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Published in: Technology, Education
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  1. 1. They’re from Their fur is They eat They live They sleep Giant pandas China Black and Plants and In mountains Under trees white bamboo and forests shoots Brown bears North America Brown Meat, plants In a forest In caves and Europe and berries Polar bears The Arctic White Meat Northern In dens seas Bison Poland Brown and Grass and In a forest In dens black plants Chimpanzees Africa Brown and Flowers, In a In trees black leaves and rainforest fruit Lions Africa Yellow Meat In a forest On the ground Grey horned America Black and Insects In trees On the trees owls brown Grey parrots Africa Grey Plants, fruit In a In trees and seeds rainforest Rabbits Europe White Lettuce and In hutches On the ground carrots Snakes North America Grey, black, Birds, frogs In trees In nests yellow and and insects green Crocodiles North America Green Meat, insects In water On sand and fish Hippos South Africa Brown Grass and In rivers In water plants and lakes Zebras Africa White and Bamboo In mountains In the black shoots, grass grassland and leaves Bats Australia Brown Fruit, insects, In a In caves fish, frog and rainforest small animals Foxes Asia, Europe and Brown, black, Meat, fruit In forests In dens North America white and grey and birds and in deserts Monkeys Africa Brown Fruit and In the In trees vegetables jungle Whales Arctic Blue and white Fish In oceans In water