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Ebriks-2013 Digital Marketing Success Ways


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Dital marketing is the important term in any bussiness.Ebriks Best SEO company provides the best services and develop new ways to achive success in the Digital Marketing.if you know more about this please visit

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Ebriks-2013 Digital Marketing Success Ways

  1. 1. 40 DIMITRI KOTOVrulesfor digitalmarketersin 2013PRESENTING THE FORTY RULES ABOUT ..Social Media, Content Marketing, Digital Advertising, and MobileMarketing that you need to know in 2013. Not to mention the 5 BESTWAYS TO ADVERTISE ONLINE, and the winning duet of Facebook Ads andBitly links that drive huge traffic to your website.
  2. 2. media. 1Theres never beena better time to bea business thatcares about digitalSmartphone apps,social media sites,display advertising…The options areastounding in 2013. But that also means there are too many options. Theres a lot of clutter out there. Think of this as your 2 road map to an awesomely digitised (but often overwhelming) new world of business. GO
  3. 3. 3 *Users in Australia. Nov ‘12.Lets start with the social media sitesyoure using. Think about why yourethere. If your customers arent on thenetwork then you shouldnt be thereeither. The time spent talking to peoplewho will never buy your product wouldbe better spent talking to those whowould. Remember, everything you spendyour time on in your business shouldresult in some kind of return. FACEBOOK LINKEDIN TWITTER4 And just because social media marketing can cost less than traditional forms, it doesnt mean that your return on time (ROT) should be any less than your other business activities. GO
  4. 4. 5WAYS TO ADVERTISEONLINE AS TESTED BY DIMITRI KOTOVIf your website has One new start up’s name you will want to drop in your next meeting is Perfect Audience. Linkedin is often the only social network where the big bosses tend to play. This is your best lead source if youre a B2B business or your product or service is aimed at the well-to-do. Facebooks Google AdWords will drive traffic to your website, guaranteed. What isnt is the ROI your business will receive from this traffic. Make sure you monitor your lead quality from Google, and compare it to GO interest-based targeting others here. large traffic, you is unrivalled by any other online platform. If youre awill find Retargeter start-up, or have a nicheto be a rich source product or service, Facebook Ads will bring your business of sales leads. more sales leads than any other form of advertising (online or traditional). But, only when done right Retargeter displays (see No.9). Perfect Audience your banner ads across remarkets to your the web to anyone who website visitors on has visited your website. Facebook, essentially Its like using a lasso to following them online bring your customers from your website to back to your website. Facebook.
  5. 5. 6 USE THISTheres a new wayto drive tra!c toyour enquiry pageon your website. Looks like this. The Hello Bar is a web toolbar that "drives more attention to your most important content". Use it to direct people to your enquiry page. Hey presto! More sales leads. GO
  6. 6. GO 7 DIGITAL MEDIA STRATEGIST PROFILEOne type of online discussion siteyou may want to investigate in yourdigital media planning are forums.In a shiny-object obsessed industry, forums still Dimitri Kotov / Digital Media Strategist 8 / Speakerremain relevant to many who were younger when / Consultantthe first dot-com boom sweeped through Australia.Research what forums are still active in your Career Highlight: “A speaking engagement that took me acrossindustry and whether it makes sense for you to Australia and found me sharing theengage on the sites. For many businesses one stage with one of the world’s mostqualified lead on a niche forum can result in more prominent Marketing Professor” Best Result For Client: “I spent justrevenue than a dozen from a generalist social media $700 on Facebook Ads for a client andsite such as Facebook. created a Facebook community of over 10,000 target customers from scratch, in less than 20 days” Currently works: “For clients in the Automotive and Sustainability industries and Australian-based SME’s”
  7. 7. GO DIGITAL MEDIA STRATEGIST PROFILE Dimitri Kotov/ Digital Media Strategist 8/ Speaker/ ConsultantCareer Highlight: “A speakingengagement that took me acrossAustralia and found me sharing thestage with one of the world’s mostprominent Marketing Professor”Best Result For Client: “I spent just$700 on Facebook Ads for a client andcreated a Facebook community of over10,000 target customers from scratch,in less than 20 days”Currently works: “For clients in theAutomotive and Sustainabilityindustries and Australian-based SME’s”
  8. 8. GO9-14 Everybody loves Facebook.Stodgy old behemoth brands and hot young start upshave all gone wild for Facebook Ads. Use this handycheat sheet so you can keep up with how businessesare using them to increase their sales. AD PROMOTING AD LINKED TO AD LINKED TOFACEBOOK OFFER CONVERSION PAGE YOUTUBE VIDEO ON FACEBOOK AD PROMOTING AD LINKED TO AD PROMOTINGFACEBOOK CONTENT CONVERSION FACEBOOK PAGE PAGE ON WEBSITE
  9. 9. 15 USE THIS GO The pin board seemed unimprovable forThe humble pin decades (Just ask brides to be and house mums.) Then the folks at Pinterest designed anboard got a digital online pin board with social network characteristics. If you’re business is fashion,makeover in 2012. gardening, craft or home decoration you’re missing out on valuable sales leads from your target audience from this fast-growing network.
  10. 10. 16Even your SEOstrategy hasgone social. GOIn 2012, Google updated its algorithm penalising poor content (Pandaupdates) and poor links (Penguin updates), whilst rewarding socialcontent. It’s likely that in 2013 Google will continue to place greateremphasis on a business’s ‘social signals’. Here’s 4 things to include in yoursocial media strategy in 2013 that will help your SEO. 17 18 19 20 Encourage Encourage Encourage check-ins on customers to Link content social Facebook. reviews your on social sharing of Google business on media sites content on includes Yelp, to content on your website, this in its TrueLocal and your website. especially algorithm your Google+ +1’s. Local listing.
  11. 11. 21 DIGITAL MEDIA CASE STUDYHow I doubled EnerLogic’s websitetra!c with Facebook Ads and Bitlylinks in 60 days.EnerLogic is a sustainable window film that GOwon two Australian Business Awards in 2012.One for Product Innovation, and another forSustainability. Despite this, their websitewasn’t receiving the highest possible volumeof traffic. By implementing a number ofdifferent Social Media best practices on theEnerLogic Facebook Page we were able todouble website traffic within 60 days.
  12. 12. THIS IS A PREVIEW.RULES 22-40 COMING MID JANUARY 2013. INCLUDING .. Rules for Instagram, Blogging, and Tumblr not to mention 5 STEPS TO GETTING MORE RETWEETS. IN THE MEANTIME .. Connect with me on Linkedin: