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Latest of the Ebsford Environmental newsletters, the aim of these is to provide industry and market specific information and advice for any of our clients or peers working on similar projects.

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Aquatic Newsletter

  1. 1. Ebsford Environmental Quarter 4—2011 “Focus On”—Aquatics Covered this month:  Dredging and silt retention  Bio-engineering and stabilisation  Aquatic weed control  Native aquatic plant supply and installation  Machinery spotlight—TRUXOR “If you take my advice, there is nothing as nice. As messing about on the river” The lyrics from the popular Ebsford Environmental are aliens, we are Canadian, song are quite poignant at looking at a wide range of Australian, and NewEven in November the mild and wet the moment with the topics, all specifically relating Zealanders just out sideweather has meant that aquaticinvasive vegetation is still thriving and unseasonably warm, yet wet to the aquatic market and York, and every other town inshowing no sign of typical annual die weather, bringing a number those involved within. the UK”. Ok, so we know of aquatic issues on all water there is a great deal of courses, to the forefront of We have a mix of industry license in this but we professionals’ minds. news, project case studies, thought it sort of worked! and this month we are lucky From the ever challenging enough to have a guest With a significant increase in problem, which is the article by Graham Cousins, our level of seriousness we Volume 1, Issue 1 seemingly endless and the Managing Director of ask the main questions, how unstoppable spread of British Flora who will discuss did they get here, what are non-native vegetation, to the the benefits of using locally the implications and has the potential project stopping grown and UK provenance industry managed to find a issue of cost effective silt aquatic plants. way to eradicate these management on site. The seemingly indestructible aquatic sector is facing some In a new feature , looking at invaders. of its toughest ever unique machinery which we challenges and new feel is assisting the market All in all an action packed techniques are crucial to help we “road test” one of the issue, and we hope you enjoy achieve more sustainable TRUXOR range of machines. reading it as much as weInside this issue: and more economical project enjoy putting these things completion. Keeping the musical theme together. of our newsletter, we discuss Nick HartleyInvasive Aquatics 2 In the first of our newsletters, “illegal aliens, we are illegalTRUXOR Road Test 2 Project News—Rookery Lake, Dorking Ebsford Environmental are which will see areas cleared, theAquatic Plant Selection 3 delighted to be working on a construction and manufacture of number of projects in the South silt islands and the planting andSilt Management 3 East of the country. sowing of native wildflowers and aquatics which will replicate the One of our favourites is a natural surroundings.Company Info 4 privately funded project on a multi-use lake in the Dorking The project is currently underwayFree Wildflowers 4 area. Suffering from a huge build and will be completed in the up of silt caused by overhanging Spring of 2012. vegetation, the lake is now undergoing extensive work
  2. 2. “Focus On”—Aquatics Page 2 Invasive Aquatic Vegetation—Endless curse or potential cure? The recorded instances of non 90% of non native aquatic plants removal to a depth of 2m can be native aquatic invasive plants is recorded in the UK were or still are highly effective. If space and increasing at a speed only matched available as ornamental pond or budget allows, a covering with a by their ability to choke and destroy aquarium plants. It is only after membrane over the affected area every environment they come rapid colonisation and disposal can also restrict and prevent any into contact with. that the impact to the wild future growth and complete a environment is highlighted. process. With glossy, waxed coats almost impervious to chemicals, With a number of the plants being Additionally, some environmental deep rhizomes which are added to amendment of Schedule measures can be done to try and impossible to remove mechanically 9 Part 2 of the Wildlife and reduce the re-growth once removal and a taste which is unpalatable to Countryside act, it is now more has taken place. Increasing the all but the most desperate of important than ever that effective flow rate of your pond can help,Volume 1, Issue 1 predators, is there any way to keep control is adopted. So, if all the and in extreme cases the these unwelcome visitors at bay usual methods are ineffective, how introduction of grass carp can also and indeed where did they come do you fight the fight? limit spread. from? An approach which uses a It must be remembered that even The names are a dead giveaway as combination of all or some of the using all these options may not be to the ancestry of all these plants, systems available will usually a guaranteed long term solution, it however as with most achieve the best results. is important therefore that before environmental issues in the UK it is tackling a weed problem, that you the vanity and apathy of man which Weakening the plant with a low prepare yourself for a long and From top; has allowed such a devastating dose chemical application difficult battle. Parrots Feather spread. conducted at 72 hour intervals, Canadian Pondweed Australian Swamp followed by a careful mechanical Stonecrop (plus close up) The TRUXOR range of machines—Has the long reach had its day? So, thanks to our friends at tightest of excavator attachments and even a Aquatic Solutions, Ebsford access routes, leaving almost no clam shell, all of which are ideal Environmental were given access evidence of its arrival. Its graceful for silt collection and bank works. to their range of machines on one entry into the water was almost an The clear benefit of this is that is of our projects in October. anticlimax, leaving our team with allows a single, low impact grand visions of a robotic Tom mechanical solution to be “Weighing in at The day started hesitantly. Waiting Daley and reaching for imaginary specified for a full range of at the side of a lake you could be score cards. operations. less than 1500kg excused for expecting to hear the familiar beep, beep, beep of a Traversing along the bank of the At the end of the two days, we and able to work large delivery vehicle, banks man lake, happily clearing vegetation, were left with an ecstatic client, a in tow, lumbering across the the Truxor works effectively either project delivered ahead of time terrestrially or pastureland and down the muddy, on water or if necessary can clear and under budget and some new aquatically, the difficult access route, destroying terrestrially. The unique weed friends. everything in its way. harvester attachment enabling the TRUXOR offers machine to remove some of the The only down side we could find This proves to be the first of the more problematic weeds down to to write about is that they currently real flexibility” many surprises you will be given depths in excess of 2m. have no plans to allow self drive when using this machine. Arriving hire of the machines. News of this on a small trailer towed by a A simple change to the left two staff and a client checking pickup, the Truxor is light and hydraulics can see a number of our banks to see if we could afford small enough to simply attachments be fitted. These one ourselves. manoeuver itself through the include a range of silt pumps,
  3. 3. Page 3 Aquatic Plant Selection —a guest article by Graham Cousins, MD British Flora Ltd The importance of using UK native reducing erosion of banks and Reputable suppliers should be and local provenance vegetation on attracting certain wildlife. members of BALI and also habitat restoration projects is now subscribe to the code of conduct widely accepted and implemented A diverse mix of plants with set out by Floralocale. If in doubt in restoration projects. differing and long flowering before placing any orders, check on seasons will greatly enrich an area the website to EU legislation, such as The Water for biodiversity and aesthetics. All see if your supplier is approved or Framework Directive, stipulates the these options should be speak to the statutory advisors at environmental improvement of considered at inception and design the Environment Agency. water bodies with a focus on stage of an aquatic scheme. Ask ecology and this has led to an yourself what you are trying to As with most things in life, if you increase in the number of aquatic achieve and then select the correct consider what you want to achieve, Species such as Carex bring both improvement projects where the plants seeking advice from take time to install, complete the Ecological and Environmental use of native local provenance specialists in native flora. work to a high standard and buy benefits. plants is a legislative requirement. high quality plant products, then Planting density, plant size and you will ultimately achieve success The use of native plants is installation methods are the first time round. particularly relevant on aquatic material consideration in native sites, where it is difficult to landscaping, which is sometime establish plants from seed and the overlooked, especially in times of requirement for rapid plant economic uncertainty. With establishment to stabilise and budgets being cut around the UK, it withstand changes in water flow is is often the case that cost savings the key. will be made by selecting smaller pot sizes, fewer plants or by The UK boosts a wide variety of accepting unsuitable planting “Ask yourself aquatic and marginal plant species conditions in order to complete that can provide biodiversity and projects early or in budget what you are environmental benefits, whilst trying to achieve providing a colourful palette for Ultimately, the success or failure of aesthetic planting schemes. Plant an aquatic planting scheme comes and then select species selection should take into from the quality of the stock from consideration important the nursery. Problems can range the correct plants information such as planting depth, from plants with insufficient root water levels and flow rates. There development, diseased plants or to achieve this.” are a wide variety of native aquatic plants which contain one or more plants differing in form, flowering invasive aquatic plants as listed on period and colour that can be Schedule 9 of The Wildlife and selected for specific purposes such Countryside Act. These issues can as improving water quality, all have negative consequences. How do you solve a problem like Silt removal?Silt bags can be a cost In most natural occurrences, silt is When embarking on a project For small areas or where on siteeffective way of dewatering likely to be made up of which may require silt removal, retention is not suitable, siltsilt with limited space. organic matter in one form or huge cost and environmental receptor pits can be created or another and this will usually make benefits can be achieved by taking surface laid bags constructed and it extremely high in nutrients and a long term and integrated landscaped post completion ideal for use as a planting medium. approach to silt management. So next time you are working in Despite, and in some instances On man made water bodies, water, why not try and think green, because of this, it is unlikely that creation of marginal zones or is- save money and retain your silt. any landfill facility will classify the lands using reclaimed silt planted material as inert; this can lead to with native vegetation can improve Ebsford Environmental are able to an increase in disposal costs and a water quality and also aesthetically give advice and complete all silt decrease in available landfill and Ecologically enhance the whole retention and removal projects. space, two things that are area. particularly high on the economic and environmental agenda.
  4. 4. Achieving excellance in land preparation and mamagement Ebsford Environmental 1200 Century Way Thorpe Park Ebsford Environmental is a consulting and contracting Leeds company specialising in the specification and implementation LS15 8ZA of bespoke environmental and ecological remediation solutions to the UK market. Phone: 01132 251 5015 Fax: 01132 251 5100 Ebsford offers a complete end-to-end full-service solution E-mail: in contrast to the more usual requirement to employ an array of consultants, implementation specialists and cross market subcontractors. We offer services to our clients in the following areas:  Ecological consultancy and mitigation  Aquatic remediation, bio engineering and green  solutions  Site clearance and preparation  Invasive species and vegetation management  Remediation and ground working From first contact, meeting our technical consultants and all the way through to full completion, you will find Ebsford offers a high level of service, support and excellent project delivery skills. Free Wildflower Seeds and Sowing with every order before Summer 2012!! In a bid to promote the grasses local to the behalf, what better decade of bio-diversity project area and are message for a developer and to continue to offer specifically designed for to give to the local our clients the most both the application and community? ecologically sensitive and soil conditions. So be itField of Oxeye Daisy in Northumberland aware contracting service Aquatic work, Invasive Full details and available. Ebsford Weed eradication or specifications will be Environmental have Reptile Fencing on Green given at proposal stage teamed up with our field, Brown field or even together with a detailed friends at BritishFlora to Woodland area you know overview of species and design a range of that we are restoring your location. promotional seed project to the way nature packages which will be intended. Each 1kg bag will provide supplied and installed by enough seed to sow an Ebsford Environmental If the sowing doesnt fit in area of approximately staff at the end of each of with your development 100m². our contracts. then dont worry, we can supply the service to a Each 1kg bag will contain local wildlife charity, a mix of Native school or organisation of Wildflowers and Amenity your choosing on your