurse: 420 sources included. Scope: Blogs3. Kelly Kunik experiences. from nurse talking about nursing and4. Leeannthill healthcare in general. 1. Health_Affairs5. Wendy 2. Not Running a Hospital 1. Kim McAllister 3. THCBstaff 2. Gina RyboltDisability - Overall: 830 sources 4. David Harlow 3. AtYourCervixincluded. Scope: Blogs from influencers 5. Kevin Pho, M.D. 4. Motherjonesrntalking about disability in general, either as a 5. J Doepatient or as a healthcare professional. Infertility: 597 sources included.1. Autism Blogs Directory Scope: Blogs from influencers that talk Nutrition: 523 sources included. Scope:2. TPG to Autism about infertility. Blogs from influencers on nutrition, mostly3. My Name is Sarah from dietitians and nutritionists. 1. Stirrupqueen4. Big Blueberry Eyes 2. Lost and Found and Connections 1. NutritionBlogNetwork5. Bethany Balsis Abound 2. 101 Cookbooks 3. Fertility Chick 3. Kittee BernsDoctors: 289 sources included. Scope: 4. Conceive This! 4. Vida Vegan Con 2011Blogs from doctors and physicians about 5. Katie 5. Karina Allrichhealthcare1. Kevin Pho, M.D. Life Science: 575 sources included. Pharmaceuticals/Drugs: 111 sources2. Jonathan Rockoff Scope: Blogs that talk about life science, included. Scope: Blogs from influencers3. Drval genomics. talking about the pharmaceutical/drug4. GruntDoc industry. 1. ScienceBlogs5. Not Running a Hospital 2. Discover Blogs - Discover Magazine 1. Pharmalot 3. Nature News&Comment 2. The Angry PharmacistDown Syndrome: 312 sources included. 4. WIRED Science 3. PharmagossipScope: Blogs that talk about down syndrome 5. blogs: blogs by NPG staff 4. Pharmacy. Jim Plagakis. Pharmacistin children and adults. 5. John Mack1. Enjoying the Small Things Med Tech & Research: 1542. Lil Sis Designs sources included. Scope: Blogs from Relationship/Sex: 252 sources3. Renee Garcia influencers talking about technology and included. Scope: Blogs about sexual health4. Reeces Rainbow research in the medical industry. and sex education.5. Big Blueberry Eyes 1. Bertalan Meskó, MD 1. Scarleteen 2. The Healthcare IT Guy 2. Figleafs Real Adult Sex - Confessions of aHealthcare IT: 127 sources included. 3. ScienceBlogs prudish libertine / grumblings of a libertineScope: Blogs from influencers talking about 4. Neuroskeptic prudeIT in the healthcare industry. 5. Singularity Hub 3. Susie Bright 4. E[lust]1. THCBstaff Mental Health: 314 sources 5. Violet blue ®2. Kaiser Health News3. Not Running a Hospital included. Scope: Blogs about mental4. The Healthcare IT Guy health and disorder from professionals Surgeon: 80 sources included. Scope:5. Kevin Pho, M.D. and patients. blogs about surgery, often from surgeon. 1. PsychCentral 1. rlbatesHealthcare System: 504 sources 2. Psychology Today 2. other things amanziincluded. Scope: Includes blogs about 3. Alto Strata 3. Michelle Auhealthcare policy, management/admin, 4. Mind Hacks 4. Buckeye Surgeonsystems, law and industry. 5. Mental Health NIMH 5. Aggravated DocSurg1. THCBstaff2. WSJ Health Blog MS&RA: 400 sources included.3. Health_Affairs Scope: Blogs talking about MS and RA.4. Physician Law: Pennsylvania… 1. Lisa Emrich5. HIPAA, HITECH & HIT 2. Access denied-living with multiple sclerosisHeart Disease: 290 sources included. 3. MSHealthCentralScope: Blogs from influencers talking about 4. Diane J Standifordheart diseases and treatments, either as a 5. Wheelchair Kamikazepatient or as a healthcare professional.1. JAMA Neuroscience: 260 sources2. BMJ included. Scope: Blogs from influencers3. Kevin Pho, M.D. talking about neuroscience – expanded.4. WSJ Health Blog 1. ScienceBlogs5. ArchInternalMedicine 2. Mind Hacks 3. NeuroskepticeCairn Inc. 2012 – All rights reserved.
  12. 12. High TechAgile: 359 sources included. Scope: Blogs knowledge management in the context 2.0, social networking and web2.0 in thetalking about agile development of the enterprise. enterprise.1. Agile Management - NOOP.NL 1. 1. Luis Suarez2. Peter Saddington 2. Luis Suarez 2. Bill Ives3. Succeeding with Agile®: Mike Cohns Blog 3. Green Chameleon 3. Ross Dawson4. Scrum Alliance 4. Jack Vinson 4. The FASTForward Blog: Enterprise 2.05. Estherderby 5. Bill Ives Blog: News, Coverage, and Commentary 5. Stowe BoydAjax Java and XML SW Dev: 125 CRM/Call Center: 120 sourcessources included. Scope: Blogs about included. Scope: Blogs about Customer Game Development: 198 sourcessoftware development mostly around Ajax, Relationship Management, including call included. Scope: Blogs about computer andJava and XML centers and customer service oriented video game development. blogs.1. DZone 1. Daniel Cook2. Steve On Java 1. Esteban Kolsky 2. Raph Koster3. Ajax, JavaScript, PHP,, jQuery - 2. Brent Leary 3. GameDev.netExpert Resources and Tutorials - Ajaxian 3. Think customers: The 1to1 Blog 4. 8bitrocket.com4. Dion Almaer 4. CRMOutsiders 5. Richard Davey5. Jim Weaver’s Rich-Client Java Blog 5. Marshall Lager Gaming: 575 sources included. Scope:BPM: 157 sources included. Scope: Blogs Data: 871 sources included. Scope: Blogs on gaming, both consoles and games.about Business Process Management and to Blogs talking about data acquisition, 1. Sypsome extent Business Process Outsourcing aggregation, management and 2. Kotaku visualization.1. Column 2 : BPM, Enterprise 2.0 and 3. Kill Ten Ratstechnology trends in business. 1. ReadWriteWeb 4. Eurogamer.net2. Gartner 2. OReilly Radar 5. Tobolds MMORPG Blog3. Adam Deane 3. Cloudera4. BPMS Watch 4. A Googler Geo Technologies: 262 sources5. EbizQ 5. Nathan Yau included. Scope: Blogs talking about geo- location technologies.Business Intelligence: 375 sources eCommerce: 134 sources included. 1. Matt Ballincluded. Scope: Blogs about Business Scope: Blogs about eCommerce, e- 2. Directions Magazine - GIS, Geospatial,Intelligence, Data mining/warehousing and retailing; covering technology and Newsdashboard. business. 3. Google Maps1. SmartData Collective 1. Linda Bustos 4. All Points Blog2. Chris Webbs BI Blog 2. Search Engine Land 5. Autodesk Inc.3. Timo Elliott 3. Practical eCommerce4. Oracle Business Intelligence OBIEE 101 4. Avinash Kaushik Information Architecture: 1495. Jim Harris 5. Econsultancy sources included. Scope: Blogs that discuss and share best practices, product reviews orCIO & IT Strategist: 144 sources Emerging Technology: 35 guidelines around the topic of information andincluded. Scope: Blogs from CIO, IT strategist sources included. Scope: Blogs about enterprise architecture.and analyst or about strategy management in future technology and trends. 1. Todd Biske: Outside the Boxthe context of IT. 1. Technology Review 2. MWDs Insights blog1. Test 2. Popular Science 3. James Governor2. EnterpriseIrregulars 3. ICON Virtual Journal 4. Mike Walker3. Dennis Howlett 4. Andrew Maynard 5. Column 2 : BPM, Enterprise 2.0 and4. ReadWriteWeb 5. Medgadget technology trends in business.5. Ent. Resource Planning Innovation: 110 sources included. Scope:Cloud Computing: 637 sources (ERP): 93 sources included. Scope: Blogs that talk about innovation (across theincluded. Scope: Blogs about Cloud Blog about Enterprise Resource board) but with a spin on technology.Computing, with some flavor of SaaS and Planning (but not CRM) 1. Seths BlogSOA too. 2. Jeffrey Phillips 1. DynamicAccounting1. GigaOM 2. R Ray Wang 3. James Todhunter2. TechCrunch 3. Frank Scavo 4. Dominic Basulto3. Amazon Web Services Blog 4. Dynamics GP Land 5. Think For A Change4. CloudAve 5. DynamicsBlogger5. Datacenter IT Ops/Outsourcing/BPO: 107 Enterprise 2.0: 204 sources sources included. Scope: Blogs fromCMS/KM: 115 sources included. Scope: included. Scope: Blogs about enterprise influencers talking about IT operations andBlogs about content management and outsourcing/off-shoring.eCairn Inc. 2012 – All rights reserved.
  13. 13. 1. Rob England Perl SW Dev: 113 sources included. 4. Sophos2. Phil Fersht Scope: Blogs about software 5. F-Secure3. Zane Rockenbaugh development with a focus on the Perl4. Deal architect language. Sharepoint: 227 sources included.5. IT Governance – Governance Scope: Blogs on Microsoft Sharepoint. 1. - blogging the onion 2. Planet Perl Man 1. Andrew ConnellLinux: 146 sources included. Scope: Blogs 3. Modern Perl Books, a Modern Perl 2. Joel Olesonaround the Linux operating system. Blog 3. Spencer Harbar1. The Linux Foundation 4. KON Yuichi 4. Microsoft SharePoint Team Blog2. LinuxInsider 5. 5. Sharepoint9113. Welcome to LWN.net4. sabdfl Personal Electronics: 600 Storage: 154 sources included. Scope:5. [Phoronix] Linux Hardware sources included. Scope: Blogs that Blogs from influencers talking about the preview, review, speculate on and give storage industry.Machine Learning/NLP: 157 sources usage tips about personal electronics 1. Scott Loweincluded. Scope: Blogs from influencers and gadgets. 2. Chris M Evanstalking about the technology of machine 1. Engadget 3. Storagezillalearning. 2. TechCrunch 4. Virtual Geek1. Machine Learning (Theory) 3. BGR: The Three Biggest Letters In 5. Cormac Hogan2. Gregory Piatetsky Tech3. natural language processing blog 4. GigaOM Sustainable Green IT: 77 sources4. LingPipe Blog 5. SlashGear included. Scope: Blogs that share5. Language Log experience, best practices and discuss the QA/Testing: 243 sources included. overall issue of making IT green andMobile App Development: 165 Scope: Blogs that talk about software sustainable.sources included. Scope: Blogs that talk testing and QA. 1. Datacenterabout mobile app development thus the 1. James Marcus Bach 2. GreenBiz.comaudience is the developers. 2. Developsense Blog 3. TreeHugger.com1. biskero 3. Tester Tested! 4. Chuck Hollis2. weblog 4. WeekendTesters 5. Hank Green3. PTM - Pasi Manninen - Web and Mobile 5. testingReflections.comDeveloper SW Development (Flash/Flex): 3974. Cocoa Is My Girlfriend Rich Internet Application: 195 sources included. Scope: Blogs that talk5. AndroidDev sources included. Scope: Blogs that about experience, best practices and product share experiences, product review, best for development on Flash/Flex platform.Mobile Comp (Laptop, Tablet): 64 practices about development on richsources included. Scope: Blogs about mobile internet application framework such as 1. Ryan Stewartcomputing (laptop and tablet) but not with a flex/flash/silverlight. 2. Adobefocus on cell phones and smartphones. 3. Mike Chambers 1. Christophe Coenraets 4. Greg Wilson1. GottaBeMobile 2. Lee Brimelow 5. Serge Jespers2. Liliputing 3. Flex & Flash Consultant – Jesse3. LAPTOP Magazine Warden4. Ars Technica 4. Ralph Hauwert SW Development (Microsoft): 1965. Electronista - Technology, Gadgets, Mobile 5. Ryan Stewart sources included. Scope: Blogs that talk about experiences, best practices andNetworking: 287 sources included. Sales Performance product for development on Microsoft software platform.Scope: Blogs about the topic of networking, Management: 51 sources included.mainly enterprise. May contain security Scope: Blogs around the topic of sales 1. MSDN Blogs - MSDN Blogsnetworking blogs too. performance management. 2. Scott Hanselman 3. Codebetter1. packetlife 1. Accord/Loma Insurance Systems 4. ScottGus Blog2. ioshints Forum at LeapComp - Sales 5. Coding Horror3. Cisco Blog Performance Management Blog4. GigaOM 2. R Ray Wang5. Sophos 3. The TEC Blog SW Development - Python: 76 sources included. Scope: Blogs that share 4. Enterprise MattersOpen Source: 185 sources included. experience, best practices, product 5. Paul McCord information about development on the PythonScope: Blogs about the open source language.ecosystem. Security: 771 sources included. Scope: Blogs that share product review, 1. jessenoller1. Ars Technica best practices and experience on the 2. Michael Foord2. Groklaw - Digging for Truth topic of security, including endpoint, 3. Ned Batchelder: Blog3. OReilly Radar network and enterprise security. 4. pycon4. Drupal - Open Source CMS 5. Python Conquers The Universe5. Tecosystems 1. briankrebs 2. Schneier on Security 3. DarkReading SW Development – Ruby on Rails: 188 sources included. Scope: BlogseCairn Inc. 2012 – All rights reserved.
  14. 14. from influencers talking about software 1. Andy Abramson 4. Datacenterdevelopment with a sharp focus on the ruby 2. FierceWireless 5. Ulisticon rails framework. 3. Dan York 4. Telepocalypse by Martin Geddes Virtualization: 421 sources included.1. PeepCode 5. Dean Bubley Scope: Blogs that talks about experiences,2. RailsCasts3. Riding Rails best practices, companies and products for4. wycats Unified Communication: 98 the Virtualization marketplace.5. Ryan Daigle sources included. Scope: Blogs that talk 1. Cormac Hogan about experiences, trends, companies 2. VMware KB - Knowledge Base Articles forSW Development Dev General: 261 and products around Unified all VMware Products Communication.sources included. Scope: Blogs that share 3. Scott Loweexperience and best practices on software 1. Dan York 4. Eric Siebertdevelopment and the technology that goes 2. Andy Abramson 5. Virtual Geekwith it. 3. Alec Saunders 4. Skype Journal Web 2.0: 116 sources included. Scope:1. Coding Horror 5. Garrett Smith Blogs about web2.0 mostly on the technology2. Joel Spolsky3. Scott Hanselman side and not so much on enterprise2.0.4. Codebetter UX/UE: 210 sources included. Scope: 1. TechCrunch5. Martin Fowler Blogs that share experiences, best 2. Pete Cashmore practices, companies and products for 3. ReadWriteWebSystem Admin: 176 sources included. design/user experience/user interface. 4. A Google a DayScope: Blogs that talk about system 1. Six Revisions 5. Search Engine Landadministration or technology but written by a 2. Webdesigner Depotsystem administrator. 3. A List Apart Wireless/Mobile: 657 sources included. 4. creativecommons Scope: Blogs that talk about trends,1. Matt Simmons 5. Liam McKay companies and product/services in the2. WMX3. nixCraft wireless/mobile industry - not telecom and4. - Classified Ads VAR/OEM/Reseller: 265 sources mostly cellphone/smartphone.5. Everything Sysadmin included. Scope: Blogs from influencers 1. Engadget in the technology VAR/EOM/Reseller 2. BGR: The Three Biggest Letters In TechTelecom: 137 sources included. Scope: segment. 3. GigaOMBlogs that talks about experiences, trends, 1. MSPmentor 4. Android Centralcompanies and products or services for the 2. Var Guy 5. MacRumors.comtelecom industry. 3. CRN Technology NewseCairn Inc. 2012 – All rights reserved.
  15. 15. HobbiesAdventure Travel/Sport: 74 sources 2. SchoolLibraryJournal 1. The Hog Blogincluded. Scope: Blogs written about wild 3. A Year of Reading 2. Michael Agnetaadventure whether it be in travel or sports 4. Pam Coughlan 3. Example 5. Jen Robinson 4. Holly Heyser1. Kenneth Koh 5. Whitetail Woods2. Adventure Journal3. Backcountrycom Craft: 266 sources included. Scope:4. Cold Splinters Blogs that talk about crafts, includes Knitting: 636 sources included. Scope: scrapbooking and DYI crafts. Blogs that talk about knitting, sewing;5. Adventure Travel - National Geographic includes reviews, best practices and more.Adventure Blog 1. Craft magazine 2. Jennifer hadfield 1. Attic24Anime: 290 sources included. Scope: 3. Marie LeBaron 2. Steph Pearl-McPheeBlogs that talk about anime, manga, and 4. Jessica Jones 3. Crochet with Raymondjapanese web comics. 5. Megan Reardon 4. Craft magazine 5. Dlys Hooks and Yarns1. THAT Anime Blog2. Yi Firearms: 848 sources included.3. Brian Scope: Blogs written by experts, Motorbike: 389 sources included. Scope: hobbyist, and sportsmen regarding gun Blogs that talk about the motorbiking industry,4. We Remember Love control, hunting, sporting events, including brands, product reviews and5. Sea Slugs! Anime Blog collection and the 2nd Amendments motorbike lifestyle. right to bear armsAudio/Stereophile: 140 sources 1. Born Loserincluded. Scope: Blogs about audio, from 1. Tamara Keel 2. Chopperdaveaudio/stereophiles, DJs, and music studio. 2. Sayuncleblog 3. Road Captain 3. Robb Allen 4. love cycles1. CDM: Create Digital Music/Motion * 4. MArooned 5. cycle zombies blog2. Designing Sound 5. Home on the Range3. Andrew Spitz4. Everyday Listening Outdoors: 280 sources included. Scope:5. John Keston Fishing: 1045 sources included. Blogs that talk about the outdoors in general, Scope: Blogs from fishing passionistas includes product reviews and best practices. sharing their fishing experiences,Beading: 201 sources included. Scope: 1. Jim Evans providing reviews and more.Blogs that talk about jewelry making with 2. Whitetail Woodsbeads and beading. 1. Outdoor Bloggers 3. Lunker Hunt 2. Moldy Chum 4. Justin M.1. Art Bead Scene Blog 3. Tom Chandler 5. Tom Chandler2. Lorelei Hill Eurto 4. Cameron Mortenson3. Treasures Found 5. MidCurrent4. Heather Powers Painting, Sketching, Drawing: 456 sources included. Scope: Blogs from5. Cindy Wimmer Guitar: 169 sources included. Scope: influencers talking about painting, sketching Blogs that talk about the guitar industry drawing.Bird Watching: 1006 sources included. or from guitar teacher. Includes reviews,Scope: Blogs that talk about birds, bird 1. DailyPainters best practices and more.watching. 2. Carol Marines Painting a Day 1. Guitarnoize 3. Katherine Tyrrell1. Mike Bergin 2. Peter Hodgson 4. Paintings in Oil2. Eddie Callaway 3. Stratoblogster Guitar Blog 5. Karin Jurick3. Robert Mortensen 4. Guitar World4. Red and the Peanut 5. Glwilson5. Bill of the Birds Photography: 1182 sources included. Scope: Blogs about photography including Horses: 508 sources included. Scope: camera brands, product reviews, andBooks: 2713 sources included. Scope: Bloggers who are passionate about lifestyle.Blogs that provide book reviews and talk horses. This includes breeding, shows,about authors. 1. Aphotoeditor and training. 2. Conscientious1. Kristi 1. A Year With Horses 3. NYT Lens2. Parajunkee 2. Grey Horse Matters 4. Andy Adams3. Jill 3. Risingrainbow 5. Dpreview4. Inspired Kathy 4. Mugwump chronicles5. Jennifer M. 5. Oh HorseFeathers & Related Twisted Poker: 378 sources included. Scope: Blogs "Tails" about the poker world.Children’s Books: 263 sourcesincluded. Scope: Blogs from influencers 1. Iggy Hunting: 436 sources included. 2. Nickleanddimesreviewing and talking about children books, Scope: Blogs from hunting passionistasauthors. 3. Simon Jones sharing their hunting experiences, 4. James Atkin1. Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast providing reviews and more.eCairn Inc. 2012 – All rights reserved.
  16. 16. 5. Waffles 5. Deliciousbaby Scrapbooking and Stamping:Pottery and Ceramics: 392 sources 610 sources included. Scope: Blogs that Woodworking: 292 sources included.included. Scope: Blogs that talk about pottery talk about scrapbooking and stamping. Scope: Blogs that talk about woodworking.and ceramic arts including best practices and 1. Beate Johns 1. The Village Carpentertutorials. 2. CPS Card Sketches 2. Marc Spagnuolo1. Michael Kline 3. Card Patterns 3. Woodworking Projects, Plans2. Ron Philbeck 4. Wizards Hangout 4. Christopher Schwarz3. Tracey Broome Pottery 5. My Blog 5. TomsWorkbench4. Musing about mud5. Whynot Pottery Sewing: 1356 sources included. Yoga and Meditation: 131 sources Scope: Blogs that talk about sewing, included. Scope: Blogs that talk about yogaQuilting: 2145 sources included. Scope: best practices, and more. and meditation.Blogs that talk about quilting. 1. Diary of a Sewing Fanatic 1. Yogadork1. Crazy mom quilts 2. Erica Bunker 2. Roseanne2. Quiltville 3. Gerties New Blog for Better Sewing 3. Dianecesa3. Sewmamasew 4. The Slapdash Sewist 4. Waylon Lewis4. Oh, Fransson! 5. Butterick Patterns 5. YOGANONYMOUS5. SewCalGal Travel: 1071 sources included. Scope: Young Adult Books: 632 sourcesRV (Recreational Vehicle): 372 Blogs that talk about travel; includes included. Scope: Blogs that talk about youngsources included. Scope: Blogs that talk reviews of countries and places, service adult/teenage books with reviews, commentsabout RV, motorhome life, and more. providers, as well as best practices and and author interviews. tips.1. Rick & Paulettes RV Travels 1. Kristi2. TRAVEL WITH THE BAYFIELD BUNCH:)) 1. BootsnAll Travel 2. Jamie B.3. Randy Warner 2. Gadling 3. Stephanie Su4. Travels with Emma 3. Gary Arndt 4. Lori5. Odel King 4. Ant Stone 5. Mundie MomsLifestyleAutomotive: 385 sources included. 5. Charlotte 3. Man RepellerScope: Blogs that talk about the automotive Dating: 161 sources included. Scope: 4. Erica Domesekindustry, brands and products. Blogs written about dating, dating 5. Erica & Lauren advice, love and finding relationships1. Autoblog.com2. Jalopnik 1. Sarah Emo/Goth Fashion: 99 sources included. Scope: Bloggers who talk about3. AllCarsElectric 2. Wombat Kissnblog Emo and/or Goth fashion in regards to4. High Gear Media 3. Pseudo Dating hairstyle, clothes, accessories, etc.5. Family Car Guide 4. MetAnotherFrog 5. Hope Dies Last - 1. Amy_GothGuideBeauty - Nails: 1705 sources included. 2. Sophistique Noir - Gothic Fashion for theScope: Blogs that talk about the beauty Diet: 785 sources included. Scope: Maturecommunity focused on nails. Includes brands, Blogs that talk about diet/weight loss 3. Juliets Lace.product reviews and best practices. with reviews, tips, shared experiences 4. The Walrus Room and best practices. 5. Le Professeur Gothique1. Taargüs Taargüs2. Deniz 1. Jack Sh*t3. Michelle 2. carla birnberg Fashion - Bag: 156 sources included. Scope: Blogs about passionistas of designer4. AllYouDesire 3. Escape from Obesity bags and handbags.5. Michèle 4. Jen, a priorfatgirl 5. spunkysuzi 1. Rumi neelyBeauty - Cosmetics: 2472 sources 2. Fashionsquad.comincluded. Scope: Blogs that talks about the DIY Fashion: 227 sources included. 3. Dylana Suarezbeauty and cosmetic industry, including Scope: Bloggers who talk about DIY 4. Natalie Suarezbrands, product reviews and best practices. fashion, trends, and creative ways to 5. The Blonde Salad by Chiara Ferragni spruce up your wardrobe using DIY1. Christine/Temptalia2. Melrose Jewelers methods. Fashion - Overall: 6364 sources included. Scope: Blogs from fashion3. Phyrra 1. IFB4. Karla Sugar 2. Aimee SongeCairn Inc. 2012 – All rights reserved.