This is John Smith from eBusinesslook (www.ebusinesslook.com www.eoctagon.com). Here is
a brief overview of our o...

The primary focus of our SEO team:-
Our aim will be to provide you with technical help and improvising on ...
These are the steps followed for off-age optimization which increases the site popularity and thus
you get better business...

Look forward for your response.

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E Businesslook A Business Proposition


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E Businesslook A Business Proposition

  1. 1. Hello! This is John Smith from eBusinesslook (www.ebusinesslook.com www.eoctagon.com). Here is a brief overview of our organization and services for your perusal. eBusinesslook (a unit of Octagon) is a 10 year young global outsourcing company with a focus on Web Design/Development services. Our primary production office in India is staffed with a strong team of 150+ professionals possessing rich domain experience. Our client list includes a number of large international companies and a couple of Fortune 500 companies. eBusinesslook is a professional web design & development company and our aim is to make your business grow. We use teams of experienced, highly qualified professionals to bring you state-of- the-art solutions. Whatever your website needs, we are here to help. We've the proven experience and expertise in custom web design development solutions that succeeds by bringing in enquiries, which generate sales and are an asset to your business. As a professional web development company we offer a full-circle approach in web design, web development, domain name registration, web site hosting, ecommerce web development, web site maintenance, web promotion & SEO, web portal development and multimedia presentations. If you think that this sounds like something you need for your business, contact us today for a free consultation and within just days you can be looking at a new, improved and more profitable web business. Designing a beautiful website is not the end of the story for a successful business. The first aspect of business growth is to spread the awareness of the specific product or service. Just imagine you have a beautiful shop that no one knows about. Here arises the ultimate need for Search engine optimization (SEO). Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it is the rectification of few technical rules or rather following some ethical methods to develop the site rank amongst the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, AltaVista etc . It first begins with the in depth research of keyword phrases. Through the proper keyword phrases we target the ideal viewers who just specifically search for your product or service and thus increase of the traffic which ultimately leads in better business opportunities. The refined search service obtained through profound analysis of keyword phrases unlocks ample chances to captivate ideal viewers and sharp turn over in business. Our search engine optimization service ensures an increase in the number of visitors visiting your website and keeping you ahead in the competitive market. As a consequence, maximizing the number of customers and producing additional profit. While optimizing websites we always keep in mind that the site should stand the test of time and benefit the owner. Therefore we apply the White Hat techniques to support your website in the long run. No unfair means (Black Hat techniques) are used which can get your website banned in major search engines because your success is equivalent to our success. Our Goal:- With us at your disposal, you will see a steep increase of visitors to your websites and search engine ranking.
  2. 2. Deliverables:- The primary focus of our SEO team:- Our aim will be to provide you with technical help and improvising on search engine friendliness of the site. • We make available your website amongst Top Ranking sites which we prove through our work. • We present the complete package of Internet marketing services. • We will ensure an optimum success for the SEO campaign and provide timely feedback. There are two different techniques for Search Engine Optimization:- On-page Optimization and Off-page Optimization ON-PAGE OPTIMIZATION TECHNIQUES 1) Analyzing a) Keyword analysis b) Competitor analysis It’s just a bang on the target, analyzing is done to identify the true customer and thus capture the market. The keywords are combined into phrases for refined search that depicts the actual product in the website. 2) Page optimization a) Title and Meta Tag Optimization b) Heading and Alt Tag Optimization c) Content Development d) W3C Validation The inauguration of internet has changed the concept of marketing strategy for business. Now people shop through internet with the help of Search Engines, especially Google. The title and Meta tag optimization, heading and alt tag optimization and content development is performed after thorough research for the upliftment of the site ranking process. W3C Validation is done to check HTML documents for validating to HTML or XHTML standards. 3) Broken Link Fixing is done to increase valuable traffic to your website. 4) MOD-Rewrite of Dynamic URLs. Takes dynamic url`s and changes to Static url`s. 5) Navigation and Internal Linking is done to make the navigation simpler. OFF-PAGE OPTIMIZATION TECHNIQUES * Article Writing and Submission * Directory Submission Services * Classified Submission * Blog Submission Services * Three way link Submission Services * Social Book marking Services * Social Networking Services
  3. 3. These are the steps followed for off-age optimization which increases the site popularity and thus you get better business. Along with promoting your site we also help in the maintenance through FTP uploader, Website Quality Audit and Website Monitoring. OUR OTHER CAMPIGN * PPC Campaign * Forum Posting * Comment Posting * Press Releases * Email Marketing These are the other campaigns which enhance your website ranking result and making you the best in your business zone and leading business provider. PPC (pay per click) is a general advertisement which is done through meticulous research of specific keywords which in turn results in high traffic and thus increasing the site popularity. (Your click through rate, or CTR, equals the number of clicks your ad receives divided by its number of impressions.). WEB SITE ANALYSIS REPORT You will be updated with the following analysis report along with several others while working on your website: * Site Analysis Report * Competitors Analysis Report * Keyword Analysis Report * Link Popularity Analysis So find your niche and be somebody amongst everybody. We are here to help you with the improvement of your website ranking. Why stay behind or at the bottom of the ladder, lets climb up and be on the top and just the preferred brand name. It’s not the matter to be ‘known’ but ‘well known’. Also we providing a wide range of Pre-Press, Creative and Design services, Content Conversion; eBook/ePub Conversion, Copy editing, Typesetting/Pagination, Proofreading, Indexing and Book Packaging Services, Legal Services or Litigation, Photo research/Photo editing, Scanning, Data Entry, Form Processing, Survey Data Capture, Virtual Assistant, Voice Process (both International & Domestic) and lots more. Our Sample Work for review: www.woodlandsmommy.com ( OS Commerce)
  4. 4. Look forward for your response. Best regards, John Smith Assoc Business Developer -------------------------------------------------- eBusinesslook (A unit of Octagon) eMAIL: jsmith.ebusinesslook@gmail.com, jsmith@ebusinesslook@com Skype: john.smith5790 Gtalk: jsmith.ebusinesslook Web: www.ebusinesslook.com www.eoctagon.com