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USC Annenberg Innovation Lab Overview 2011


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The USC Annenberg Innovation Lab undertakes three kinds of activities:

* Design challenges that provide technical support, mentorship and prizes to USC students developing prototypes, applications and business ideas.

* Research on the digital media revolution and its impact on governments, businesses, creators and consumers.

* Ongoing dialogues that bring together students, executives, artists, entrepreneurs, scholars and policy makers.

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USC Annenberg Innovation Lab Overview 2011

  1. 1. nnenberg Innovation Lab Annual Conference 2011
  2. 2. Cooperative REVOLUTION
  3. 3. Our Sponsors
  4. 4. Our Sponsors
  5. 5. Management Team Jon Anne Erin
  6. 6. Our Faculty Associates Roberto Sarah Andrew Doug Tom Josh Henry Nonny Dmitri Lian Kwan Jonathan Christopher Gabe Peter Chris Francois Stacy Cyrus Robeson
  7. 7. Our Staff Sophie Sarath Arjun Shreyas Grady Abhinav
  8. 8. Our New Lab ...opening August 15, 2011
  9. 9. Our Assumptions
  10. 10. Our Assumptions
  11. 11. Our Assumptions Learning is participatory, connected and happens anytime, anywhere
  12. 12. Research-Design Clusters 1. Building & Analyzing Collective Intelligence 2. Children,Youth & Media 3. Enhanced Media Technologies 4. Future of Journalism 5. Public Interactives 6. Annenberg Innovation Press Series
  13. 13. Research-Design ClusterBuilding & Analyzing Collective IntelligenceData mining Twitter hashtags tobuild a series of visualizations tomake meaning from the data inthe tweets on recent world events. Example: The Egyptian Revolution, using the hashtag #Jan25
  14. 14. Research-Design ClusterBuilding & Analyzing Collective Intelligence Social Network Data Analysis
  15. 15. Research-Design ClusterBuilding & Analyzing Collective Intelligence A participatory technology design to create free software grounded in community needs.
  16. 16. Research-Design ClusterChildren,Youth & Media In partnership withThe PLAYground, a participatory learning system being tested at the Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools.
  17. 17. Research-Design ClusterChildren,Youth & Media Think & Do Tank What experiences and narratives constitute compelling play in the 21st century?
  18. 18. Research-Design Cluster Enhanced Media TechnologiesIn what ways can interactive TV model the intricacies of human behaviors and interactions?
  19. 19. Research-Design ClusterFuture of JournalismAn "immersive journalism" piecewhich will allow the audience to"enter" a specific moment at a foodbank in which a hungry man goesinto a diabetic coma while in line at afood bank. Hunger in the Golden State Kinect Project
  20. 20. Research-Design ClusterPublic Interactives iCampus - A Geospatial Social Networking Web-Portal for the USC Community
  21. 21. Research-Design ClusterAnnenberg Innovation Press Series What is the relationship between eBooks and printed publications?  eBooks and applications? How do we design dynamic content within eBooks, the book as conversation? How do the publishing standards need to expand?
  22. 22. What we’ve learned in 7 short months... the privacy revolution
  23. 23. What we’ve learned in 7 short months... “Culture eats strategy for lunch everyday.”
  24. 24. What we’ve learned in 7 short months... It’s FUN getting out of your silos!
  25. 25. nnenberg Innovation Lab Annual Conference 2011