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Ca 260 powerpoint project


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Photo Optimization

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Ca 260 powerpoint project

  1. 1. PHOTO OPTIMIZATION What is it? Changing/altering components of your graphic(s) to reduce the loading time of a web page. Why is this important? The patience level of online visitors is very low, so they tend to click out of those sites that take more time to download.
  2. 2. PHOTO OPTIMIZATION PROGRAMS1) Adobe Photoshop- Photo editing programs range from recreationalphoto takers to professional photographers and graphic designers2) Free online photo optimizer, users can easilysuch properties as quality width and height of the picture before it iscompressed3) Online program that users can download and try beforethey buy it. Allows users to just play around with photo optimization andmanipulation
  3. 3. GUIDELINES OF PHOTO OPSome of the points that the web developers of a website design company follow are: Conversion of graphic text into stylized text. Changing the resolution of all images to 72 Pixels per Inch (ppi). Cropping the images to the actual size required. Specifying the actual height and width of all images. Minimizing depth of color when it is not needed for quality. Using thumbnails where required.*
  4. 4. RESIZING AND COMPRESSION Object: Balance size with appearance1) Resizing- changing the size Pixels Cropping2) Compression- minimizing the size in bytes of a graphics file without degrading the quality of the image to an unacceptable level. Image File Formats (JPEG, GIF/PNG)*
  5. 5. RESIZINGPixels: digital images are composed of pixels- the smallest controllable elements of a picture represented on the screen cutting away some at the edges, to include less area in the final image Cropping discards those trimmed pixels, making the image dimensionssmaller, but primarily, it changes the scene included, and often theshape too Instagram
  6. 6. COMPRESSION Image File Formats1) JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) - generally used for photographs2) GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) - commonly used for line art and other images in which geometric shapes are relatively simple3) PNG (Portable Network Graphics) – replaces GIF as a patent-free image compression file format
  8. 8. BANDWIDTHThe transmission capacity of an electronic communications device orsystem; the speed of data transfer: a high-bandwidth Internet connection The more bandwidth you have the faster you can receive the data.Example: If your bandwidth is 1Mbps and the image you want is 5mb in sizethen it should take about 5 seconds for you to get the image.Kbps-Kilobits per second. (Normally used for dialup)Mbps- Megabits per secondMBps- Megabytes per second(Not usually used in residential internet plans)Gbps- Gigabits per second. Hardly used for internet plans. The costs make themunpractical for families and small businesses
  9. 9. BANDWIDTH(CONTINUED)Even though it is expensive companies must make sure they have an adequate amount of bandwidth.Too little bandwidth means people who may have dialup or any other slow internet connection may be waiting too long to download content
  10. 10. INSTAGRAM W H AT I S I T ? F E AT U R E S• Free photo-sharing program • Confines photos to a square and social network that was shape, similar to Kodak Instamatic launched in October 2010 and Polaroid images • Variety of effects(Earlybird- Faded,• Enables users to take a blurred, focuses on yellow and beige) photo, apply a digital filter to it, and then share it with • Add-Ons(Instamap- app available other Instagram users they for iPad that allows users of are connected to Instagram to find photos based on their location or a hashtag)• Currently has 100 million registered users • Cropping
  11. 11. WHAT IS FLICKR?Flickr is a free photo sharing website that is linked to a yahoo account Users can add tags to categorize their photos and they can comment directly on the photo User can “favorite” the photos to make it easier to find later
  12. 12. PRIVACY Flickr users can make photos public or private and designate who can see them. Any public photo can be viewed by anyone with or without a flickr account Flickr users can also send guest passes to people who don’t have a flickr account
  13. 13. FLICKR GUEST PASSThe URL from the photo or set of photos that the user wants to share. Users copy the URL into an email and send it to the person they want to share photos with A user can expire guest passes whenever they choose
  14. 14. EMBEDDING1) Instagram and Flikr pictures can be embedded into websites and blogs using their bandwidth.• Use widgets and/or plugins2) Remember to balance size with appearance.3) DON’T COPY AND PASTE URLS FROM OTHER SOURCES!!!• Hotlinking- direct linking to a another web sites files
  16. 16. AND GET THIS!
  17. 17. QUESTIONS???