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English - Business from Home - Now! Worldwide


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YouniverseWorld started now ...
in 219 countries ... and they can be here without obligation!
They test us...

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English - Business from Home - Now! Worldwide

  1. 2. Erwin Büttner - , The start has been - WORLDWIDE Welcome to the Real Social Networking Business in the world
  2. 3. Presentation of the concept of Youniverse World at the Sheraton Hotel in Rome on 25/26 July 2009 The two founders have introduced the concept of a European company leaders. 30 top networkers from all over Europe were at this event. The entire industry agreed that this is a great success. Erwin Büttner -
  3. 4. Founder Jean-Marc Colaianni Founder Jean-Marc and his wife Adele Sgro is an expert in the field of network marketing. They are both at the head of one of the most important companies in the Network! They have built in over 40 countries, more than 3 million business. Erwin Büttner -
  4. 5. Founder Fabrice Kerherve Ornella Muti is the partner of Fabrice, who is also an expert in network marketing. He worked mainly in Eastern Europe and built here on several Milllionen business. Erwin Büttner -
  5. 6. Erwin Büttner - Facts: The social networks have a growth rate since 2006 of an unbelievable 93%. Currently there are over one billion Internet users in two or three years it will be over two billion! Facebook as the biggest Communitie already has over 200 million members! Recognize the potential! YouniverseWorld is now with its first products online - WORLDWIDE! Launch of 3D virtual worlds on 20/12/2009! Then a new era begins ...
  6. 7. Erwin Büttner - Every business partner can be your own business, offering their own business, own shop, own service, etc.! He can YouniverseWorld trial without obligations - and his own Business Building! He does not have to ...
  7. 8. Erwin Büttner - Social Network in 3D The founders have chosen for this 3D world Youniverse World. You are the leader in the virtual 3-D world. This work 18 people at the 3D technology - day and night.
  8. 9. Erwin Büttner - As one moves avatars in virtual worlds. Step inside worlds without obligation ... The business of the future has started ...
  9. 10. Erwin Büttner - Boutique in 3 D Communities ...
  10. 11. Erwin Büttner - Fashion shows Concerts Evenst
  11. 12. Erwin Büttner - Care Products (EU products are mandatory) Skin Care Crackle Nyou Face Cream Nyou Legs Our first products are now online -- Top products
  12. 13. Erwin Büttner - « Volupta » Volupta received the Nobel Prize for medicine! Have from priests about psychotherapists around the world people a hard time solutions to improve the To find love and sexual relationships. Volupta may be the solution ... Information under
  13. 14. Erwin Büttner - Compensation Plan Social Network Business Plan Unique and Extraordinary Compensation Plan - 1 Level indefinitely in the width - Downline until the 9th Level - Dynamic Compressor
  14. 15. Erwin Büttner - Business Plan - 2 phases 1 er Phase - Pre-Launch Phase DONE! Anyone can without obligation      Subscribe for free and these terms      test Each Business Partner receives an avatar and a virtual apartment on the platform.
  15. 16. Erwin Büttner - Business Plan - 2 Phase 2. Phase - trial period Opening with the first products from now on -- In 219 countries! Opening of the Business for the "general public" Open from 20 December 2009 for the virtual 3D world. Internet users are not forced to operate Network! YouniverseWorld offers many ways to pay off for you immediately and improve over time only ...!
  16. 17. Erwin Büttner - YOUNIVERSEWORLD builds for you a comprehensive virtual world, in which participants explore both your personal and your commercial life, say, to share and expand. So buy, sell, play, act, do business and simply have fun ... Free! under free registration you can subscribe, please enter as a tutor (sponsor) the email address up! Now you have the opportunity