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Approach for rising sme and msm es ebriks infotech


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Published in: Business, Design
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Approach for rising sme and msm es ebriks infotech

  1. 1. your connect to global market place For Rising SME and MSMEs Copyright @ 2011 EBriks Infotech All Rights Reserved.              Copyright @ 2011 EBriks Infotech. All Rights Reserved. For More information contact
  2. 2. PERSPECTIVES BUSINESS ON “www” OUR APPROACH WHAT YOU GAIN? CORPORATE OVERVIEW  OUR CREDENTIALS  Copyright @ 2011 EBriks Infotech. All Rights Reserved. For More information contact
  3. 3. BUSINESS ON WORLD WIDE WEB(www) Growing World wide Internet Population(mn)* 1315 THE MARKET SIZE PERSPECTIVE 11% Growing Internet  Customer Base 1219 March 2010 March 2010* March 2011* +15% +5% 480.7 550.9 Asia Pacific 345.3 March 2011 ‐‐‐‐ 363.7 Europe 204 +32% 204.4 North America 88.3 116.4 Middle East-Africa +14 101.1 115.2 Latin America *source comScore Copyright @ 2011 EBriks Infotech. All Rights Reserved. For More information contact
  4. 4. BUSINESS ON WORLD WIDE WEB(www) THE DOLLAR VLAUE OF MARKET SIZE Geography Online Sales Revenue($ Billion)* Europe 176.2 China 76.4 India 10.3 1000 Diapers are sold  241.0 US WOW!!! by P&G per hour on web 3rd Highest sale by  Fashion retailer Rachel Roy by  opening up a temporary Face  book store 7 to 10 % increase  in order value by having a web  presence Copyright @ 2011 EBriks Infotech. All Rights Reserved. For More information contact *Internet and Mobile Association of India
  5. 5. OUR APPROACH THE IDEOLOGY GENERATE CREATE LEAD TO CUSTOMER GENERAL Copyright @ 2011 EBriks Infotech. All Rights Reserved. For More information contact
  6. 6. OUR APPROACH REGULAR MONITORING –WEBMEDIA AUDIT THE METHOD Step 1 Brand  Environment Brand  Experience Understanding  Your Brand Creating Online  Brand Visibility Website Step 2 Calling Customers to  come Online Traffic Step 3 Making Customer to  engage and talk Social  Media Step 4 Brand  Definition Making customer to  prefer your brand Step 5 Purchase Your Brand Web  Commerce Step 6 Customer  Reference Repeat  Traffic Copyright @ 2011 EBriks Infotech. All Rights Reserved. For More information contact
  7. 7. WHAT YOU GAIN? Where is the  Money?** 64% Increased Hours of   working beyond  working hours Facilitate  Marketing  Activities BENEFITS OF GOING ONLINE Give you a level  playing field increase in sales  revenue Provide a mode   of  communication 48% increase in market  reach 75% reduction in the  administrative cost Copyright @ 2011 EBriks Infotech. All Rights Reserved. For More information contact **survey  done Enterpreneur,eBay and PayPal
  8. 8. CORPORATE OVERVIEW EBRIKS…? EBriks InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. is a leading, young and competitive IT company offering quality services in  SEO, Web Design, System Development and Web Hosting. Our services encompass a wide range of  clientele in various industry verticals. Established in 2009 with its lead engine EBriks in Noida, U.P., India with a group of young & dynamic  professionals, company has now extended its services to US, UK, Australia, South East Asia and  Middle East. EBriks is committed to provide high quality services with affordable price. We are here to build a  long‐term relationship with our customers. We place the benefits of our clients as priority in all  business deals, big or small, because we believe your growth is our growth. Copyright @ 2011 EBriks Infotech. All Rights Reserved. For More information contact
  9. 9. CORPORATE OVERVIEW EBRIKS MANTRA Focused Approach Our expert team strive hard to implement from simple to large projects that involve various web  applications like PHP, flash, ecommerce and .NET. We focus on quality while crating projects that can meet  the needs and requirement of every client. Quality Mission of EBriks is to offer quality services with 1005 customer satisfaction. We ensure that all the  projects whether small or large are of good quality that exceeds the expectations of the clients. EBriks  experienced professionals strive hard to achieve it. Affordability We offer all the high end services at affordable prices to our clients all through the world. You can now  get the best services from EBriks at the most affordable prices. Copyright @ 2011 EBriks Infotech. All Rights Reserved. For More information contact
  10. 10. OUR CREDENTIALS Copyright @ 2011 EBriks Infotech. All Rights Reserved. For More information contact
  11. 11. DISCLAIMER This Presentation and the accompanying slides (“The Presentation”) ,which have been prepared by EBriks Infotech Pvt Ltd (The Company)have been solely for information purposes and do not constitute any offer, recommendation or invitation to purchase .The Presentation is confidential and may not be copied or disseminated ,in whole or in part and in any manner .The Information contained in this presentation is subject to change without notice , The models talked about in the presentation contain some models of our working on which EBriks has proprietary rights, unwanted copying of the model would come under the jurisdiction of Indian Copyright Law The distribution of this Presentation in certain jurisdictions may be restricted by law and persons into whose possession this presentation comes should inform themselves about any such restrictions Reach us on INDIA Contact: E171, Sector‐63, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA ‐201301 USA Contact: 3525 Normandy Avenue #5, Dallas TX 75205, USA  Email us on Copyright @ 2011 EBriks Infotech. All Rights Reserved. For More information contact