Testing as-a-service capability portfolio corbus 02-07-13


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Testing-as-a-Service (T-a-a-S) capabilities portfolio

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Testing as-a-service capability portfolio corbus 02-07-13

  1. 1. Independent Validation Services For: July 5, 2012
  2. 2. Agenda • Corporate Overview – Service Offerings – Global Presence – Customers • Independent Verification Service Offerings – Consulting/Execution – Managed Testing Service – T-a-a-S – Testing as a Service – Methodology – Resource Models • Case Study
  3. 3. About Us Corporate Overview Our Mission Founded in 1994, Company To be our Clients’ Partner of Headquarters in Dayton, OH Choice through our Centers of Specializing in Advisory Services, Outsourcing Transformation, and to Process, and IT Led Business drive continuous Enablement improvement through the professional growth Multi-shore Delivery Model and active involvement of Providing Services Globally our people.
  4. 4. Global Locations
  5. 5. Sample Clients
  6. 6. Why do clients partner with Corbus? Competitive Headcount Low Cross Delay/Shift Positioning Country in Market Sourcing Advantage Complete Transparency Self Funding Focus on Quality, Model Cost, Delivery and Compliance Access to ‘Best in through SCL’s Class’ Global and KPI’s Practice Procurement Flexibility
  7. 7. Our Services Web Application Spend Analytics Social Media Development Mobility Solutions Independent Maintenance Validation Services Repair & Operations Project Management Business Analytics Strategic Office Sourcing
  8. 8. Independent Validation Services Key Capabilities Testing/Independent Validation Services Focus Areas/Specialties • Advisory Consulting – CoE Set-up, Test • Functional Testing Process Assessment and Tool • Automation Testing recommendations • ERP Testing (SAP, Siebel & CRM) • Testing As a Service – Develop Testing • E-Commerce Testing processes and deliver ongoing testing service • Performance Testing • End-to-end Testing – From assessment to • Business Intelligence Testing (COGNOS, set-up to maintenance INFORMATICA, Micro Strategy) • Specialized Testing – Industry specific and • Mobile Applications Testing SDLC specific services • Talent Supply PEOPLE PROCESS TOOLS • CSTE Professionals • QTP • ISO 9001 Certification • CMST Professionals • Rational products • SEI CMMI Level 5 • ISTQB Certified (Functional Tool, Certification Functional Tester, Professionals • TMMI Certification • HP Certified Performance Tool) • Six Sigma • SilkTest & SilkPerformer Professionals – QTP, QC, • ITIL LoadRunner • Selenium • Segue Certified SilkTest • HP Quality Center professionals • LoadRunner
  9. 9. Independent Validation Services
  10. 10. Our proven methodology for manual testing Input • Learning from previous releases • Use Cases • Use Cases • Build • User Acceptance Test • Project Documents & Use Cases • Project Documents • Traceability Matrix • Integration Test Cases Cases10 • High Level Project Schedule • FP Estimates • HLD • System Test Cases • Project Schedule • LLD • Test Data • Build/Release Code Defect Verification Test Closure Test Execution Test Design Test Planning Requirement Activities • Participation in • Testing Phase Kick Off • Preparation of Integration • Test Execution • Support UAT Requirement Gathering • Test Plan Preparation and System Test Cases • Execution of System • UAT Defect Verification • Use Case Review • Team Onboard • Test Data Design Test Cases • Post Release Defect • Preparation of User • Test Schedule • HLD & LLD Review • Execution of Integration Analysis Acceptance Test Cases • Code Review Test Cases • Regression Testing Output • Use Case Review Report • Test Plan • System Test Cases • Test Results • Customer Sign Off • Traceability Matrix • Test Strategy • Integration Test Cases • Defect Reports • Post Release Defect • UAT Test Cases • Communication Plan • Defect Metrics • Corbus Testing Sign Off Analysis Report • PMC process • Review Reports • Risk Log
  11. 11. Our proven methodology for automated testing Input11 •Manual Test Cases • Automatable Test Cases • Automation Coding • Unit Tested Test Script • Successful Regression Run •Requirement Specification • Existing PM Standard and Guidelines Document Practices • Test Case Review Checklist Defect Verification Test Closure Test Execution Test Scripting Test Planning Requirement Activities • Identification of • Automation Test Plan • Test Case Review for • Handover the Test Script • Post Automation Automation Candidate Preparation Modularity to the Test Execution Learnings, Best • Identification of • Team Onboard • Script Generation Team Practices Regression Test Cases • Automation Effort • Unit Testing and Debug of • Reusable Library • Identification of Smoke Estimate and ROI Test Script and Sanity Test Cases • Automation Test Schedule • Batch Run of Test Script Output • List of Automation • Automation Test Plan • Test Script • Regression Test Result • Automation Best Practices Candidates • Communication Plan • Automation Framework • Smoke Test Result Guideline • PMC process • Reusable Library • Sanity Test Result • List of Reusable • Risk Log • Test Result Components • Effort and ROI Sheet
  12. 12. Sample dashboards and reports that are part of our deliverables12 Priority of Reported Defects Severity of Reported Defects 40.00% 40.00% 35.00% 30.00% 30.00% 25.00% 20.00% 20.00% 15.00% 10.00% 10.00% 5.00% 0.00% Blocker Critical Normal Trivial Major Minor Enhancement 0.00% P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 Total num ber of defects = 145 Total num ber of defects = 145 Bug Classification Pareto Analysis 40.00% 120.00 % of defect 35.00% 100.00 % Cum ulative Num ber 30.00% 80.00 25.00% 60.00 20.00% 15.00% 40.00 10.00% 20.00 5.00% 0.00 Functional Exception Language Look and Handling Design Error Inconsistent Programming Performance 0.00% Functional Exception Error Language Feel Look and Error Handling Design Error Inconsistent Programming Performance Error Error Feel Error Error Error Error
  13. 13. We offer flexible resource models to meet any needs Onsite “Nearshore” Offshore “Blended” • Work executed at • Similar to onsite • TaaS, Managed Services • 24/7 testing client’s premises engagement • Operational Efficiency • Lower Cost • Ready availability of • Project ran from Corbus • Process Expertise • Easier Coordination skilled resources locations in client’s • Maximized Value • Easy ramp-up ramp- • Extension of client’s geographical area • Optimized Costs down of resources team • Market proximity • Direct control over project Engagement models can be tailored to meet specific needs
  14. 14. Value Proposition • CSTE Professionals • CMST Professionals • ISTQB Certified Professionals • HP Certified Professionals – QTP, QC, LoadRunner People • Segue Certified SilkTest professionals • Early Identification of Defect • Reduction in Total Cost of Quality • Automation of Regression Scenarios • Onsite Offshore Model Process • Ability to ramp up in niche technologies using in-house boot camp training capsules • Domain Expertise • Centers of Transformation (COT) Technology
  15. 15. Case Study • Pharmaceuticals industry • CRM Dynamics • Business Intelligence
  16. 16. Physician Publishing System The Glue Factors  User friendly interface to Scan or Upload the PHR  Online PHR review, approve, and rejection by Physician  Availability of PHR on members portal without any delay Business Process Limitations  Data information check of PHR for• Generation of PHR on CD’s, and inability to validate the PHR• Higher Paper and Mail based process integrity• Prone to PHI errors due to manual process  Monitoring of response time for multiple• Overall process to receive PHR was time consuming Physicians access at same time• File transfer discrepancies due to many manual batch processes and lack of automation
  17. 17. MDVIP CRM Dynamics The Glue Factors  Creation and execution of Test Cases for the Physician Entity and Sales Cycle Entity which was the main need of the business.  Controlling the deployment of builds on the servers and decommissioning the previous version of CRM successfully.  Integrity of data by creating cubes and Business Process Limitations using high level SQL queries.• Environment for testing was executed using Citrix which is used for remote access.  Performing load testing and Stress testing• Upgrading the existing platform to a newer version of CRM.• No documentation or test cases prior to this kind of to ensure that the response time for each implementation.• Outlook integration with CRM and Exchange Server’s response transaction is quick and smooth. time and effectiveness was a challenge.• Lots of reports were required to be migrated and modified in order to be compatible in the new version.
  18. 18. Business Intelligence (BI) Solutions The Glue Factors  The primary focus of our DW/BI testing is to ensure competent and perfect database structures, ETL processes, front-end access and BI reports generations processes completely support the client requirements.  we have well defined and structured approach to data warehouse testing  Reporting Efficiency  Dashboard Report Testing  Canned Report Testing• Data Extraction, Transformation & Cube Testing• Independently validate information upstream, downstream  Testing Artifacts: and within the ETL 1. Test Plan• Data Quality Checking 2. Test Cases 3. Test Execution• Data validation at different stages 4. Test results• Correctness and Completeness Test  Data security testing can be done• Aggregation Level Data check• Data Accuracy  To increase credibility of BI Reports• Non Functional Testing should be performed on Reports.
  19. 19. Questions? 2835 Miami Village Drive Miamisburg, OH 45342 Eugene Breger Phone: 847-331-5554 Director, Sales Fax: 847-205-7219 ebreger@chicagobooth.edu