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CouchDB is sacrilege... mmm, delicious sacrilege


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CouchDB has gained buzz in the last year as an ad-hoc, schema-free, web-friendly data store. Slapstick hilarity results when a self- confessed relational database bigot experiments with CouchDB and reports on the good, the bad, and the meh. Translation into serious-ese: I will introduce CouchDB, show how one or more applications interact with it, and share any "wows" or "gotchas" that I ran into.

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CouchDB is sacrilege... mmm, delicious sacrilege

  1. 1. CouchDB is sacrilege... mmm, delicious sacrilege Dan Scott, Laurentian University code4lib 2008 February 28, 2008 (Thanks Aaron!)    
  2. 2. A wonderful, awful idea Damien Katz wanted to recreate Lotus Notes ● with a good API ● and a good data format ● under an open source license (Apache) ● without wasting effort on making it a groupware email /  ● calendaring application See ●