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Symphony Analytics -a trump card in the hands of retailers


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Overview of capabilities of Symphony Analytics ( an STG company.

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Symphony Analytics -a trump card in the hands of retailers

  1. 1. ANALYTICS – SOLUTIONSA TRUMP CARDIN THE HANDS OF RETAILERSOmnichannel Retailing Solutions from Symphony Analytics
  2. 2. ANALYTICS – SOLUTIONSTHE RETAIL INDUSTRY CHALLENGEThe rise of social media, location based marketing, automatic identification and data capture framework and such othertechnologies are driving consumer behavior and are creating a greater urgency for retailers to address new marketplacerealities.Retailers have the opportunity and the ability to capture more information about their customers than they’ve ever hadbefore, but many are struggling to figure out what that information means. Retailers often ask themselves –“how can Iderive game changing insights from this data and execute at the right time?”OUR SOLUTIONAlthough the challenge appears to be consumer centric atfirst, we believe that they are deeply rooted in critical retailbusiness operations. Our solutions have helped clients toidentify and address areas including:• Driving Loyalty with Customer Engagement• Merchandizing and In-store (Re)Targeting• Accurate Demand Forecasting• Efficient Sales and Operations Planning• Pricing and Revenue OptimizationTo gain competitive edge in today’s changing retaillandscape and ensure ongoing success, retailers will needto ensure they engage customers with innovative solutionsacross all channels, create value with emerging media,better forecast market demand and continue to reduceoperating costs.OUR APPROACHOpportunityCustomers generate “footprints” as they search, browse,shop, tweet, like or blog. In such customer footprintsexists that one key strategic insight, which whencapitalized upon, has the ability to transform and turnaround retail business.ChallengeRetailers struggle to employ Omni-channel strategies.Shoppers are demanding richer experiences andconvenience with new device interactions andapplications, while retailers are hardly able to keep upwith them.SolutionBy employing innovative mobile platforms and BigData Analytics expertise, we are equipping retailersto interact relevantly with customers at real time andto successfully convert lookers into buyers.WeaknessRetailers lack the integrated analytics processes andtechnologies to gather, analyze and interpret thisenormous mass of customer interaction data fromcountless touch points, channels and data sources.Key Offerings:• Real Time Analytics Integration• Big Data and Predictive Analytics expertise• NFC-based Mobile Marketing Platform• Omnichannel Strategy Enablement• Customer Data Integration and MonetizationAnalytical Methodologies:• Machine Learning• Simulation Modeling• Stochastic Processes• Optimization Modeling• Decision SupportKey Customer Benefits:• Reduced time-to-market with turn-key servicepackages• Complete customization of user experience• Development expertise across mobile platforms,applications and storefronts
  3. 3. ANALYTICS – SOLUTIONSRetargeting on customer’s purchase path:As usual, sales data doesn’t tell the whole story. Forexample, a purchase of $120 in a specific category tellsus a little about what a consumer was looking for and,maybe, what they do in their life. But it does not tell us whatinfluenced their purchase decision. By utilizing our cuttingedge “listen” framework, we carefully collect and analyzethe footprints (e.g. NFC interaction data) of this consumer toidentify their intent, urgency and sentiment. By fine-tuningindividual experiences at the next footprint and thus betterconnecting emotionally with the customer, we have helpedour clients to make relevant interactions and influenceshopper purchasing behavior.NFC-based omni-channel experience:The most important basis for consumer centric strategies isto understand what drives customer loyalty; and that it goesbeyond the normal boundaries of transactional behavior.We enable our clients to deliver differentiated customerexperiences, tailored to specific shopper values, needsand intentions. Our NFC-based platform and solutionsenable an integrated mobile consumer-brand engagement,encompassing printed media, out-of-home displays,in-store shopper marketing, and item-level packaging. Byemploying big-data predictive analytics, we unify activitieson mobile devices, online stores, and in-store interactionsto deliver the Omni-Channel retailing experience.Multi-axis view of the customer: Our forward-looking best practices augment marketing strategies by profilingconsumers on their shopping habits and spending levels, and ensure that our clients are aligned to meet the needs of theirhighest-value customers. We consolidate their demographic, psychographic and most importantly - their behavioral andpreferential data, to create a multi-axis view of the customer. By integrating customer data, we have helped our clients toprofile the Retail DNA of their customers and design successful customer engagement strategies.
  4. 4. ANALYTICS – SOLUTIONSABOUT SYMPHONY TELECASymphony Teleca Corporation, headquartered in Mountain View, Calif., is the world’s first services companydedicated exclusively to helping clients manage the global convergence of software, the cloud and connecteddevices. The company delivers innovative products combined with contemporary product development,systems integration, analytics and managed services to hundreds of organizations around the world.Symphony Teleca’s 6,100 employees support customers from 32 offices globally, including delivery centers inAsia, Australia, Europe and the Americas.For more information visit© Symphony Teleca Corp. ANALYTICS_SL_2013_V1SymphonyIRI Data and Platform Expertise:Our team has hands-on experience in integrating SymphonyIRI data with internal product category data. We help CPGcompanies and retailers generate store level and brand level insights that impart more control over price propensity andmerchandising. Our expertise with SymphonyIRI data has helped clients in driving incremental sales and increasing brandshare. SymphonyIRI’s high performance “Liquid Data” application leverages our proprietary “SymphonyRPM” platform toenable clients to slice-and-dice significant amount of data and derive strategic insights. Symphony Analytics brings forththis unique skillset to its clients to ensure successful retailing strategies.You can contact us atSymphony Analytics5360 Legacy Drive, Suite 120, Plano, TX 75024Main number : 1(972) 696– 6900Email: analytics-info@symphonyteleca.comwww.symphony-analytics.comFive reasons to choose Symphony Analytics:1. Exemplary track record of successful customerengagement strategies2. Innovative technology enabled NFC-based (NearField Communication) customer experience3. Robust machine learning algorithms andoperationalized advanced analytics4. Knowledgeable staff with extensive and relevantindustry expertise5. Recognized product line for enterpriseoperations planningOVERVIEWSymphony Analytics is the leading analytic processintegrator, enabling enterprises to transform their criticalbusiness processes by operationalizing predictive and BigData analytics services. We provide a unique combinationof technology and services to integrate industry-scaleoperationalization of analytics into key business processesacross various industries. Our expertise and partnershipsacross Big Data and Predictive Analytics ecosystem enableus to bring best-in-class services and solutions to ourclients.