Zoey's Room Press Kit 2007


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Zoey's Room Press Kit 2007

  1. 1. Zoeys Room A program provided by Platform Shoes Forum What is Zoey’s Room? Zoey’s Room (www.zoeysroom.com) is a model online education program developed by Platform Shoes Forum to teach 10- to 14-year-old girls about science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Hailed nationwide as the leader in safe, collaborative learning communities for kids, Zoey’s Room takes a proactive approach to ensuring the safety of our members. Program Features Fewer than a dozen Science, Technology, Math, Engineering (STEM) websites are currently available online for middle school girls right now. Of them all, Zoey’s Room is the only STEM website that features a multicultural character “Zoey” who appeals to both rural and urban girls. Hip cyber-hostess “Zoey” hosts her own chat room for girls every day after school. She encourages girls to explore STEM topics through fun challenges called Tec-Treks, which expandtheir knowledge on a range of 21st century skills, including Internet research, databases, wordprocessing, science, business math, digital and video proficiency, robotics, engineering andwebsite design. The more challenges girls complete, the more points they earn toward big prizessuch as wireless mice from Logitech, a Fremont, CA-based device manufacturer. Additionally,each month, Zoey leads informative chats with “Fab Female” role models in STEM professions.This one-on-one connection, along with the collaborative community of the website, encouragesgirls to become more interested in STEM careers.Internet Safety #1 PriorityHow do we protect girls from encountering just anybody on our site? We’ve partnered withIDology, Inc. to ensure all adults who register a girl for an account are subject to an identityverification. Before confirming a girl’s membership to Zoeys Room, our process verifies thedata collection of adult registrants to ensure they are who they say they are. Past the accesspoint, Zoeys Room staff moderate and monitor the chat room and message boards every day forongoing protection of its members. Additionally, Zoey’s Room staff provide live workshops forgirls, parents and educators on a range of topics including Internet safety, cyberbullyingprevention and eMentoring.Who’s Joining Across the Country?Zoey’s Room was launched in 2002 with the endorsement of former Maine Governor AngusKing. In 2005, the website launched nationally, with the New England Regional YWCA as itspilot partner. Zoey’s Room continues to build and strengthen alliances with other youth-servingorganizations to license, endorse and promote Zoey’s Room as a safe alternative for girls online.Currently there are 24 after-school Zoey’s Room clubs across the nation with more than 800 girlsexpected to be members by 2008.For more information go to www.zoeysroom.com and sign a girl up for a $20/year membershipor $2.95/month. If you’d like to speak to the Zoey’s Room staff more about the program, pleasecall (207) 594-1842 or email staff@zoeysroom.com ©2 00 7 ww w .zo ey sroo m .c om P: 2 07 - 59 4-18 4 2 F: 2 07 - 594 - 5 4 4 5 staf f @zo ey sroo m .c om
  2. 2. Zoeys Room A program provided by Platform Shoes Forum ICON FEATURE By clicking on Zoey, the girls have access to the ZR Lobby, a secure, Zoey moderated chat room for Zoey’s Room members only. Here, members can read the Weekly Letter from Z, which is Zoey’sLaptop blog to members about Zoey’s life and what’s happening in the world of STEM. An archive of past letters is available.Plasma Above the dresser is the Member Profile where a girl has her own “room” within Zoey’s Room to keep track of her stuff—i.e., her IDScreen name and password, her onscreen identity and her Tec-Trek points. The mirror leads to W3 Links, a page that provides current links to girl-Mirror friendly websites under such headings as “Girls’ Schtuff,” “Techie Chickies,” “Math n’ Science” and “E-Pals’ Showcase.” Click on the key to access the Tec-Trek,™ the educational component of Zoey’s Room, which are fun challenges in STEM. Once a girlKeyhole completes an online activity or off-line challenge, she is eligible to win points toward big tech prizes such as wireless mice and The Sims.Message This moderated message board for Zoey’s Room members only keeps girls all over the United States connected. Here, they can rant, rave andBoard ask Zoey and other girls questions by posting messages on the Z-Board.Video This leads to E-Pal’s Showcase, featuring the most creative and original digital STEM projects made by Zoey’s Room members who haveCamer a completed Tec-Treks. The projects are divided into four categories: writing, digital images, video clips and websites. Pixel is Zoey’s furry little friend who brings cool science, tech, engineering and math toys and gadgets back to the Room for girls toPixel evaluate. Most often, the gadgets are highlighted products of our sponsors. If a girl chooses, she can anonymously submit direct feedback about each gadget to make products more “girl-friendly.” ©2 00 7 ww w .zo ey sroo m .c om P: 2 07 - 59 4-18 4 2 F: 2 07 - 594 - 5 4 4 5 staf f @zo ey sroo m .c om
  3. 3. Zoeys Room A program provided by Platform Shoes ForumTec-Treks™ are fun, customized challenges that adhere to national learning standards and focus on topicsspecific to that programs "Room". Each of our Tec-Treks™ has a theme, a story and a measurable goal.The Tec-Treks™ are comprised of beginner-to-advanced levels labeled: Tec-Newby, Tec-Traveler andTec-Savvy. The Te c-Trek ™ Learnin g Model Each Tec-Trek™ follows the same flow of information. Whaddya Know? Introduces kids to terms and concepts. Story Through metaphorical stories, kids learn about the inner workings of a particular topic. Activity Kids participate in online activities related to story. Challenge Kids step away from the computer to do an offline, hands-on challenge related to story.Here is a sample of Zoey’s Tec-Treks™ in science, technology, engineering and math.Zoey’s Room Description Description of Description Goal/OutcomeTec Trek ™ Of Story Activity of ChallengeScience The mystery On www.salariya.com, girls Girls create a time To educate aboutThe 3,000-Year- surrounding Queen search for answers on capsule that will mummies andOld Queen Nefertiti leads Zoey archeology and allow future archeology by creating to explore mummification. archaeologists to “artifacts” for future archeology. discover clues about generations to each girl’s life. discover.Technology Zoey teaches the girls Girls create a unique fictional Girls create a To foster creativeFreaky Fables how to create silly story using an online Mad Lib- storyboard used in writing online by stories to keep that type story generator. film and video based using storyboard creative spark alive. on the Mad Lib-type techniques, and story in the activity uploading digital images.Engineering Mavis is a Mobile Girls find answers about robot Girls create a robot To learn aboutMavis the Mobot Robot who Zoey sensors through website hand mockup out of function and design witnesses performing www.robotsandus.org cardboard and rubber of robotics by valuable human tasks bands. constructing a even though she is an homemade robot hand. “outcast.”Math A Tec-Trek™ with a Through Girls calculate how To introduce fiscalGimme Some Latina focus. Maya www.channelone.com, girls do many years it would responsibility byCredit! ( Déme un helps her older sister a credit card simulator to take to pay off credit simulating debt,cierto crédito!) get out of major estimate their “debt.” card debt. percentages, income, credit card debt. and expenses. ©2 00 7 ww w .zo ey sroo m .c om P: 2 07 - 59 4-18 4 2 F: 2 07 - 594 - 5 4 4 5 staf f @zo ey sroo m .c om
  4. 4. Zoeys Room A program provided by Platform Shoes Forum Zoey’s Room Members “Butterfly” “Butterfly,” 14, comes from a Zoey’s Room YWCA club in Springfield, MA. This is her second year in the Zoey’s Room club and she has moved beyond connecting and chatting, and more into Tec-Treks. “She has great potential,” says Club Leader, Marlene DeJesus. “She’s like a powerhouse on Treks—we can’t stop her. She’s got great strengths.” DeJesus notes that the public schools the girls go to are busy trying to meet academic standards and lack extracurricular activities. “The girls are doing Tec-Treksand engaging in activities that makes them think. They are beginning to perform in a setting that school isn’tbringing out in them,” says DeJesus.Zoey and her online friend “Maya” have been instrumental in “Butterfly’s” commitment to working hard in theclub, says DeJesus. At home, most of the girls don’t have computers or online opportunities to talk to othergirls. ZR’s moderated chatroom, plus the warmth and welcoming nature of Zoey and her Friends have “giventhem a healthy but safe place to express themselves.” The Gals Around The Globe feature highlighting Ghanagirls made “a big impression” upon them, says DeJesus. “It was a cultural eye-opener.” Additionally, the FabFemales, particularly the online connection to women from Microsoft, “was powerful for them.” “Islandlover” “Islandlover,” 14 lives on Vinalhaven, a remote island off the coast of Maine—with a population of around 1,235. With little to do after school other than sports and occasional activities, island kids often find themselves socially isolated and yearning for interesting challenges. Beyond the delight of meeting other girls from other states through the safe, Zoey’s Room chat room—“Islandlover” is excited about Zoey’s Room because of her interest in math and science. “In fact, she’s gifted, I’d say,” said her club leader Pat Paquet. “Shespends every summer at a science camp and I would think when she gets older, she will go into a career of thesciences.” Already she’s in 8th grade and poised to be taking 10th grade Algebra. She’s building her “robothand” through the Mavis the Mobot Tec-Trek™ and has done about 11 Tec-Trek™ activities in all categories:science, technology, engineering and math. “She’s self-motivated,” says Paquet, who adds, “she would’ve beenhappy to just to do [parts of] Zoey’s Room herself, but she looks forward to coming to the club every week.”Two highlights for “Islandlover” and her club have been the chance to chat with the Fab Female Diane Cowen,a lobster scientist (and fellow islander) as well as the chance to meet their real-life ZR friends from themainland this spring. ©2 00 7 ww w .zo ey sroo m .c om P: 2 07 - 59 4-18 4 2 F: 2 07 - 594 - 5 4 4 5 staf f @zo ey sroo m .c om
  5. 5. Zoeys Room A program provided by Platform Shoes Forum Zoey’s Room Testimonials …via email and online postsFrom Girls’ Points of View, as Zoey’s Room Club Members: Zoeys Room is the best! I got a behind-the-scenes look at Zoeys Room at a camp and it changed me forever. I always felt so alone before, like I had nobody to talk or confide in. In Zoeys Room, I can let it all out and be completely ...ME." “Math is my favorite subject – I’m (now) interested in numbers and problem solving” We need more ideas like Zoey’s Room; being a girl is hard and we need all the support we can find since its hard to discover that at home, with our friends, or our schools." "I think that Zoeys Room is the best idea in the whole entire world. Girls dont have an interactive website that targets what we want and need to know. My parents never talked with me much about growing up so I was often left in the dark. On Zoeys Room, a safe environment is provided where questions can be answered and girls actually have a voice."From Parents’ and Mentors’ Points of View: "My daughter enjoys participating in Zoeys Room, it gives her a chance to get together with friends, meet new ones, and discuss a variety of topics. I, as a parent feel secure knowing shes online but in a safe environment, now thats priceless.” “Zoey’s Room has been a wonderful experience for both my own daughter as well as 40 or more students I have mentored over the last three years as members of our school districts Zoey’s Room Club.” "It is indeed a pleasure for me to reiterate my support of Zoeys Room. This creative approach to reaching pre- teen girls is one of the most exciting that I have seen in my twenty-five plus years of education." One Club leader reports, “Now (the girls) have more confidence in themselves – when they come to my lab to do things, my Zoey’s girls are the leaders – they will be up and showing the other kids what to do.” Another Club leader: “I gotta tell you, our girls are loving this club. The first Tec-Trek they decided to do was “Girls Can’t Do Math?!” A couple of them were hesitant because they were more comfortable with English, but then they got into it as a group and helped each other solve the problem in the Z-Activity. Then they came up with their own businesses and experimented with fonts and did the budgets.” From Lyn Mikel Brown, Ph.D., Colby College: "As a developmental psychologist, educator, and scholar of girls’ and womens development, I highly commend the creators of Zoeys Room for their originality, their passionate commitment to the healthy development of girls, and the wonderfully creative way in which they have used technology to educate and encourage girls to expand their horizons." Mike Rancourt, parent and IBM employee: “I think this is a fantastic outlet for teenage girls. Raising a teenage girl in this millennium is very tough indeed. Because of the work I do for IBM I understand whats out there and so I do my best to keep on top of what my kids surf for on the internet. This takes a lot of the pressure off me knowing shes participating in this and it also allows me to encourage her to make progress on the site versus having to engage in negative conversations for browsing sites I dont approve of. Great job!” ©2 00 7 ww w .zo ey sroo m .c om P: 2 07 - 59 4-18 4 2 F: 2 07 - 594 - 5 4 4 5 progra mzr @ zo ey sroo m .co m
  6. 6. Zoeys Room A program provided by Platform Shoes Forum ZR Evaluation Overview of 2006-2007 Benchmark and Final Survey (100 members sampled)GENERAL Average grade level of girls: Average age 5th grade (37.6%) 11-1280.5 % of the girls have been members of Girls who participated in ZR via an after-Zoey’s Room since the 06-07 school year. school club (46%) and those who participated on their own at home. (54%).When asked the answers to very specific science, technology, engineering and math questionswe put to them in the survey, the majority of girls got 12 out of 13 of the answers right—provingthat they actually learned terms, concepts and principles of certain STEM topics by doing thevarious Tec-Treks.Science60% knew the definition of a “nanosponge.”58% knew the definition of “bunny suit” in terms of what scientists wear in lab rooms.65% knew the difference between toxic and not toxic chemical household products to theenvironment.Technology65% could identify a jpeg photo.54% knew that DSL was the fastest mode of connection.89% knew the correct definition of “www”.71% knew the correct way to upload a digital image to a computer.Engineering87% knew the definition of a mobot.70% knew what function robot sensors carry out.70% knew what kind of tasks mobots can perform that humans can’t.Math89% knew the difference between short-term and long-term savings.41% knew the correct formula for a person’s net worth (46% got it wrong).INTERNET SAFETY95% said they felt “very safe” on ZR’s chat room8% said they felt as safe on Zoey’s Room as other chat rooms.0% said they felt “unsafe” at any time. ©2 00 7 ww w .zo ey sroo m .c om P: 2 07 - 59 4-18 4 2 F: 2 07 - 594 - 5 4 4 5 staf f @zo ey sroo m .c om