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Venture lab project 2 emily ross


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Venture lab project 2 emily ross

  1. 1. are youpaying unordinary observationsattention? thought about ordinarily
  2. 2. bservo ns atio Store associates who ‘helicopter’ over customers often deter sales. Having someone constantly observing you observe products is a bit overwhelming and can cause unnatural behaviours as most people alter their behaviour when they know they’re being watched. Though this is the case, a plesant greeting when entering seems to be well recieved and let customers know there is someone there to help. A store with a confusing layout or very small corridors can shape how people look at products and move through the store. Really small aisles may inhibit people from looking at all the shelves or racks and thus vastly influence what they buy or what they can even consider buying based on their awareness. Also can create awkward run-ins with other shoppers. The availibility of baskets, carts or bags can influence how people shop. If they become to overloaded with items, they may not continue to browse thus shaping what they buy as well as how much the store sells. If a customer has full arms they may not continue to another section of the store to pick-up additional products.
  3. 3. su rprise! Music impacts the shopping experience profoundly. A quiet store changes the habits of the consumers. Music creates ambiance and a certain feel in the store adding to its brand as well as the overall experience. Alternatively, stores with a lot of noise produced intrinsicly (grocery store) are not impacted in the same way when a lack of music is apparent. Lighting impacts how products are recieved and how long I wanted to stay in the store. Lights can also highlight certain things to make them more noticeable and change your perception of the quality of the store (ex. dim lighting is classy or homey whereas bright lighting is more related to that of a warehouse. Mirrors change how people move around a store. This is apparent both in the sense of where people will stop or how the flow of traffic will work and also in terms of how well people are able to navigate around a space. For example, one store I went into had a large number of mirrors creating a maze-like effect which was disorienting.
  4. 4. in sightslay The layout of stores heavily impacts the shopping experience and how a store in perceived and experienced. I had never thought about howout much the way a store is set-up can and did effect my experience and the conclusions I drew about the store.This perception must also be based on personaility as different people would likely enjoy the design of different stores.obst Obstacles and different objects throughout a store can help or hinder the experience a shopper or browser has. Things like mirrors can beacles confusing whereas the addition of large shopping bags to use in-store can help and make a sometimes stressful experience easier. Tied in with layout, these two things can greatly effect how I perceive a store.atmos Though it’s obvious that the atmosphere of the store, including music, lighting and employees, effect the way a shop is viewed, it became morephere apparent all of the aspects that make up this atmosphere. Small things, like having no music, drastically change the experience. Other notable atmospheric elements were scent and clientele in the store.