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YouTube Tips for Your Local Business


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Videos are extremely effective when it comes to getting more local business. Creating simple videos about your products, services, and your company in general can work wonders for sending traffic to your website. Not only that, but they also work to send more foot traffic right through your doors.

YouTube makes video marketing simple because it is free to use and very easy to work with. With millions of online video viewers logging in everyday, YouTube has become the hottest video sharing site online – it’s also the 2nd most popular site on the web – right behind Google.

So if you are looking to get in front of your local prospects, YouTube can help you do so with a little research and action.

However, there are several things you need to do in order to ensure that your YouTube videos truly work to help you bring in more local customers.

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YouTube Tips for Your Local Business

  1. 1. 10 YouTube Tips For Your Local Business
  2. 2. LOGO Tip #1 Create and Customize Your Channel  Setup and Brand your YouTube channel  Customize the color to match the look and feel of your business
  3. 3. LOGO Tip #2 Optimize Your Videos for Local Search  Add keywords to the description box  Make sure the title of your video contains a keyword  Place your local phone number in the title of your video
  4. 4. LOGO Tip #3 Avoid Annotations Overuse  Annotations allow you to add comments to your video footage  Don’t over do it as it can ruin concentration and turn some viewers off
  5. 5. LOGO Tip #4 Get Rid of Offensive Comments  Delete any comments below your video that are offensive  Viewers could be hold it against your business even though the they’re not your fault
  6. 6. LOGO Tip #5 Engage With Others  Don’t just post videos on YouTube … View and comment on other videos related to your industry  Also respond to comments made on your videos
  7. 7. LOGO Tip #6 Organize Your Content  Separate your videos by categories to make them more user-friendly  Place older content in one lump  Give folders creative names to grab viewers’ attention
  8. 8. LOGO Tip #7 Pay Attention to Tags  Videos are categorized based on “tags” so add the proper tags to your videos  Tags draw targeted viewers to your videos  Do some research to see what keywords would be best as tags
  9. 9. LOGO Tip #8 Promote Your Videos  Promote your videos to send as much traffic as possible  Use social media and blogs to get more eyes on your videos
  10. 10. LOGO Tip #9 Use Analytics Tools  Monitor the progress of your views  This will help you improve your approach and get more viewers
  11. 11. LOGO Tip #10 Do Not Neglect Your Channel  Do not let your channel go unattended for an extended amount of time  Create new videos on a consistent basis to draw more and more local consumers to your channel