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Book masks


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MCDS 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders posed for pictures using books from the library as masks. They then wrote "I am" poems based on their mask.

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Book masks

  1. 1. BOOK MASKSpoems by MCDS 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders
  2. 2. I am old and boneI wonder who remembers meI hear the sounds of ages pastI see before the presentI am old and boneI want to remember my fleshI hope to tell an ancient storyI move with the shifting sandsI am old and bone
  3. 3. I am mighty yet gentleI wonder where I will nest tonightI hear the sounds of my children playingI see a green curtain of leavesI am mighty yet gentleI want to find bamboo to eatI hope that my forest will surviveI move to protect my familyI am mighty yet gentle
  4. 4. I am strong and powerfulI wonder who does not fear meI hear hoof beats in the distanceI see movement on the savannaI am strong and powerfulI want to feel the sun on my backI hope my kingdom lasts foreverI move with stealth and speedI am strong and powerful
  5. 5. I am fierce and fearlessI wonder who will accept my challengeI hear the cries of my foesI see fear in their eyesI am fierce and fearlessI want a worthy opponentI hope he will keep his promiseI move and people fleeI am fierce and fearless
  6. 6. I am strong and powerfulI wonder if I liveI hear all animalsI see everythingI am strong and powerfulI want to be freeI hope my pride survivesI move along the icy groundI am strong and powerful
  7. 7. I am strong and bigI wonder if anyone will see meI hear the squeak of a mouseI see the earthI am strong and bigI want to crush the earthI hope I will kill all manI move in silenceI am strong and big
  8. 8. I am tall and powerfulI wonder who I will eat nextI hear screaming peopleI see scared facesI am tall and powerfulI want to eatI hope I eatI move very slowlyI am tall and powerful
  9. 9. I am cute and furryI wonder if i dieI hear the sound of my wheelI see my foodI am cute and furryI want to have sunglassesI hope to get sunglassesI move around in my cageI am cute and furry
  10. 10. I am fast and protectiveI wonder who is a better climberthan meI hear rustling leavesI see my cubI am fast and protectiveI want a tasty mealI hope my cub will be safeI move in silenceI am fast and protective
  11. 11. I am cute and furryI wonder who will challenge meI hear footstepsI see the iceI am cute and furryI want to be cute foreverI hope people think I am cuteI move on four pawsI am cute and furry
  12. 12. I am fuzzy and smartI wonder if I get eaten by a catI hear the cat outside my holeI see the cat’s eyes staring at meI am fuzzy and smartI want a cozy cageI hope I do not get eaten by thecatI move quickI am fuzzy and smart
  13. 13. I am old and frailI wonder nothing I know everythingI hear everythingI see everythingI am old and frailI want all the spellsI hope I will never forgetI move silentlyI am old and frail
  14. 14. I am poison, fatalI wonder if the prey will comeI hear the prey unexpected of meI see the prey moving closeI am poison, fatalI want to sink my venom into youI hope he comes closerI move to make the killI am poison, fatal
  15. 15. I am strong and fastI wonder if people are looking for mybody or something on my body tostudyI hear the wind rushing past me whenI runI see the trees getting thicker andthicker as I go further into the forestI am strong and fastI want to run and be free anywhereI hope I don’t run into danger on mywayI move faster then slow I am starting, abrand new journey ahead of meI am strong and fast
  16. 16. I am big and furryI wonder what others think of meI hear strange noisesI see my cubs playingI am big and furryI want foodI hope I do not get hurt whilehuntingI move quietlyI am big and furry
  17. 17. I am calm yet powerfulI wonder who will dare to stealfood from meI hear rustlingI see a wart hogI am calm yet powerfulI want to beat lionI hope my cub will grow to bestrongI move silentlyI am calm yet powerful
  18. 18. Enter my blaze my realm eternalI wonder what is before thismultiverseI hear torture and souls crying forhopeI see flames blazing in the red sunEnter my blaze my realm eternalI want warI hope for fireI move cautiously for fights with foesEnter my blaze my realm eternal
  19. 19. I am strong and fierceI wonder why people kill my kindI hear the sound of other animalsI see other lionsI am strong and fierceI want peaceI hope there is no pollutionI move like the seaI am strong and fierce
  20. 20. I am a pigI wonder what is around meI hear everythingI see nothingI am a pigI want foodI hope to hear a predatorI move slowlyI am a pig
  21. 21. I am small and fastI wonder where I will sleepI hear crunching of my foodI see other catsI am small and fastI want cat foodI hope I can play with somebodyI move to my foodI am small and fast
  22. 22. I am strong and quickI wonder what my prey will beI hear my prey’s screamsI see flesh on my preyI am strong and quickI want to eatI hope to eat an elephantI move like a ferrariI am strong and fast
  23. 23. I am sociable and swiftI wonder if there are any yummyfishI hear the sounds of my comradesI see a herd of small fishI am sociable and swiftI want a snackI hope for a snackI move to a snackI am sociable and swift
  24. 24. I am strong and fearlessI wonder what’s for dinner tonightI hear my footsteps on the snowI see fear in my prey’s eyesI am strong and fearlessI want my familyI hope for dinnerI move through mountainsI am strong and fearless
  25. 25. I am cute and fuzzyI wonder who my owner isI hear the neighbor shoutI see my cageI am cute and fuzzyI want to be heldI hope to get food soonI move swiftlyI am cute and fuzzy
  26. 26. I am small but cuteI wonder where my friends areI hear talkingI see my cage around meI am small but cuteI want foodI hope I won’t be eatenI move around my cageI am small but cute
  27. 27. I am hairy and more hairyI wonder why I have a beardI hear nothingI see foodI am hairy and more hairyI want to look goodI hope to eatI move treesI am hairy and more hairy
  28. 28. I am strong and braveI wonder does anyone dare comecloseI hear critters running away frommeI see big treesI am strong and braveI want foodI hope to sleep all winterI move with lumbering pacesI am strong and brave
  29. 29. I am cuddly but fierceI wonder is every human my friendI hear the squawks of my babiesI see fish dancing in the waterI am cuddly but fierceI want to glide through water anddig in iceI hope my fur will protect me fromallI move swift and steadyI am cuddly but fierce
  30. 30. I am big but gentleI wonder when I’ll eat againI hear my feet stompI see my familyI am big but gentleI want to live longI hope to not get eatenI move to hide from lionsI am big but gentle
  31. 31. I am fierce and fastI wonder what my prey will betodayI hear the windI see all the other tigers eating,grazing, and playing in the grassI am fierce and fastI want my foodI hope I can play with my brothersand sistersI move swiftly through the grassI am fierce and fast
  32. 32. I am big and creepyI wonder if the person in the blueshirt tastes goodI hear screams and criesI see little peopleI am big and creepyI want flesh and bonesI hope I catch a personI move with giant stepsI am big and creepy
  33. 33. I am bouncy and funI wonder if my feet aretrampolinesI hear bouncing, jumping, boingI see pouches and babiesI am bouncy and funI want shoesI hope I get high heelsI move with jumpsI am bouncy and fun
  34. 34. I am small and beady-eyedI wonder if I will eat corn forbreakfastI hear my own squeaksI see a cage and people walkingaround meI am small and beady-eyedI want food and treatsI hope I don’t get stepped onI move with scurrying stepsI am small and beady-eyed
  35. 35. I am feisty and colorfulI wonder if I’ll be hunted todayI hear bird squawkingI see many colorful facesI am feisty and colorfulI want my children to be safeI hope I find good foodI move quickly through the forestI am feisty and colorful
  36. 36. I am hairy and bigI wonder where I liveI hear rufflingI see other peopleI am hairy and bigI want to be biggerI hope I don’t die soonI move slowI am hairy and big
  37. 37. I am brave and curiousI wonder what’s over the hillI hear clip clopI see my friendsI am brave and curiousI want applesI hope I can have someone ridemeI move like a dragonI am brave and curious
  38. 38. I am a smooth killerI wonder how much I will kill forfoodI hear my rattleI see a mouseI am a smooth killerI want miceI hope I will get so much foodI move slithering on the ground,looking for preyI am a smooth killer
  39. 39. I am feisty but sweet and cuddlyI wonder if I will not be turnedinto a jacketI hear lions roaring over in thehorizonI see tasty monkeys in the treesI am feisty but sweet and cuddlyI want elephant for dinnerI hope I will scurry and not be shotI move swiftly but sneakyI am feisty but sweet and cuddly
  40. 40. I am muddy and smartI wonder how dirty I amI hear splashing of mudI see my eyes closeI am muddy and smartI want to know where a warmcozy barn isI hope I know how to snortI move very slowlyI am muddy and smart
  41. 41. I am fast and friendlyI wonder who it isI hear a high-pitched callI am smart and socialI see fishy, yummyI am fast and friendlyI am a deep diverI want to swim in the oceanI hope to find some fishI move wit stealthI am fast and friendlyI am a sneaky swimmer
  42. 42. I am furry and bigI wonder if I’ll get coldI hear my cubs playingI see the cold iceI am furry and bigI want to rest in peaceI hope I stay warmI move like a bullI am furry and big
  43. 43. I am small and furryI wonder why people make googooeyes at me and say I am so cuteI hear the sounds of people and thesound of me chewing my foodI see my treadmill that never endsI am small and furryI want foodI hope that I get biggerI move when I want to go to mytreadmillI am small and furry
  44. 44. I am strong and sneakyI wonder where to find my preyI hear my cubs wrestlingI see the whole rain forestI am strong and sneakyI want to sleep all dayI hope I’m a good rulerI move quiet and quickI am strong and sneaky
  45. 45. I am white as snow, black as the nightI wonder if people can hear mesqueakingI hear squeak squeak of otherpenguinsI see water and fish waiting for me toeat and swimI am white as snow, black as nightI want to have a babyI hope to have a big familyI move somewhere with morepenguinsI am white as snow, black as night
  46. 46. I am fast and fluffyI wonder how fast I’m runningI hear my feet on the groundI see the trees in front of meI am fast and fluffyI want to get some foodI hope to get it nowI move to get my delicious foodI am fast and fluffy
  47. 47. I am cute and beautifulI wonder where is my preyI hear rustling in the bushesI see preyI am cute and beautifulI want a dead gazelleI hope I will get dinnerI move like a ghostI am cute and beautiful
  48. 48. I am small but fastI wonder why people want tosmush and kill meI hear fly swatters everywheresmashing wallsI see everything as a blurI am small but fastI want to stay aliveI hope to not get killedI move quickly, the air in my faceI am small but fast
  49. 49. I am cute and cuddlyI wonder where the birds arehidingI hear the chirp of my preyI see the yellow of my birdI am cute and cuddlyI want dinnerI hope to go into the warm houseI move with speedI am cute and cuddly
  50. 50. I am beautiful and full of graceI wonder when my next show isI hear my owner calling meI see apples and oatsI am beautiful and full of graceI want to be riddenI hope to win a showI move like I’m star struckI am beautiful and full of grace
  51. 51. I am dead and peacefulI wonder how the world will beI hear peaceI see nothing but I know there isgood to seeI am dead and peacefulI want peaceI hope for a good worldI move slow waiting for peaceI am dead and peaceful
  52. 52. I am soft and playfulI wonder about the worldI hear everythingI see the world around meI am soft and playfulI want to be lovedI hope to have a good familyI move swiftlyI am soft and playful
  53. 53. I am black and whiteI wonder how I live in the coldI hear the crack of iceI see the white of snowI am black and whiteI want to eat fishI hope that my baby hatchesI swim in the water and waddle oniceI am black and white
  54. 54. I am hard and boneI wonder when someone will seemeI hear nothingI see nothingI am hard and boneI want to liveI hope to seeI move nothingI am hard and bone
  55. 55. I am cute and cuddlyI wonder where is my momI hear meowI see a birdI am cute and cuddlyI want fishI hope I will get to kill a birdI move like a lionI am cute and cuddly
  56. 56. I am friendly and fuzzyI wonder who will love meI hear screams in the night offright. Do not fear meI see everything with little blackeyesI am friendly and fuzzyI want a friendI hope somebody will love me forwho I amI move with speed and stealthI am friendly and fuzzy
  57. 57. I am sneaky and stealthyI wonder where the mice hideI hear the pitter patter of tiny feetI see a movement through thebushI am sneaky and stealthyI want my dinnerI hope to shed my skinI move with swift speedI am sneaky and stealthy
  58. 58. I am furry and bigI wonder where the fish areI hear kids playing in the snowI see my fellow friendsI am furry and bigI want my salmonI hope to find a place to huntI move to the waterI am furry and big
  59. 59. I am smooth and swiftI wonder what’s above the waterI hear lots of whalesI see the sand and seaweedI am smooth and swiftI want to jump out of the waterI hope to stay secretI move fast and quietI am smooth and swift
  60. 60. I am big and strongI wonder if I can swimI hear the sound of rainI see leaves in treesI am big and strongI want to swingI hope to have a kidI move like a runnerI am big and strong
  61. 61. I am beautiful and fastI wonder where is a gazelleI hear growlingI see a flash of goldI am beautiful and fastI want foodI hope I can catch foodI move like a rocketI am beautiful and fast
  62. 62. I am colorful and loudI wonder where the people areI hear a loud chirpI see a rainbowI am colorful and loudI want freedomI hope to singI move through the airI am colorful and loud
  63. 63. I am slow and wiseI wonder where I will go nextI hear sound of the wind blowingI see all the things I have everI am slow and wiseI want to travel the landI hope to be happyI move at a slow paceI am slow and wise
  64. 64. I am cute and fluffyI wonder why I’m loved so muchI hear kids laughing while pattingmeI see a boy’s hand as he pats meI am cute and fluffyI want more foodI hope I can be freeI move around my cage swiftlyI am cute and fluffy
  65. 65. I am built and mightyI wonder if I’m on cameraI hear the creek runningI see the others from the groupI am built and mightyI want foodI hope it will growI move to the foodI am built and mighty
  66. 66. I am annoying and grossI wonder how many more hours Ihave to liveI hear a person comingI see a swatter in his handI am annoying and grossI want to liveI hope to live and see my babies againI move too late and die to the swatterI am annoying and gross
  67. 67. I am young and quickI wonder what is going onI hear people walkingI see a new homeI am young and quickI want to be your friendI hope that you will love meI move beautifullyI am young and quick
  68. 68. I am smooth and gracefulI wonder who doesn’t like meI hear the clicks of the pod of mykindI see all under waterI am smooth and gracefulI want fish to eatI hope I don’t swim in the trashI moveI am
  69. 69. I am the lord of the arctic and apowerful predatorI wonder if my home will stay frozenI hear the arctic hares scuttlingbetween the snow driftsI see my cubs chowing down in apatch of bloodI am the lord of the arctic and apowerful predatorI want to have an easy catch fordinnerI hope to run freely and safeI move with poundings of my pawsI am the lord of the arctic, a powerfulpredator
  70. 70. I am powerful and courageousI wonder why I’m so lonelyI hear the rush of the river filled withsalmonI see green coating this whole forestI am powerful and courageousI want to have a friend, a best friendI hope to find oneI move cautiously around the riverlooking for salmonI am powerful and courageous
  71. 71. I am soft and timidI wonder where I will playI hear clanking in the kitchenI see the children watch t.v.I am soft and timidI want my food nowI hope I can sleep tonightI move on the grass outsideI am soft and timid
  72. 72. I am small and furryI wonder about the giants abovemeI hear squeaks and pattersI see giant objectsI am small and furryI want to be big and strongI hope to be given food and careI move on a metal wheelI am small and furry
  73. 73. I am a powerful kingI wonder if they will find mymurdererI hear the echo of my tombI see the blank pyramid insideI am a powerful kingI want my family backI hope to walk the earth againI move with the shifting of myspiritI am a powerful king
  74. 74. I am strong and bigI wonder about the small peoplebelow meI hear the small voices of the animalsaround meI see from a bird’s-eye viewI am strong and bigI want to not be feared because of mystrength and sizeI hope I will be able to keep on flyingover rooftops of greenI move in the airI am strong and big
  75. 75. I am strong and stealthyI wonder how long it will take meto catch dinnerI hear the sounds of my childrenslinking through the tall grassI see the expanse of branchestangle in front of my eyesI am strong and stealthyI want my home to be preservedI hope I will find a juicy dinnerI move with speed and powerI am strong and stealthy
  76. 76. I am strong and smartI wonder if I’m in dangerI hear the rustling of grassI see jungles and preyI am strong and smartI want a familyI hope to get foodI move through the jungleI am strong and smart
  77. 77. I am big and cockyI wonder how many pigs there areI hear a rustle in the grassI see my parentsI am big and cockyI want my pigsI hope I have pigs for my snackI move to my parentsI am big and cocky
  78. 78. I am soft and slipperyI wonder about the world abovethe waterI hear the paddling of fish aroundmeI see blueI am soft and slipperyI want to see the world above meI hope to find fish to eatI move by weaving my waythrough the waterI am soft and slippery