Email marketing trends in 2013 e briks infotech


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Email marketing trends in 2013 e briks infotech

  1. 1. email just  do  it!
  2. 2. our clients Discover More @
  3. 3. THE stats * * it wouldn’t be a presentation without them, would it?
  4. 4. Attitudes to email are changing... 73% in 2006 63% in 2008 59% in 2010 52% in 2012Fewer customers are deleting emailswithout reading them...
  5. 5. 92% 61% on a daily basisof online adults use  email
  6. 6. 74%of online adults prefer  to  receive  emailover social media, direct mail text orphone calls...
  7. 7. 89.2%Of marketing managers state email remains a key  element to their marketing strategy
  8. 8. Perspectiverenewal campaign explanation 2.9  billion  Accounts
  9. 9. The number of Facebook & Twitter messages sent combined in comparison to emails sent** NOT including SPAM 0.02%
  10. 10. In 2012More business leaders plan to increase spending in email marketing than any  other  channel
  11. 11. charlie chaplinonce came third in aCHARLIE CHAPLIN lookalike Competition!
  12. 12. Buyers  2.0
  13. 13. OLD vs. NOWSales  Holds  The  Power Customer  Holds  The  PowerSales  Answer  ALL  The  Questions Endless  Research  OptionsSales  Enter  Process  Early Fluid  Movement  When  BuyingStaged  Movement  Thru  Buying Sales  Enter  Process  LateBuyer  Research  Difficult Customers  Find  Most  Answers
  14. 14. People change... “Now  I’m  a  LAMP”
  15. 15. more CHOICES and MUCH  LESS time...
  16. 16. ATTENTION comes in SMALL quantities...
  17. 17. ACTIONneeds INSPIRAtION& IMMEDIATE Satisfaction
  18. 18. the TERMSare NOT  YOURSanymore...
  19. 19. we are ALL in the FASHION business...
  20. 20. is  invisible...
  21. 21. removeALLdistraction
  22. 22. things TO Know...
  23. 23. 1.  MARKETING Owns  the  PIPELINE!  The  success  or  failure  of  your  business  depends  entirely  on  the  quality  and  quantity  of  sales-­ready  leads  you  generate.
  24. 24. 2.  MARKETING Owns  INNOVATION!  “Marketing  is  a  tightly  integrated  effort  to  discover,  arouse,  create  and  satisfy  customer  needs.”  
  25. 25. 3.  MARKETING Owns  the  INFORMATION!  “It’s  often  the  most  important  part  of  the  product,  or  the  product  itself.  Your  information  has  become  one  of  the  most  important  differentiator  in  competitive  markets”  
  26. 26. why?is it so hard for people to make email campaigns happen?
  27. 27. perceived   technical  ability no  reward no  strategy varied  systems no  ownershipno  conversion  plan no  specific  campaign no  measurement no  support/expertise tech/marketing cross  over
  28. 28. content
  29. 29. EVERYTH...
  30. 30. “Fundamentally it’s not just about content. it’s about identity, relationships and content ”INCREASED  visibility WORD  of  Mouth55% Blogs on company sites result in This is the primary factor behind 50% of buying decisions. Interesting content is the TOP 3 reason why Thought  Leadership 55% more visitors. people follow brands in social media.97% Companies with blogs get 97% more inbound links than others white pa s pers37% log b esentations 37% of marketers say blogs are pr ARTICLES most valuable form of marketing 6 out of 10 Twitter or Facebook users are more likely to recommend a brand they follow. infographics case s podcasts tudies eB oo ksINCREASE  reach  with  blogs guides IMPROVES  Social  Interaction434% Compelling content drives successful more indexed pages social media campaigns - cited by 3 out of 4 marketers as a factor in closing sales.97% 70% Of consumers prefer “getting to know” a more indexed links company via articles rather than ads. 60%Blogs give sites: More pages + more links = bigger Of consumers feel more positive about aslice of the search results for your business. company after reading custom content on its site.
  31. 31. 22 ways to create content
  32. 32. 3.  BRAIN  1.  CURATE:  list   2.  SUCCESS:   STORMING:  Ask  your  favourite  blog   Share  your   your  friends,  off  and   posts successes online 5.  MASH  UP:  “What   4.  GUEST:  Ask   6.  ASK:  Speak  to   Batman  Can  Teach  someone  to  you  want   your  database  and   You  About  Success” to  connect  with customers 7.  MEMORIES:   8.  INTERVIEW:  Speak   9.  REVIEW:  Pick  a   Revise  and  revive   to  your  database   product/service   old  content and  customers and  review  it
  33. 33. 10.  CHALLENGES:   11.  CASE  STUDIES:   12.  BOOKS:  Using  popular   Share  your   Things  that  work  and   book  names  or  titles Challenges don’t  for  you “50  Shades  of  Email” 13.  MOVIES:   14.  WATCH  A  PLAY:  This   15.  COMICS:  Super   Characters  &   is  incredibly  stimulating  and   heroes  make  great   stories  trigger   better  than  watching  a   article  themes ideas movie!16.  TV:  Choose  popular   17.  TRENDS:  Use   18.  CELEBRITY:   shows  with  your   Google  trends  it  will   Any  one  will  do! audience boost  your  hits!
  34. 34. 19.  GET  PERSONAL:     20.  TAKE  A  WALK:   Personal  stories   This  will  restart  your   ALWAYS  connect brain! 21.  RECYCLE:     22.  STEREOTYPES:    Take  your  old  information   Deal  with  you  industry   and  recycle  them! stereotypes  head  on
  35. 35. We ASSUME too much...i.e.  Frankenstein  was  a  nice  guy  trapped  in  a  monsters  body!
  36. 36. ^ledgeKnow
  37. 37. Thought is the ENEMY of... Action
  39. 39. Educateyour prospects to beBetter customers!
  40. 40. THIS  IS  NOT About  BLOWING  your TRUMPET!
  41. 41. REMovingthe  BARRIERS...
  42. 42. 9 steps to keeping it simple 1.  GIVE  one  person  SOLE  ownership  and  time  to  complete  the  task 2.  GRAB  your  contacts  (EVERYTHING  from  EVERYWHERE) 3.  DEFINE  what  your  business  wants  to  be  known  for  (3  words) 4.  FIND  OUT  what  your  customers  biggest  problems  are 5.  WRITE  OUT  a  lot  of  headlines  and  bullet  points  to  solve  it 6.  ORGANISE  them  based  on  related  products  &  services   7.  OUTSOURCE  your  brief  to  a  writer  (you  WON’T  do  it!) 8.  ADD  &  LINK  your  articles  to  your  email  &  hit  send! 9.  RECORD  your  results  and  improve  on  them  next  time
  43. 43. JV  +  Action
  44. 44. Value  Trade   +  Traffic
  45. 45. start here...
  46. 46. your website must1 capture data2 create a position of expertise3 create top of mind brand recognition4 sell
  47. 47. your database must1 be in a centralised location2 captures from every media3 segmented to drive relevance4 communicate with purpose & value
  48. 48. your content must1 be relevant2 be valued & shareable3 position your business as experts4 education provide emotion, experience &
  49. 49. content sales page X50site awareness interest DESIRE Email actionhome blog
  50. 50. people thinking about “good diet”“summer fashion” “succession planning” “facebook” “designer”“nights out” “online betting” “grocery shopping” “self-publishing” “custom printing” “new tyres”“business consultant” “driving instructor” “online agency” “blu ray player” “getting fit”PROMOTED shared SEARCHED clicked page web site sale page qualified lead
  51. 51. Choose  Your  Weapons... website database email content marketing joint ventures seo / sem social media pr
  52. 52. choose 3 AT MOST and... BE  EXCELLENT!
  53. 53. THANK  YOU!Discover More @