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Becoming Transmedia Architects Through Play and Visual Thinking

  1. 1. Erin Reilly Becoming Transmedia Architects through Play and Visual Thinking June 26, 2013
  2. 2. Creative Director Think “Play” Think & Do
  3. 3. This week’s most Playful Experience
  4. 4. The Winner …
  5. 5. Recent Business School Grads
  6. 6. Recent Kindergarten Grads
  7. 7. The moral is…
  8. 8. Play Matters
  9. 9. Why Play?
  10. 10. JPL’s Hiring Process
  11. 11. Play Unleashes Creativity
  12. 12. The Story Chain Game Flotsam: A Transmedia Play Experience
  13. 13. Building on Play
  14. 14. Changing Media Landscape
  15. 15. Transmedia …simply means across media.
  16. 16. Transmedia storytelling …represents a process where integral elements of a fiction get dispersed systematically across multiple delivery channels for the purpose of creating a unified and coordinated entertainment experience.
  17. 17. Transmedia storytelling Ideally, each medium makes its own unique contribution to the unfolding of the story.
  18. 18. Offers Backstory
  19. 19. Maps the World
  20. 20. Offers other Character Perspectives on the action
  21. 21. Deepens Audience Engagement
  22. 22. Case Study
  23. 23. STORY EXPERIENCE STORY GAMING REAL WORLD CO-CREATION Importance of narrative Audience ability to change or contribute to story Extent to which experience pervades real locations & times, real people & events Audience has goal, use of puzzles, use of game mechanics (trophies, levels, leader boards etc.); AUDIENCE PLATFORMS PREMISE @robpratten Definition… 1. The reason given in support of a conclusion 2. What the writer sets out to prove with their story 3. The core dramatic issue built around a human need It’s what you’re trying to say – a point-of-view of the story (writer). It’s not a synopsis (that’s in STORY) STORY Short synopsis of the story. It’s helpful if you can use this format “When <protagonist> learns that <inciting event> he must <overcome/battle> in order to <goal>. But <what’s stopping her?> . Finally <what’s the final resolution?> NOTES EXPERIENCE To play this story the audience must <what actions do the audience need to take?> PREMISE AUDIENCE Who is this experience aimed at? PLATFORMS What platforms are used? Mobile apps/social media/games consoles/street theatre/ playing cards/ posters etc. TYPE of STORY-EXPERIENCE Create a radar diagram that shows the relative importance of these four dimensions. Here’s some examples. STORY GAMING REAL W ORLD CO-CREATION AUDIO TOUR STORY GAMING REAL W ORLD CO-CREATION PERVASIVE GAME STORY GAMING REAL W ORLD CO-CREATION SCAVENGER HUNT STORY GAMING REAL W ORLD CO-CREATION ONLINE TEXT ADVENTURE Transmedia Story Pitch Activity
  24. 24. ENJOY! LUNCH BREAK 12:30 – 1:30
  25. 25. Erin Reilly Transmedia Story Pitches June 26, 2013
  26. 26. There is no transmedia formula. Transmedia refers to a set of choices made about the best approach to tell a particular story to a particular audience in a particular context depending on the particular resources available to a particular producers. - Henry Jenkins Transmedia 202: Further Reflections
  27. 27. Packaging a brand into a narrative which is being communicated across mostly participatory channels, with the story and the media content morphing and developing as consumers and others enter the discussion. Extend to Branding
  28. 28. Example of Transmedia Brand
  29. 29. 3 Key Pillars of Transmedia Branding Activity World Timeline Characters
  30. 30. How do we Go Forth Together? Audience Engagement
  31. 31. We Like to Watch (The Logic of Entertainment)
  32. 32. We Are What We Watch (The Logic of Identification)
  33. 33. Did You See That? (The Logic of Social Connection)
  34. 34. Everyone’s an Expert (The Logic of Mastery)
  35. 35. Being There (The Logic of Immersion)
  36. 36. Go Forth Together Activity Answer the following questions: • How do we Go Forth with the awareness of the different worlds and characters of SMG’s program? • Besides the call to individually Go Forth, how do we collectively Go Forth Together? • What actions do we need to seed in the SMG program campaign to foster participation from local to global and support multicultural conversations about SMG?
  37. 37. Putting Ideas Into Practice y-and-transmedia Tools To Support Transmedia
  38. 38. Make Your Transmedia Map: • Timeframes • Media platforms Sticky Note attributes: • Modes of audience engagement • Directionality • Location Living, Breathing Document
  39. 39. Fill in the Transmedia Map with the following characteristics Example
  40. 40. Erin Reilly @ebreilly / Creative Director USC Annenberg Innovation Lab

Editor's Notes

  • A little bit about myself…
  • At table – introduce self, name, company, main responsibilites and your most playful experience this week
    What were you doing, where were you, who were you with
    I trust you’ll all share something PG 13

  • Introduce marshmallow challenge – simple exercise with some powerful lessons about innovation.
    Thanks to Tom Wujec for some great graphics – Ted Talk

    There are three bags of material. Don’t look yet.
    I’d like you to form groups of no more than 5 people. Each group will have their own page with instructions for the challenge.
  • Each bag contains:
    20 sticks of spaghetti
    1 yard of tape
    1 yard of string and one marshmallow

    Your challenge is to build the highest tower.

    You have instructions but let’s briefly review

    End with Ready on your mark get set go! – [post time

    Play a drum roll
  • Debrief and give prize, standing ovation – play track of applause
    Done all over the world from CEO’s to kindergarten, engineers, mba’s, archetects, graduate students, teachers
    So, let’s ask the winners, - why do you think you won?
  • Why?
    We train them to plan to get the one best way and “drive it home” - harder and faster, failures are punishable by excommunication.
    I teach com. Students and they are not always so planful – last year I had an MBA refuge. He tended to “exert a great deal leadership”
    So, if MBA’s are poor performers, who performs well…
  • How did we do against the Kindergarteners?
  • Let’s look at the usual process, build off of what happened in the groups
  • PeePee
    My MBA planned a lot longer than that – what aobut you
  • Execute,
  • Add the marshmallow and Ta Da – a masterpiece!
  • Or as frequently happen oh- oh
    Before I started to do this exercise I thought that marshmallows were light
  • Story of mba

    Tom Wujac has spent a lot of time researching this activity – the things people do for a living huh

    The business students don’t deal with the marshmallow . The kindergarten’s are always touching and playing with the marshmallow
  • They have a very different design process –
    One of the tennets of innovation, they are always taking “little bets” they try things out and see how it works and then, without much executive function, they try again.

    My daughter only one in my family who can actually do anything She’s been able to do this since she was 4
    I’m a Phd my husband is a tax attorney so when our ice maker broke, we were at a loss.
    When my daughter was four the ice maker broke and she fixed when I asked her what she did she replied I played with it.
  • 1:30 – 2:00
    Three Groups share their Transmedia Story Pitches (10 minutes each)
    We decide which one to further explore as a group for the afternoon
  • Transmedia Brandiing started out as a research network and has morphed into a process to help companies but along the way several who participated in the original think and do wanted to educate their own organizations about think and do so, what started as a research project has turned into the development of a process to help companies look at their own ability to do transmedia branding, along the way the education orientated folks amongst us have developed a great D-book on Tis for Transmedia.
  • Most iconic transmedia brand campaign – 2010 Old Spice The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

    Pre-aired before the 2010 Superbowl …spread like wildfire to 20 million YouTube views in just 3 days

    Campaign consisted of
    186 short videos of Mustafa – Old Spice Guy
    Numerous Parodies and Remixed videos like Remix videos: Grover; Smell Like a Monster:
    Fan following with Old Spice (FB, twitter, youtube, reddit, digg)
    Old Spice response videos to fans:
    Combination of brands (Bounce & Old Spice)
    Memes are very important to brand spreadability – marriage proposal from Mustafa

    In first 6 months, Old Spice sales increased 27% year-to-year …with month to month increase of 107%
    2 billion plus total campaign impressions
    40 million views on the videos within first week
    3000% increase in twitter followers
    2000% increase in google searches
    800% increase in FB interactions
    300% increase in traffic at (notice more increase across SNS than brand hub website)
  • 2:15 – 3:00
    Three Key Pillars of a Transmedia Branding Activity
    Three teams will each dive deep into one of the three pillars, brainstorming possibilities for what the “world,” “timeline,” and “characters” might mean not only within the context of the chosen SMG program, but also in relation to one another.

    Already discussed through the Flotsam Transmedia Play Experience from the morning
    ** Think of the different places where the story can flow in and out of (ie: The octupuses, the turtles…)
    ** Timeline …what is the backstory? What happens after the event? Is this continuous or for a certain amount of time?
    ** 2ndary characters, tertiary characters, you as a character, the creator as a character….

    3:00 – 3:30
    Teams will share Activity and Group will Reflect

  • Ivan Askwith’s Typography of Engagement
  • 3:30 – 4:00
    Going Forth Together Activity
    Individually, participants will answer some questions and connect them to either 1) transnational connections or 2) cultural events in relation to the SMG program being explored.
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