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E N D O R P H I N A DV I S O R S                          8 Building Blocks for Powerful Web Marketing Strategies         ...
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Web Marketing - 8 Building Blocks


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From Endorphin Advisors ( Web Marketing Strategy - The 8 Building Blocks for effective web marketing strategies.

Published in: Business, Technology
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Web Marketing - 8 Building Blocks

  1. 1. E N D O R P H I N A DV I S O R S 8 Building Blocks for Powerful Web Marketing Strategies 8 - Branded Web Hub Level Category Contents Level 8 Web Hub Web site or blog - engagement, conversations, lead 7 - Media Mix nurturing, conversions, all search engine optimized Level 7 Media Mix Email, social media, video, content marketing, search en- gine marketing, seo 6 - Offers Level 6 Offers Samples, trials, discounts, coupons, specials, workbooks, white papers, ebooks, tools, calculators 5 - Content Calendar Level 5 Content Managed by strategic editorial calendar. Articles, announce- ments, press releases, research, survey results, questions, white papers, ebooks. Includes “content curation.” 4 - Information Level 4 Information Trends, research, news, tips, training, regulations, data 3 - Expertise Level 3 Expertise Unique expertise in defined field of specialization Level 2 Strategy Communication with target audience in tone, frequency, quality and quantity of information 2- Strategy Level 1 Goals Create measurable goals and methods of measurement. How will you measure performance and success? 1 - Goals office: 518.250.9035 email: web: