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Integrating your Adobe Business Catalyst website with Social Media is the #1 way to increase your website visibility without having to pay for paid search and without having to wait for organic search engine optimization to kick in. This course is for Adobe Business Catalyst partners and website owner.

Slide Deck for BC Sandpile on Jan-2013

Created by Jonathan Hinshaw, co-founder of EBWAY Creative Solutions (

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  • - All Companies are Media Companies - Becoming a “Trusted Advisor” is the critical piece to being a social media pro!
  • To find out your story, email a few of your best clients, partners, friends and ask them what your story is. You have a story, we all do. Once you find out what “IT” is you then will have a decision to make. (1) Double Down On It! (2) Change It, Reinvent Yourself
  • Facebook – Is a picture platform, that’s the game. Add your logo to your pictures. Think Mobile. Novels suck, get to the point. Twitter – #1 must have platform. Listen, then post. Curate other posts. Learn to use Hashtags, ride the waves! YouTube – Great for social + seo. Check out BCGurusYouTubeSEO tutorial, it works! BONUS: Pinterest not mentioned because it would take a whole course just to cover it. But, Pinterest was built by SEOs, so it’s an amazing seo tool and works very well with infographics, actionable graphics, etc. I highly recommend using Pinterest if you are a graphic designer or have an ability to create really amazing graphics! Instagram is also an amazing platform for retailers and those in the fashion industry.
  • Pictures are #1 most critical piece to FB success! Think about how the user scrolls through via mobile. Add you logo to any Facebook photos, this will help your brand.
  • Get used to hashtags. Ride the wave + enter the conversation! Rule #1 = Listen, then Post.
  • Go over the BCGurus YouTube Video SEO tutorial. EBWAY got one of our largest clients this year from a single youtube video on seo! It matters! Setup a YouTube Channel, you’re brand deserves it!
  • There’s a ton on info out there today and Americans are overwhelmed with content! Twitter has an effect called the “Fire hose” effect. There are so many users, so much content, it’s nearly impossible to get through. So, “CONTEXT” is critical. Pushing content into these social networks is not the goal, that’s a waste of time. The content you produce must be of high value and stand out from the crowd. Learning how to story tell is critical.
  • Install Disqus, setup AddTHis and setup Buffer to auto post to the less important social networks. Do not auto post to every social network! For example, if you don’t use Facebook much, set up your RSS feeds to go to Facebook so you don’t have to worry about it. Then, create high quality content for the social networks you actually frequent. TIP: Each social network needs it own content, you can’t dump the same post to every network and expect anything to happen! Think about the different users of each platform and what’s hot in that area. USE IMAGES! Buffer helps you curate content and load up weeks of posts to account for the times when you have to dig in and won’t be “socially active”. It’s not a replacement for high quality story telling, it’s a fail safe so you don’t’ go blank after a week. It hard work to keep up. Even EBWAY gets behind, but make it a point to keep at least 2-4 days of social posts in the till at all times and you’ll be fine. THINK MOBILE! Always! Don’t forget about social engagement and project management tools like Hootsuite and others.
  • To be successful today and in the future – you must become an expert story teller! Think about how you’re going to tell story’s with images, videos, etc. Think about your brands story online! Story telling is an art, it must be practiced. Perfection is a journey – not a destination. Find ways to re-tell your story in different ways. Just like advertising, repetition is critical. Learn the lifespans of different networks so you can always stay fresh. For example – a Twitter post has a shelf life of about 30 minutes max. You may need to promote that blog post of yours 10X a day to get any traction. Think about how to do it without being spamy!
  • Final Words: Dedicate time and have patience. Getting an inbound marketing campaign off the ground can take months - stay consistent and keep working on your message. As an example, EBWAY was a flat 0 when it came to social lead gen 1 year ago, but today… we can track 2-3 leads per month from Social Media alone and they are usually our highest paying customers! It’s worth it!
  • Business Catalyst Sandpile - Cash In On Your Passion

    1. 1. Integrating BC & Social Media Cash In On Your Passion 1
    2. 2. Overview From creating your brand story to launching your first campaign, this course will guide you through it. ‣ Figure Out Your Brand Story ‣ Top 3 Social Channels & Why ‣ Content Supply & Demand ‣ Setting Up Business Catalyst for Social “I love social media because it sells shit.” – Gary Vaynerchuk 2
    3. 3. 3
    4. 4. There are only 2 types of social media content… GOOD CONTENT & BAD CONTENT TOP 3 SOCIAL CHANNELS 4
    5. 5. Facebook Those who story tell very well and with vibrant pictures will dominate Facebook. ‣ How To Rock It • Story tell with images! • Think mobile • No novels, get to the point • Use vibrant, compelling photos + add your logo to them! • Never mix messages 5
    6. 6. Twitter The only true social network in existence today. Like a cocktail party, you can just enter the conversation, it’s encouraged! ‣ How To Rock It • Think “Cocktail Party” • Listen first, then post • Use trending hashtags – ride the waves • Curate and share • Inject yourself into the conversation! 6
    7. 7. YouTube The only socially powered dynamic content network available. Learn to create valuable content and you will succeed! ‣ How To Rock It • Think value, give it away • Use a high quality mic • Organize your channel • Check out the YouTube SEO tutorials! 7
    8. 8. CONTENT SUPPLY & DEMAND “Content Is King” but CONTEXT is better. This is basic economics. Look at where we are today… ‣ THE PAST • 220+ Million Americans • 13 Television Stations • Local Radio We do not have 10X as many Americans to consume this new content that is being created, the population can barely keep up with the content that is created already! ‣ THE PRESENT • 300+ Million Americans • 1500 Television Stations • Web / Apple T.V. • iTunes Radio • Podcasts • *The List Goes On! 8
    9. 9. Setting Up BC for Social Setting up Business Catalyst for Social Media is critical. First, you’re going to need the right tools… ‣ DLVR.IT (RSS FEED) ‣ DISQUS.COM (COMMENTS) ‣ ADDTHIS.COM (ENGAGE) ‣ BUFFERAPP.COM (STACK) Tip: Using content holders, add all your social media scripts to your BC site. Then, create one main content holder that holds them all so you can add this your page templates. This will make it easy to update your scripts going forward. 9
    10. 10. 10
    11. 11. Thank You! Jonathan Hinshaw Founder, President Twitter: @jonathanhinshaw 11