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Webinar: The Future of Inventory 12/12


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Learning from experts about shipping and selling items, inventory and crisis communications #futureinventory

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Webinar: The Future of Inventory 12/12

  1. 1. The Future of Inventory WebinarLearning from experts about shipping and selling items,inventory and crisis communications 12/12/12
  2. 2. What You Will Learn Today • Recall Protection • Saving Crisis Costs • Reduce Online Risk#futureinventory
  3. 3. Agenda Topics 1. Logistics 2. Digital Strategy 3. Crisis Communications 4. Online Solutions#futureinventory
  4. 4. Speakers Mike Rozembajgier VP Recalls at ExpertRecall Daniel Webber VP Digital Public Affairs Edelman Digital Larry Kamer Principal at Kamer Consulting Ellie Cachette CEO at ConsumerBell#futureinventory
  5. 5. 1. LogisticsMike Rozembajgier, VP Recalls at ExpertRecallDigital strategy
  6. 6. Copyright, Stericycle #futureinventory
  7. 7. #futureinventory
  8. 8. Copyright, Stericycle #futureinventory
  9. 9. Copyright, Stericycle #futureinventory
  10. 10. Copyright, Stericycle #futureinventory
  11. 11. 2. Digital StrategyDan Webber, VP, Edelman Digital Public AffairsDigital strategy
  12. 12. It Can Always Get Worse
  13. 13. Crisis Defined The Public Wants To Know  What happened?  Why?  Who or what is to blame?  Who’s in charge?  When did you know?  What are you doing about it?  How do I know it won’t happen again?#futureinventory
  14. 14. What This Means For You  Constant incoming Recalls Will Test Your Response Capabilities • Across multiple time zones • In multiple languages • By various critics • Upticks in litigation  Overwhelmed and distracted staff  Inefficiencies in response due to business silos  Stretched and often insufficient resources  Inability to fight emotional claims with facts  Social channels become a liability#futureinventory
  15. 15. Social Media Creates New Problems#futureinventory
  16. 16. Search Engines and Social are the Battlegrounds PAID SEARCH OPTIMIZED SEARCH GOOGLE ALERTS#futureinventory
  17. 17. Breaking News Drives Online Searches Search Activity Will Be at an All-Time High During a Recall or Crisis Google Trends
  18. 18. There is a Vacuum for Content Online If You Don’t Fill It…Somebody Else Will
  19. 19. Effective Management System Recalls Will Test Your Response Capabilities Preparation is Rapid Key Response• Vulnerability • Website / social assets assessment • Train community • 24/7 - Multiple managers/spokespeople • Message discipline languages• Monitoring (online and • Don’t forget about your offline) • Create rapid response • Third-party support story protocol • Address misinformation Early Warning Coordinated System Response Test/Practice & Refine#futureinventory
  20. 20. 3. Crisis CommunicationsLarry Kamer, Principal, Kamer ConsultingDigital strategy
  21. 21. Current Environment  Consumer distrust  Media resources  Online dissemination  Crisis un-preparedness#futureinventory
  22. 22. Communications Imperatives  Empathy and expertise  Consumers don’t care what you know…until they know that you care.  Provide consumers with choices  Provide expert, independently-verifiable data  Disprove the negative  That the product is not unsafe.  Stay ahead of the physical, operational aspects of the recall#futureinventory
  23. 23. You Need To Be Able To  Speak  Multitask  Roll out a credible story on your terms - in real time  Quickly disseminate consumer-friendly materials and website information  Develop key messages and media talking points  Deploy spokesperson(s) and experts  Reassure consumers and regulators  Overcome adversaries  Effectively utilize social media, including video#futureinventory
  24. 24. What You Should Do Right Now  Crisis management/communications plan  Tune, test, refine  Metrics: ability to act by :30, :60, Day One  Communications capabilities  Trained spokesperson  Third-party experts  Endorsers: benefit of the doubt  Relationships  Vendors and suppliers  Regulators, political  Media (traditional and online)#futureinventory
  25. 25. #futureinventory
  26. 26. Grassroots Campaigns and Groups#futureinventory
  27. 27. Alternative Media#futureinventory
  28. 28. Anti-Corporate Campaigns#futureinventory
  29. 29. 4. Online SolutionsEllie Cachette, CEO, ConsumerBellDigital strategy
  30. 30. Over a million ecommerce retailers online will be affected by 3,000+ recalls a yearSafety Saves
  31. 31. What We Do • Protect ecommerce inventories • Notify / stop recall shipments • Save time and money Stop Selling Inventory Send AlertSafety Saves
  32. 32. Common Misunderstandings • Product Responsibility (retail vs. distributor) • % chance of handling a recall • $ cost of participating in a recall • Current notification technological capabilities • Monitoring as cost cuttingSafety Saves
  33. 33. Risk Preparation Map out your risk by items sold, volume, and preparedness Registration News Controlled CS Mgmt Tracking /Content Alerts Food / packaged X X Consumerables X X Assortments X X X Household items X X Automobiles X / Pharmaceutical X X X X * Registration least likely + email address capture is high ** Assortments can also include monthly box subscriptionsMaking Product Recalls, Easy
  34. 34. Online Preparedness  Do you have any system in place monitoring product and shipping safety?  How quickly can you stop selling an item online? How long to stop shipping process from order?  Email templates on file, email addresses searchable along with products bought?  How fast could you stop and send a notice?#futureinventory
  35. 35. Inventory Defined  Bestinventory management wins  New trends and products online  eCommerce future growth is strong  Safety as a competitive and financial advantage#futureinventory
  36. 36. Contact Us Mike Rozembajgier, ExpertRecall Daniel Webber, Edelman Digital Larry Kamer, Kamer Consulting Ellie Cachette, CEO, ConsumerBell Generic Questions? or find us on twitter: @expertrecall @edelmandigital @larrykamer @consumerbell#futureinventory