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In this presentation we share some key points which are helpful in the blog marketing statergy.Ebriks are the best service provider company india in the step by step blog marketing stratergy.if you know more about this please visit www.ebriks.com

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Ebriks-Step by Step Blog Marketing

  1. 1. empowernet work.comhttp://www.empowernetwork.com/jackielee/blog/step-by-step-action-plan-to-drive-blog-traffic-grow-your-network-and-make-more-sales/#Step By Step Action Plan to Drive Blog Traffic,Grow Your Network and Make More Sales |Jackie Lees Empower Network Blogby Jackie Lee | on November 9, 2012It’s pretty easy to write and publish a blog post. It’s the part that comes after and all around thepublishing of your posts that drive traffic, grow your network and make you sales.If you’re blogging and not quite sure about the sharing part… you’re in luck. Today I’m laying out astep by step plan to build your blog business.1. Create and Publish a BlogPostWrite your blog posts as quickly as you can. Createcontent that is educational, entertaining anduniquely your own. Knowing your target market, whoyou’re trying to talk to, what they are interested in,and where they hang out helps this process a lot!Once you know what your people are looking foryou can easily search trending videos, or facebookto see what’s popular and create a post aroundthat.2. Syndicate Your Post. Otherwise Known as Share LikeCrazySyndicating your post means sharing it anywhere and everywhere it is appropriate. Making sure, ifyou’re using social networks, the content is appropriate and relevant to any space you’re sharing itin. Here’s a few places to get you thinking… Pingler Social Monkee Linked In Facebook (your wall, pages, groups)
  2. 2. Twitter Google + Pinterest (if you’ve got a good image to share) Stumbleupon Social Marker or Only Wire Slideshare3. Make new friends and increase your network daily Add 5-10 new facebook friends Add 5-10 new likes on your Facebook page Add 5-10 new LinkedIn connections Add 25-50 new twitter followers Add 5-10 new people to your Google+ circles Join 5 new facebook groups related to your interests4. Connect and Interact with your network dailyYou can do this on the web, but it gets much easier when you pull in a tool called Hootsuite.Hootsuite is the best way I’ve found to maximize my time and energy and still be active andconnect on social media.Hootsuite allows you to organize all of your social media accounts, groups, pages etc all on onescreen. You can easily follow conversations, interact as well as schedule posts to share with yournetworks.5. Post at Least 3 status updates dailyYou are, of course, going to want to share your blogposts with your social networks. However, socialmedia is not a link drop and run strategy. Make sureyou share at least 3 more updates with yournetwork that are NOT your blog posts. pictures videos articles quotes
  3. 3. All great options… the more of yourself you share the great the connection will be with yournetwork.6. Chat with 10 people dailyUsing free marketing methods, like social networking, requires you to be social. It requires you toget out and interact with your network… it works BEST when you connect.Get out there and chat with at least 10 people daily. Use the message feature onFacebook… send someone a message… NOT to share your business opportunity, but literally tohave a conversation! Hey, how are you doing today? is a great start.From there talk to them about how they’re marketing, what they blog about, what kind of businessthey are in… make suggestions, offer insight, converse and be helpful. If you have a blogpost that might help them in their journey feel free to send them to it.Also if you have a group or a page that might be helpful to them, share those resources with themas well. The goal is to get people connected to you so they can get to know you, and see yourmessage as you share it on your networks.Realize you may have to send 30 messages to get 10 conversations going… that’s normal.7. Listen to positive, educational, motivational audiosdaily.This is easily skipped or let go… but it’s one of the most important things you can do. It’s crucial toalways keep learning and growing. Listening to positive and educational audios also gives you newideas/concepts to blog about.I listen to the Empower Network Inner Circle training audios daily. I always come away with at least1 nugget to write about (even if I’ve listened to the audio tons of times before). If you’re inEmpower Network and don’t have the Inner Circle training yet, listen to the replay of the Mondaynight Empower Hour call… you’ll get something new every time.If you’re not in Empower Network scour the internet, look for audios or videos to watch or listen todaily. This is not an optional piece of the puzzle.8. Read for 30 minutes every day.One of the biggest things that gets in any entrepreneur’s way istheir mind. You’ve got to keep your brain right to keep with it andsucceed. Much like listening to audio daily, reading somethingeducational or motivational daily is a must. This will keep your head
  4. 4. straight, and also give you tons of new ideas to blog about.9. Read your personal manifesto twice aday.What? You don’t have a personal manifesto? It is KEY! Clarity is themost crucial element of success. If you don’t know where you’regoing how on earth will you ever get there? Creating your personal manifesto gives you the clarityyou need to move forward on your goals.I used Justin Verrengia’s model to create my personal manifesto… you can too.10. Follow the leaderAs a blogger there are going to be people you admire, or look up to. Follow their lead. They aresuccessful bloggers for a reason. Become an aggressive observer. Watch not only what they do,but how they do it, what they say, where they hang out, everything about them. You’ll learn moreabout becoming a stunning blogger from following a leader than just about anything else.If you’re looking to be up close with some amazing blogging leadersyou’re in luck.Here’s what you need t o do next .1. Watch this video. The WHOLE video.2. When the big add to cart button shows up after the video click it.3. Get the blogging system and tap into leadership and training like none you’ve ever imagined!Imagine, if this is what we give away, what we save for the team.Have an amazing day… you deserve it!About T he Author: Jackie LeeI am a full time work at home mom, (working part time hours) who loves to read, blog,cook, garden, eat healthy, and ride my bike. I have a knack for seeing the superstar inothers, and love to help other moms let their inner Superstar shine! I am a realperson ~ lets get to know each other. I spend most of my time on Facebook ~
  5. 5. www.facebook.com/momtohanna and twitter ~ www.twitter.com/momtohanna See ya there!