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PLAYing outside the box - Teens


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This presentation introduces Project New Media Literacies’ skills-oriented after-school program in digital citizenship, piloted with high school students at Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools in Spring 2011. Drawing on frameworks from New Media Literacies, Social & Emotional Learning, the Ethics Casebook, and Mapping in a Participatory Culture, this program uses hands-on activities (e.g., mapping communities, discussing ethics, harnessing multimedia) to facilitate participants’ development of the skills required for citizenship, both online and offline.

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PLAYing outside the box - Teens

  1. 1. PLAYing Outside the Box Erin B. Reilly Creative Research Director Annenberg Innovation Lab
  2. 2. “Play is the work of childhood” -- Jean Piaget
  3. 3.
  4. 4. Motivation and EngagementLEGO – DISTRIBUTE THE EXPERTISE
  5. 5. Co-configured Expertise FULL SPEED
  6. 6. Relevance
  7. 7. Relevance
  8. 8. Learning Ecosystem
  9. 9. Creativity
  10. 10. Discover. Learn. Teach.