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RESTafarian-ism at the NLA


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Two years ago the National Library of Australia decided to go the route of SOA, particularly REST web services. Since then we have developed a stack of them for varying projects. This talk will expose a few of those services (that provide MARCXML, MODS, METS, Identity information and Copyright Status), highlight some of the technology choices and give some idea of the success of this approach. -- Terence Ingram, National Library of Australia

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RESTafarian-ism at the NLA

  1. 1. RESTafarian-ism @ the NLA
  2. 2. Why REST? •Simple •Language neutral •Not SOAP
  3. 3. How? •Technologies •Wiki •Talk, talk, talk
  4. 4. Issues
  5. 5. Debug this
  6. 6. Other issues faced •Over-engineering •Extreme MVC •Project coordination
  7. 7. Useful? •Lucene/Solr •Voyager service •Identity service •Copyright status •Digital repository •Library patron
  8. 8. audio delivery
  9. 9. audio delivery MARCXML Collection service collection/db/nla/3603882 MODS Audio website METS PROFILE Digital repository service dcmdb/mets/nla-ch-un3603882 MP3 Streaming server
  10. 10. use in moderation
  11. 11. questions